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A Guide for Fintech Startups to Build Brand with Animation - B2W

Oct 4, 2021 2:02:56 AM

A Guide for Fintech Startups to Build Dominant Brand with Animation

“Your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business,” says Steve Forbes. And he isn’t alone in believing in the power of brand-building. Some of the leading names in the business world, right from Jeff Bezos to Richard Branson, have invested extensively in shaping the brand value of their organizations, which has eventually enabled them wide market dominance and business sustainability.

Besides, there’s a reason why the top digital marketing agencies and video animation services providers create strategies now that are inherently tied to brand; there’s a reason why they are investing so extensively in branding for their clients.

So, the writing is on the wall for fintech startups: Focus on branding.

If you want to scale and sustain your fintech business, branding is the ultimate answer. 

But then that’s where the easy part stops, and the challenge begins. Because while as critical as it is to build brand value for your business, it’s a challenge that requires a defined plan and smart strategies. 

This guide discusses why and how fintech startups can use custom animated videos to build a strong and dominant brand. 


Why does “Animation” Work for Brand-Building?

Animation has always been an integral part of marketing strategies for top brands. In recent times, however, that trend has ascended, with many more companies following suit. 

Here’s an example of Stripe, one of the world’s leading fintech companies, using an animated marketing video to introduce a feature:


Here’s another example of Kraken, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges, using animated social media video to introduce its new mobile app:


There are many reasons why animation works to achieve different marketing goals, including brand-building. 

Grab attention instantly

Animation is visually striking that grabs attention almost instantly.

This is the reason why many big finance companies now use fintech explainer videos in their ads on digital platforms. Because they only have a few seconds to hook the audience before being “skipped”. Animation delays that “skip”, stopping the audience on their course and making them pay attention to the visuals and the subsequent messaging. (You may even have seen such animation on YouTube pre-roll ads!)

The capability of grabbing attention is a key benefit of animation that makes this form of content especially effective with the younger audience that’s always in a rush and has a limited attention span.


Start an engagement

Once you have people’s attention, the next task is delivering a relevant message.

Again, animation checks this box as well.

Fintech explainer videos have long been used as a way to tell effective stories. With appealing visuals, they can tell stories in a more interesting and immersive way. This results in the audience listening to your message and engaging with it consciously or subconsciously.

Higher engagement is the foundation of building a brand identity.


Stands out in the crowd

There’s a good chance you and your competitors have a similar marketing strategy. You’re doing the same thing, producing the same kind of content.

If that is indeed the case, your brand is just another part of the crowd.

You need to stand out from the crowd if you want to add growth, trust, and sustainability to your brand name.

Take an example of any “big” brand that you know and trust. Are they part of the crowd? Or do they have a distinct market presence, which is the reason why you know about and trust them?

Creatives, including animation, bring an opportunity to organizations to have a unique presence that’s separate from the crowd of competitors. It enables you the opportunity to tell dynamic stories, build a different visual identity, and position your brand as “different”.

And when your brand stands out, it can achieve higher scalability if backed with the right marketing strategy.

Enhance value proposition

Imagine offering a product that people can’t optimally use.

This is quite common among fintech startups who offer a wide range of product features that customers often can’t figure out completely.

Animated videos can help explain these features and add more value to your products.

In fact, animation makes for great Fintech explainer videos. You can use an animated marketing video to provide more insights into your product; you can explain the features and benefits of the product, as well as how to use it. All these, collectively, enhance your value proposition, which subsequently creates brand-building opportunities.


Make lasting impression

This benefit is as simple and evident as it gets.

Fintech explainer videos have higher retention value, owing to excellent visuals and storytelling elements. This simplifies the work of marketing and branding experts.

If people remember your video, message, and name for a longer period, you can use this to develop a strong brand identity, and thereon the trust value.


What’s the Goal of Your Branding Strategy?

Before jumping on to the tips for fintech startups on building a brand with animation, addressing this question is crucial.

The way one brands their business can be different. For instance, one organization may want to position the brand as quirky, while others may choose compassion. 

So, a branding strategy can be different for different organizations. It depends on their needs, requirements, goals, preferences, and other micro factors.

That said, there are a few fundamentals of branding that one must stick with. This means, while “how” a company brands itself” can vary, the goal of its branding strategy should be the same. 

“What goals?”

More awareness, more engagement, positive brand equity, more leads, emotional connection with the audience, trust, credibility, higher sales, business growth, and business sustainability. 

Irrespective of the path you take and the branding strategy you make, the mentioned are the broad goals that every marketer and branding specialist is after.

This means there’s no hard rule to how fintech startups can build a dominant brand. The process comprises trials and errors. The strategy they adopt, or the path they take, can be much different from others.


10 Tips for Fintech Startups to Use Custom Animated Videos for Branding

With the above point made, there sure are some elemental tips that can minimize the instances of trial-and-error and pace up the results you achieve.

Here are some of the tips for fintech startups to build a strong brand with animation:


Tell an “emotional” story

A piece of content that doesn’t stirs emotion inevitably fails.

Your custom videos should be emotionally enticing. And one way to do it is to tell a compelling story that people relate to, a story relevant to their arc and they feel connected with.

