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What goes Into Creating an Awesome Concept for your Explainer Video!

Aug 18, 2014 1:18:25 AM

You can’t get an amazing explainer video unless someone gives a deeper thought to your product and comes up with an idea that captures its actual feel. A lot goes into the making of an explainer video. The beginning is always tough.

Once the script has been approved by the client, we move to the next stage where the Story Board is prepared by the Concept Artist. It’s not easy to visualize the script until and unless the concept artist brainstorms a lot of different ideas to finally reach the one that fits your product the best.

And you can’t always look heavenwards for inspiration! The concept artist’s job also includes extensive research and study of the client’s brand and products. Only then can they come up with a concept that is entertaining along with being informative.
And that’s always the tricky part - keeping the audience engaged for the sixty odd seconds they spend watching the video. Believe us, it’s not that easy!

Now, let’s take you through the story behind the concept of an amazing video! We had a great time producing this video for MyEbrary!

MyEbrary is all about the ever-transforming publishing Industry. Convincing book lovers to switch to the virtual world to read is not easy. Book Lovers still love the old school way when it comes to reading. The purpose of this video was getting the viewers to read books online and here’s how our concept artist accomplished that.

This interesting concept uses a good mix of metaphor and wild exaggeration to get the point across. The storyline focuses on a scientist (who became the defacto representative for MyEbrary) who seeks to create a platform where books can be read virtually.  To bring the idea across the target customers easily, the fall of traditional print media is shown using a battle field scenario where the warriors destroy traditional print media, book stores and finally attack publishing houses. This is the part of the video that hooks the viewer in and holds his attention till the end!

The unconventional choice of using a scientist rather than an app developer or likewise stands out as well. And with the books being characterized and personified as well, we managed to add another dash of humor.

Was it funny? Yes. Did it engage the viewer? Absolutely! It, in fact, worked wonderfully for the client and they were delighted for the interest it created among their target base.

If you too would like an amazing animated video for your company, just like this one, get in touch with us right away!

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