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A Guide to Different Character Styles for Explainer Videos

Aug 14, 2014 1:16:22 AM

Characters are the ones that make or break a story. Explainer videos can leverage this to explain their product or service. This is a well establish rule of storytelling.  When characters are used to explain a particular service or product, people find it easier to understand and empathize since they are easier to relate to. There are several styles within the ambit of character animation for explainer video itself. The style of characters you opt for should depend primarily on the mood of the video and the tone of the script.
The following categories are helpful to recognize the different character styles that are most widely used.

  • Semi Realistic Characters

Semi realistic characters have their body proportions closer to those of human beings which make them more relatable than cartoon characters. When the script is targeting customers of a specific age group or a particular market, this character style is the most suited and preferred.

  • Conceptual Characters

There are a lot of products and services whose target customer base is not defined. When the explainer video is meant for a non specific and a broader category of audiences, choosing to go for the conceptual style of characters is a wise decision.

  • Stick Figure Characters

These characters are preferred when the viewers need to focus more on the story than the characters. The style is particularly helpful when you do not want to specify the gender or ethnicity of your characters. Understanding a complicated product or service becomes a lot easier with stick figure characters.

  • Cartoon Characters

The cartoon style is the most easily associated with animation.
The best part about using cartoon characters is that you can make them do unbelievable stuff to make an engaging video. If your characters need to be expressive and if the script makes use of exaggeration, this is the style that fits.

  • Photo Realistic Characters

And then there are some projects that make use of photo realistic characters to bring them as close to reality as possible. This style is mostly used in explainer videos produced for Medical and Health services to bring out the realism it demands. When it comes to your explainer video, choosing the right character style to speak for your product or service is a crucially important decision. We hope this article will help you to choose wisely!


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