“Emotional” storytelling via animation will make a bigger and lasting impression. It will also be more impactful in driving the desired action from the audience.

If you're working with a video animation services provider, make sure to have an in-depth conversation with the scriptwriter or copywriter. If you're creating the animated social media video in-house, ensure you have a qualified and creative scriptwriter on-board.

In the stories, clearly address the core values of your fintech brand, why this fintech startup exists, and what it helps solve.


Have an animated logo

We’re in 2021. Having a static logo isn’t sufficient anymore.

Here, check out the animated logos of some of the top brands in the world:


Similar to these big names, you need an animated brand logo that integrates with and amplifies your video marketing efforts.

You can use this animated logo in the intro or outro (or even in the middle) of the video. It can help build the identity and recall value of your fintech brand name.

Turning your existing logo into animation isn’t difficult or very expensive.

Hire a good video animation services provider that has experience working with fintech startups; they can convert your existing logo into an amazing animation.


Make something “your” thing

Several brands have a funny persona. Names like Old Spice, Taco Bell, and Skittles are humorous with their marketing campaigns.


In contrast, some brands have an inspirational persona, like Youswim and Nike.


There are brands that are edgy, innovation-driven, and socially aware.

Every top brand has a distinct digital persona that they completely own. Consumers synonymize the personas with the respective brands.

And that's what you need!

With animation, own a certain element of visual or storytelling. Repeat that "element" in all your fintech explainer videos until it becomes your hallmark; until it concretely builds and defines the unique persona that people identify your brand with.

Indeed, executing and making this happen can be a challenge. But this is where your animation team, marketers, and brand specialists must come together to create something magical.


Use audio to your advantage (aka audio logo)

Effective animation isn’t just about visuals. The right audio can add to its appeal and impact, which you can also use for your branding purpose.

Of course, the audio should complement the animation and add more value to it. But in the intro or outro of the animated video, for example, you can add an audio logo, making the audience instantly recall your brand name and associate it with a persona.

Take an example of Netflix. When a Netflix movie starts, what’s the first thing you see and “hear”?



Here’s an audio logo of Intel:


An audio logo is a missed branding opportunity for the majority of fintech companies. Don’t be one of them!

Gary Vaynerchuk, the serial entrepreneur who has his own audio logo, says, “Brands that have gotten in on audio branding early have been able to rapidly create recall and brand association by playing their audio tag at concerts and other events.” 

“Ultimately, sonic branding is the audio equivalent of a brand’s username. If a company plays their tag alongside advertisements or content that match their brand’s positioning, eventually that audio tag by itself will conjure up the intended feelings around that brand,” he adds.

So, as a first step, create an audio logo. 

Second, use that audio logo in every piece of animated video you publish.


Explore different animation style

There are many different types of animation, from 2D and 3D to whiteboard, motion graphics, and explainers. Each type has its own features and benefits.

Fintech startups should explore all these popular animation types. Experiment more and analyze. Figure out which types are more effective in boosting your branding KPIs.


Consistent intro and outro

The intro and outro of the animated marketing videos for your fintech brand should be the same.

This will help associate a certain visual element with your brand name, thereby enhancing the latter’s recall value among the audience.


Look at competitors to gain insights

Competitive analysis is one of the most critical parts of video marketing strategy.

It helps you gain market insights, identify consumer trends, set benchmarks, and define your KPIs. 

Analyzing your competitors also unlocks a plethora of ideas on what kind of animated videos you should make, how long the videos should be, what’s the best distribution channel, and more.

So, identify your top and close competitors. Then, analyze their strategies and execution to draw ideas and inspiration for your own branding strategy.


Define the objective 

Of course, the broad objective of animation in the present context is to build a strong brand. 

But there have to be micro-goals as well, with defined KPIs, to measure the success of individual campaigns.

As mentioned earlier, the end goal of building a “trusted brand” can have multiple paths. You have to define your path.

Do you want to tell your brand’s story with this custom animated video? Are you looking to explain the benefits of your product? Do you want to offer the audience educational value?

The answer to such questions will map to different CTAs and KPIs.

So, above all, clearly define the objective behind every animated marketing video campaign. What do you want it to achieve for your fintech brand, and how?


The dynamics of distribution channels

Be mindful of the distribution channels. 

Understand that different platforms work differently. The users on each platform have distinct psychographics.

For instance, LinkedIn could be a great platform for Fintech companies if the target audience is B2B; Facebook could be more effective if you’re in the B2C segment.

Similarly, while a whiteboard animation may work great on YouTube, it may not be as effective on Instagram.

In all, the dynamics of distribution channels are different. As a fintech startup, you have to understand these dynamics and craft personalized fintech explainer videos accordingly.


Team Up With the “Right” Video Animation Services Provider

At Broadcast2World, we have worked with several fintech companies over the years. We are one of the fastest emerging animated video production companies, trusted by some of the world’s leading brands.

We have a large team of experts who specialize in different verticals of animation, right from character designing and lights to scriptwriting, sound designing, and more.

Connect with us today, get interesting animated videos that are personalized to your goals, and move forward confidently to build a strong brand presence. With end-to-end animation solutions, transparent pricing, multiple revisions, and round-the-clock availability, the team at Broadcast2World promises you an exceptional experience.

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