Video Marketing Guide for People Who Don't Want to Face the Camera

Nov 22, 2021 6:56:17 AM

Know the importance of video marketing but are too shy to face the camera? Well, you're not alone. 

Many people feel anxious when it comes to facing the camera. But that shouldn't stop you from creating videos for your video marketing strategy. How?

There are several ways of creating videos where showing your face isn't necessary. And this is what this video marketing guide is all about.

We'll share the top 10 ways of creating videos without you having to face the camera. And the best part is all of the below methods work. So, if you're curious, let's begin.


Top 10 video marketing tips for creating videos without facing the Camera

1. Testimonial videos 

If your present clients are happy with your product, you can go for testimonial videos. Such videos show your business in a positive light in front of potential customers.

You can prepare a short list of questions and email it to your customers. However, make sure that the email is short and crisp. You can add a discount offer in your email to ensure your client leaves a testimonial.

In a nutshell, testimonial videos are an amazing part of an overall video marketing strategy. So, include a testimonial video in your marketing and sales channels if you don't want to use your face.

Here's a video testimonial of a HubSpot Employee for Zoom:


2. Product Reviews

Next on the list of video marketing ideas are product review videos. Such videos also don't require your face. All you need are some high-definition shots of your product from different angles. Once you have them, you can craft a video around the same.

The video should point out the main features and benefits of the products. 

Make sure the background is clear and non-distracting. (Perhaps you can use a green screen background and replace it with the desired color.)

Keep the product review between 2-3 minutes. Also, make sure the initial few seconds are attention-grabbing. You can either use your own voice or hire a voiceover artist. There are several such video marketing tips in context to product reviews. In all, you want to ensure the content is informative and authentic.

3. Animated product launch or explainer videos  

Animated videos neither require your face nor the camera. All you need is a talented animation production company.

The best thing is, animated videos are highly engaging, effective, and popular. You can create a product launch video to engage potential customers. Also, you can explain the complex features of your product via simple yet appealing animations.

Here is a sample animated explainer video talking about API:


You can also create an explainer animated social media video like the above.

If you wish to create animated videos, Broadcast2world can help. Broadcast2world is a renowned video animation company with over a decade of experience.

With our end-to-end animation services, we have helped hundreds of brands make their products successful. You get custom animation videos created in the given time at transparent pricing.

So, if you need an animated video that lures customers to buy your product, connect with Broadcast2world.

4. Kinetic Typography

Although it might come under the animated video category, kinetic typography is worth a separate mention.

Such videos do not include any characters. Instead, you'll find animated text that helps deliver the message.

You can create one without a voiceover. However, if you have some complex features to explain, it’s recommended to use voice-overs too. Such videos are easy to create and have a profound impact on the audience.

Here's a fine example of Kinetic Typography in action:


Especially if you're short on time, kinetic typography is one of the highly reliable video marketing ideas.

5. Stock footage videos

Using paid or free stock footage is one of the best video marketing ideas. You can pick stock footage, add a voiceover, and boom, you're done. This is one of the most basic video marketing tips.

However, most of the time, you might not find very specific footage.

Let's say, for example, you sell something as unique as a car exhaust cleaner. Now, you might not find a specific stock video for that.

But there's a solution. You can pick your camera and randomly shoot whatever you find relevant to your product. And when the time comes, you can combine the video with a beautiful voiceover.

Here's an example of a video made from stock footage:


P.S. Here are some rich sources of stock footage: Adobe and Video Hive.

6. Stock Images

Sometimes you don't even need a video to create a video. All you need are a few stock images related to your product and some editing skills.

However, you need to set up a script quite carefully as it'll help you search for the most accurate images on the web.

Also, make sure to pan, zoom in and add a few transitions while connecting images. This will help you create an engaging stock-image-based video.

You can get free stock images from PixabayUnsplash, and Pexels. Also, for better and paid images, you can visit Dissolve or Getty Images.

7. Repurposing or mashups

There are definitely a lot of videos resonating with what you want to market. Maybe your own hard drive has some.

If not, you can look on the internet for videos related to your product. And according to your needs, you can cut and join small parts of those videos.

You can use maybe 10, 20, or maybe 50 videos from the internet. However, make sure to mold the message you want to deliver. Also, take permission from the video owners, or you might face copyright issues.

8. Screen Recordings

This is one of the video marketing ideas that works fine if you have software as a product. You can create tutorial videos of you using the software/application for viewers. 

Screen recording tools like Express and OBS Studio can help you record the screen(video) and your voice(audio). It means in the end you’ll get a complete guide or tutorial video without using your face.

And the best part about screen recordings is that you don't need a camera for this.

Here's a cool example of a screen recording video(tutorial):

You might find a face in the right corner in this example. However, you can remove it easily.


9. Slideshows 

This may take you some years back when PowerPoint was prevalent. Although PowerPoint is popular today, it's not that frequently used.

Nevertheless, you can use slideshows to make your point without revealing your face. Slideshows may sound similar to screen recordings, but they're more consistent. After all, in slideshows, there are prewritten slides and scripts.

You need not be a specialist in creating slideshows. Also, you can add different creative elements that make the slideshow more engaging. 

This is one of the simplest video marketing ideas that you can be ready with in less than an hour.

10.  Point of View videos 

Here’s the last tip of our video marketing guide: POV videos. 

POV or point-of-view videos are becoming increasingly popular. Such videos make the viewer feel as if he's the one holding the camera. This somewhat increases user engagement.

The camera can be attached to your head or your vehicle. (This is commonly used by travel vloggers.)

Here's a movie made using POV shots:

For professional shooting, GoPro is used. It's an expensive yet worthy video recording device. You can learn about some GoPro tips here.

Which is the best way to create a video for a video marketing strategy?

There isn't any one-size-fits-all formula here. All the video marketing tips you read can work in different ways. However, you can rely on animated videos in most cases. Why?


Whether it's a product launch, an explainer video, or a tutorial, animation fits all molds. You can create whatever animated characters you want and mold the message as you like.

Also, animated videos are good for every age group. Anyone can understand what you want to say via attractive characters.


Animated videos have always been in trend. Even decades back, when we were kids, animated cartoons were so popular. The same is the case now. Several international brands use animated videos to reach their customers, deliver their message and improve revenue.

Naturally engaging

Not every video attracts potential customers. In fact, most videos are unable to attract their attention. 

However, it's different in the case of animated videos. The animated characters are naturally appealing, which makes the video engaging. Also, the videos with a humor element seem to be even better.

Always make sure to consider your business needs before choosing a video type. This will help you create a more impactful video for your video animation strategy.


If you're shy of facing the camera, it's okay. After all, not everyone is a camera person. Also, this never means you cannot create videos. 

There are many video marketing tips and ideas that can come to your aid. And fortunately, all of them are listed in the above video marketing guide. So, consider the above tips and dominate with a strong video marketing game.


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