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5 Animated Healthcare Commercials That Are Everything But Salesy!

Jul 16, 2019 9:20:04 AM

The WHO World Health report in 2000 defined three fundamental objectives for health systems: improving the health of the population they serve, responding to people's expectations, and providing financial protection against the costs of ill-health. 

Now, 19 years later, healthcare across the world has expanded, diversified and improved in unexpected measures to cater to the objectives stated above.

As knowledge and innovations around personalized medicine continue to grow, healthcare seekers are now increasingly rooting for personalized ‘care’. 

And, if you think that ‘medicine’ is synonymous to ‘care’, then you probably missed out on reading about the '80-20 healthcare rule' in our previous blog

There is no second-guessing to the fact that even the healthcare industry has to run businesses, but it continues to be the topmost profession that has the most intimate connection with the sustenance and well-being of mankind.

If we were to calculate how much it costs and what’s a good monetary incentive to keep the several forms of life healthy and disease-free,  we will sink without trace!

Amidst of all allegations that the healthcare industry has become commercialized and outrightly salesy, a lot of healthcare providers and health organizations have successfully managed to think ahead of mere business bottom-lines. 

A  lot of healthcare providers from around the world, have ventured into unique ways of humanizing their marketing communication.

One of the most widely used and famous mediums of establishing a human connection is animated storytelling. 

Learn how you can master storytelling here.

The mass appeal and global reach of animation render it free from any sort of racial connotation.

Also, the endless possibilities associated with animation make it the most go-to tool in the marketers’ arsenal. 

Let’s look at some marvelous animated healthcare commercials that have redefined how businesses can use commercials to inform, empower and drive viewers to a favourable call-to-action, without having the need to be annoyingly pushy.

1. Presbyterian Healthcare:

New Mexico’s Presbyterian Healthcare understands parents’ psychology pretty well.

This animated healthcare video, which is a perfect blend of rigging and character animation, beautifully conveys the message of how it understands and shares parents’ concern for their children’s safety and well-being. 

Instead of focusing on what types of equipment and medicine the urgent care entails, Presbyterian has talked about how its widespread, trustworthy, and prompt urgent care is ambitioned towards cutting down on parents’ worries about their kids!

animated boy climbing up

2. Westwood Clinic- Denver Health:

In the following animated healthcare commercial made at Buck, Denver Health’s Westwood clinic has brilliantly clubbed healthcare industry’s employment trends and statistics with individuals’ career aspirations. 

Here, applications are being invited for a healthcare career that not only unleashes the skills of an applicant, but also lights up her pathway to society’s greater good.  Such animated storytelling works the best in a character-based setup, where your protagonist is shown as the ultimate hero.


3. Avecina Medical:

It is astonishing how healthcare affects countless facets of our lives, causing us to go through so many diverse emotions.

When inspiration, empathy, consolation, and consideration have always been the most trusted for healthcare communications, why should light-hearted fun and quirk be left behind? 

After all, healthcare is as much about the happiness of healing, as it is about the pain of suffering. This unconventional and quirky take on urgent care will definitely put a smile on your face.

Here’s our collaboration with Avecina Medical Urgent care:



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4. BridgeSpan- Narrowing the crowd:

There are a lot of healthcare insurance options out there, and finding the right one can feel a little overwhelming.

In this marvel of an animated healthcare video by Buck again, BridgeSpan has managed to hit the right chord by bringing in the concept of accountability and assimilation in health networks.

In a minute’s time, this animated healthcare commercial comes full circle, with a call-back to the protagonist’s injury at the beginning and the restoration of his health in the end!



5. Heal

Having to wait for several hours in an emergency room with an ailing infant would be a nightmare for any mother.

Based on one of the co-founder’s personal story, this animated healthcare video talks about how Heal is rebooting old-fashioned relationship-based primary care using innovative healthcare technologies. 

Here’s the most amazing animated healthcare commercial made by Epipheo, which encompasses all these elements of ideal primary healthcare in just 60 seconds: empathy, promptness, accessibility, and affordability, with top-notch support from modern technology!



All the animated healthcare commercials that we watched above make it quite clear that they are nothing like a typical animated healthcare video-trying too hard to make a sales proposition.

Although all 5 animated healthcare videos given above have different call-to-actions, the viewers do not feel rushed or pushed towards a salesy agenda. 

When it comes to healthcare, compassionate storytelling that aims to solve healthcare woes, is the ultimate way to solicit hearty engagement from health seekers!

And, all of it can be put together beautifully in as short a duration as a minute.

Animated healthcare commercials, therefore, can win you the engagement that you desire for your healthcare brand, without having the need to actually commercialize any facet of your services.

Well, next time you think about making a lengthy, salesy and jargonized commercial, it might be a great idea to look out for the doorway leading you towards endless possibilities that animated commercials can cater to.

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