15 Best Fintech Videos Shaping the Financial World

Feb 20, 2024 3:00:00 AM

They say money makes the world go round.

And those of you who live and breathe business and finance, know this all too well. 

But it can be nebulous and even intimidating to outsiders, even though it involves issues vitally important to their lives. 

This is where video storytelling for business can be your secret weapon for success.

Because at the end of the day, all business is ultimately about people and the relationships you make with them.

And you can’t build a relationship without trust, and people cannot trust what they simply don’t understand. 

So in this blog we’re going to look at some of the best fintech videos, whether it’s banking, credit, investing, or crypto.

And we’ll examine what makes these videos work so powerfully, and what you can learn from them for your own video marketing strategy!

  1. 15 Best Fintech Explainer Videos
    1. Stripe Tax
    2. Kraken
    3. Oscar Health Insurance
    4. Royal Bank of Canada
    5. Bank of Queensland
    6. Visa AI
    7. Vancity
    8. Capitalise
    9. Adyen
    10. Kalgera
    11. Monzo
    12. Synctera: BaaS
    13. Rebus
    14. Moonbeam
    15. Divido

15 Examples of the Best Financial Services Explainer Videos

While imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, we believe it’s the inspiration that holds the key to creativity and innovation.

You don’t have to be an artistic genius to get some good ideas about what makes these videos really work so well. 

So let’s get started!

1. Stripe Tax


Often, the best videos are short, simple, and to the point. Like this 2D infographic/text animated video for StripeTax.

It starts by acknowledging their loyal user base’s demand for better tax integration, and then showing that they’ve listened and incorporated it into their platform.

This fintech video even briefly shows how it works with a demo. All within thirty seconds, or about the time it would take to read this paragraph!

Note the use of bold colors and friendly graphics to really draw you in visually.

A great video all around.

2. Kraken


The world of cryptocurrency is not only technical and somewhat confusing, it’s also pretty crowded.

So it’s important to not only disarm your viewers and explain crypto quickly and easily but you also need to stand out from the competition and explain what makes you different and better.

Hats off to this colorful, vibrant video for Kraken.

An example of a fantastic animated 3D explainer video It achieves all this in barely a minute and a half.

Using slick animation paired with a smart, friendly script and voiceover, it wins over the viewer almost immediately and has them hooked from start to finish.

3. Oscar Health Insurance


Oscar Health Insurance promises “smart, simple health insurance”, and this fintech video is meant to show exactly how they want to achieve that.

The video is a great example of 2D cartoon animation, using vibrant colors to showcase just how easy-to-use and life-changing their services are.

The transitions and the use of various symbols and visual cues keep the viewer engaged as well as the information brief.

Beyond the technical aspects, the video makes the viewer feel understood by addressing pain points and including every kind of person who would want health insurance.

An effective call to action is what ties this great video together!

4. Royal Bank of Canada


This 3D animation fintech video by the Royal Bank of Canada explains how their Avion card works but chooses a more different route.

It explains by showing the possible future one can have with this service.

Meant for arranging the viewer’s perfect vacation, this 60-second financial explainer video uses fantastical imagery and storytelling to emotionally connect with the viewer, and excite them for the future.

5. Bank of Queensland


An excellent example of using humor to win the trust of your customers, this 2D cartoon animation video by Bank of Queensland is an attempt to humanize the brand to the consumer, and thus have it be more memorable.

Short 30-second fintech videos are perfect for such an absurd concept.

But it does the job, which is making the customer realize that you really can make friends with a bank when it is the Bank of Queensland.

6. Visa AI


It is not everyday that Financial Services Explainer Videos excite you for the future AND reveal that it has been making your life better behind the scenes in the first 10-seconds.

But this 2D animation by Visa is here to do just that!

Using beautiful art and a striking color palette of mostly blues and yellows, the video hooks in the viewer with its visuals and animations.

The video is meant as an explainer to show their AI functions, but alongside that, the video is meant to garner trust from the viewers.

All this, in a 150-second video!

7. Vancity


“How does credit card interest even work?” trust me, that was me about 100 seconds ago.

This animated motion graphics style video by Vancity answers this question.

Aside from the usual definitions and terms, this fintech video manages to show exactly what they’re talking about using symbols and graphs.

By making the viewer visualize, the video does a great job in making sure everyone from any educational level can understand the concept of interest.

8. Capitalise


They say it takes money to make money, and that’s true.

Finding the right investors for your startup is probably as big a mountain to climb as actually building the business itself.

