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Why We Love Custom Explainer Video (And You Should, Too!)

May 29, 2016 11:30:37 PM

Do you want people to trust you more?

Do you want your complete say in how your brand is portrayed?  .

Do you want a unique style that no one has ever opted?

If your answer to all these questions is YES, then Custom Animated Explainer Video is your ‘thing’.

Think of custom animated explainer video as a monument a palace that a king designs for himself. He makes sure that each and everything placed in the palace, every wall, every asset is according to his taste. Now think of yourself as that King and the explainer video as your Palace!

A great explainer video takes much time and effort. The process is quite long - it starts with understanding the brand, the target audience, choosing the right animation style, jumps onto shaping the characters and finally animation takes place. But, dear friend, each second spent on preparing a custom explainer video is worth an effort! .

Why customized over generic?


1. Custom Explainer Video is hand-crafted specifically for your business.

A customized explainer video makes sure that your company gets the recognition it deserves. The video can be made as per your requirement and can consist of any combination of formats. Not just the style and feel, you can also decide on the character that your target audience will identify with. The chaos of dealing with templates can be avoided as with a customized video your brand shall stand out of the crowd and my friend...that’s what people notice!

2. It’s your discretion, not ours.

Each and every element of the explainer video shall have your opinion envisioning it. ‘Your video, your call’ shall be the approach that is adopted when making a customized video.

3. Clients trust on custom explainer videos.

There are always some cheaper options available. But it’s upon you to make a choice between inexpensive or valuable. An explainer video is always a good investment.

When you opt for template animated videos, it more or less shows your urgency. It portrays the ‘I want it now’ attitude. They are easy and fast to craft, take very less production time but at the same time they can be dull and robotic. Why? Imagine pre-designed characters being repeatedly used with little or no variations. Also, they usually come in poor quality. There isn’t any real choice of color and characters.

On the other hand, custom explainer videos portrays the ‘I want it all’ attitude. One must always remember that a video stands for the brand, hence no bad quality should be adopted. When we speak of ‘CUSTOMIZED’, it broadly means ‘No Boundaries’.  A customized video is high quality product with sophisticated visuals and exclusively recorded voice-over. It also allows you to choose special colors and character so that your target audience can relate to your brand and it’s mood. This helps in increasing the engagement levels of the viewers, hence letting you gather higher ROI on the invested amount. As mentioned earlier, the potential customer trusts the customized videos and this trust converts them from prospects to clients. .

An innovative new product designed to serve as an important safety accessory on the road, the Brown Turn Alert System, has been developed by Asaph Brown of Wesley Chapel, Florida. The Brown Turn Alert System’s proprietary features enable its users to alert other drivers with sufficient time before they make what can sometimes be a potentially dangerous turn (Source: Brown U-Turn Facebook Page). To commercialize the Brown Turn Alert System on a worldwide basis, Mr Brown trusted on a ‘custom video'. While watching the video, things you won’t be able to ignore are the concept, colors, professional voice over, high video quality and what not. All these factors play a major role in making a lasting impact on the target audience’s minds!

Want to know more about CUSTOM VIDEOS?

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