And just as complicated.

That’s why Capitalise used the power of animated storytelling to explain how they’re here to help.

Serving as a sort of Swiss Army knife of business finance, they help startups find the right investors through the best channels.

It’s complex but important stuff, so the best way to explain it is through storytelling. 

This 2D character animated video speaks directly to the viewer, understanding their world and addressing the hassle and confusion pain points involved.

And reveals the answer, and how they do what they do. 

Even if you understand very little about business financing, you can follow and understand and even relate to the video easily. 

9. Adyen


Adyen is a system that improves loyalty programs for companies by simplifying the process.

Which, ironically, sounds like it would be complicated to explain in a way that would hold the audience’s interest.

But since all businesses are ultimately about relationships, Adyen’s 2D animated character explainer video uses the power of storytelling to make the explanation more human and personal.

This draws the viewer into the story and holds their interest and attention from start to finish.

The bright colorful animation helps underscore the message, too.

10. Kalgera


We’ve all had the experience of trying to help someone figure out how to use an app or new electronic device.

Especially our loved ones who are older and/or simply not tech savvy at all.

It’s difficult! And when they ask someone to help them navigate a website, they open up a myriad of security risks, too. 

It’s even worse with sensitive portals like banking platforms, where money is involved.

Imagine your grandmother asking a stranger to help her figure out her online banking portal.

If this stranger is less than trustworthy, it could spell disaster. 

Fortunately, Kalgera has the solution: A way for older people to appoint nominated “carers” to help them with confusing online portals, websites, and banking platforms safely and securely. 

And to help explain how it all works, Kalgera opted for adorable 2D character animation, using a relatable story.

It’s far more interesting and entertaining than a long list of tech specs and features, and far more memorable too!

11. Monzo


It’s hard to stand out from the competition when you’re a bank, especially if you’re appealing to regular young people rather than a wealthy, financially savvy clientele. 

That’s why Monzo used this fantastic live-action video to really break the mold and speak their audience’s language, without resorting to cliches or gimmicks.

This video demonstrates that they really understand their audience’s world, their daily hassles and problems– and they are the solution.

It’s fresh, relevant, and even fun to watch. Now this is how you do a brand video!

12. Synctera: BaaS


The world of fintech is bafflingly complex, with so many moving parts.

But Synctera’s Banking-as-a-Service platform turns this into a positive!

It’s a lot to explain and break down.

So they used this beautifully animated explainer video to add some life and color to the script.

We love the colors and clever metaphors at work, that really help explain the message better and easier.

It holds attention and interest from start to finish and goes into just enough detail without overwhelming the audience.

13. Rebus


The world of crypto is confusing and complicated to outsiders.

So to get new investors on board, this video for Rebus didn’t try to downplay it.

Instead, this beautifully 3D animated video addressed these pain points head-on.

Since it’s aimed at outsiders unfamiliar with cryptocurrency, Rebus spoke the viewer’s language and demonstrated that they understand their world.

And then disarmed them with a clever script that breaks down what they really do and how it all works.

Notice how it goes into just enough detail for the important points to be communicated, but without getting too complex or overwhelming for the viewer.

We also love the beautiful colors and slick graphics, which are a real treat on the eyes.

14. Moonbeam


Here’s yet another testament to the power of animated explainer videos for business, and it’s another cryptocurrency company.

Since crypto is not a physical object, and it’s rather complex and technical, Moonbeam used 3D animated storytelling to do an amazing job of explaining it in a way just about anyone can understand.

With animation, the sky’s the limit as far as creativity and imagination are concerned.

You’re free to go wild with ingenious metaphors that help illustrate even the most complex ideas, and the motion and color of animation help grab and hold the viewer’s attention throughout.

For example, we love the metaphor of a new city rising out of a void, and being bridged to the old, and Moonbeam being that bridge. It’s simple and powerfully effective.

15. Divido


We love this character animation explainer video for Divido, a platform that helps consumers and businesses split purchases into payments for easier financing.

Just typing that sounded confusing and boring. But thanks to their 2D animated character video and the power of storytelling, it all feels like a fun little journey of discovery.

The calm but slick colors and friendly cute characters all build a sense of trust and sets the viewer at ease.

And the seemingly simple script does an admirable job of speaking to both shoppers and sellers at the same time. 

As usual, with excellent animated storytelling, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

In Conclusion

And there you have it, our top 15 of some of the best fintech videos.

It’s just more proof of how amazing the power of animated storytelling really is when you watch it in action. 

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