10 Secrets of High-Impact Explainer Videos for Business Growth!

Nov 29, 2021 3:20:25 AM

Do you know what’s as essential as your website for online businesses, especially business-to-business? Explainer videos for business! 

In general, videos on your landing page can improve the conversion rate by 80%. Explainer videos explain how your product or service is useful and how it works. Such videos help customers understand the product better and thus improve sales.

However, it’s pretty essential that you approach explainer videos correctly. Otherwise, you might end up wasting your money.

But why do these explainer videos for business get so much hype? What makes explainer videos so impactful? If you have these questions in mind, you’re in the right place.

Below, we’ll discuss how to make the most of an explainer video. So, let’s get started.

Animated Explainer Videos for Business

The most common types of explainer videos for business are:

  • Live-action videos: It involves a person who talks about the product.

  • Screencast: It involves an individual interacting with the product via the screen. This is preferred when explaining digital products.

  • Animated videos: Animations are visuals used to deliver the message and explain the product in a more engaging way.

Which one is the most effective?

Animated explainer videos are often considered the best. It’s because animated videos are naturally engaging and attention-grabbing.

Also, a humor element in explainer animation videos is what intrigues the user. They tend to enjoy the experience and see your product positively.

Furthermore, explaining a complex feature or the product becomes a piece of cake. And if the viewers understand a product better, the chances of you making a sale skyrocket.

So, if you need an impactful explainer video that brings you sales, go for animated videos.

What makes animated explainer videos for business more impactful?

What are the elements that make animated explainer videos so impactful? Here’s the answer:

1. Naturally engaging and attention-grabbing 

When it comes to animated explainer videos for business, they’re naturally engaging. Who can ignore those cute animated characters?

We all have watched cartoons in our childhood. Were we not attracted naturally? Of course, we were. And this is what makes animated explainer videos impactful.

The audience will watch the animated video without getting bored. And thus you can engage your audience, deliver your message, and improve sales.

Point to Note: Always add a fun/humor element to your animated explainer video for business. It’ll keep the viewers glued.

2. The script makes the video professional

Each type of professional video comes with a script. And an animated explainer video for business is no exception.

The explainer video script actually helps the viewer understand what’s happening in the video. It kind of talks to the viewer and compels them to take the desired action.

Point to Note: To make the most of your animated explainer video for business, invest some time in your script. Keep it short and free of jargon. Also, use the words “you” or “your” instead of “I,” “we,” or “our.”

3. Animated explainer videos help with storytelling

Another element that makes explainer video for business impactful is storytelling. Everyone, from kids to old adults, finds a story interesting; provided the story has all the essential elements.

You can use animated explainer videos to tell the story behind your product. With the right use of storytelling in animation, you can demonstrate how your product solves the viewer’s problems.

You can also add an emotional element that binds the reader’s interest. This way, you can improve the chances of conversion.

Point to Note: Make sure that your story is complete and has an emotional connection. Only then you’ll be able to hold the reader’s interest. Also, demonstrate exactly how your product is useful to the users.

Here’s a fine example of an animated video in a story format:

ARK Invest: A fintech company explains the financial revolution has just started.

4. Easy CTA

Whether it’s a blog, article, or video, every content piece has a CTA. And it works the best in animated explainer videos for business.

There are a variety of ways using which you can add CTA.

  • Text CTA: A bold text indicates to the user what to do.
  • Voiceover CTA: The voiceover artist tells the user to take the required action.
  • Clickable CTA: The viewer needs to click the hyperlink in the description that’ll redirect him.

When it comes to blogs, the CTA is usually at the end. But you never know who’s going to read a long blog post.

However, explainer videos are more entertaining. And viewers actually enjoy watching animated explainer videos for business. This way, they’re more likely to watch the video and take the desired action.

Here’s an example of a text CTA used by Spotify:

Point to Note: 
Make sure the CTA is clear. Also, it should stay on the screen for at least five seconds.

5. Voiceover adds to the charm 

Yes, blogs do work. But in some cases, they’re not as good as animated explainer videos. It’s because such videos come with a voiceover which a blog lacks.

The voiceover helps the viewer understand the product better. Also, with the voiceover, it becomes easy to direct your viewer to take action.

For example, you can ask the viewers to check out a website or subscribe to an email list. 

When a voice directs that, we automatically feel compelled to do it. And this can increase the probability of viewers becoming paying customers.

So, if you want to make an animated explainer video for business impactful, always add a voiceover. 

There are numerous affordable freelance voice artists you can hire on GuruFiverr, etc.

Point to Note: Make sure the voiceover artist avoids any jargon and talks informally.

6. Animated explainer videos help show the benefits

Listing benefits over features is always more impactful regardless of the content type. It’s because in this way you can demonstrate how the product benefits the users.

With animated explainer videos, you can literally show what benefits the product has. And this automatically makes these videos more impactful.

A benefit that the user can see through their eyes remains in mind for longer. This can improve the chances of the viewer buying your product.

Point to Note: Start mentioning the benefits as early as you can. It’ll help you gain the interest of your viewer quickly.

7. Showing data or stats is not boring with animated explainer videos  

You want the customers to buy your product as you claim that it solves the problem. But how would your customers know whether your claim is right? Well, with the help of data and statistics

Fortunately, you can show the data using explainer videos in the most creative manner. 

You can show enlarged numbers or use infographics within the video. It will not bore your viewers and will rather create credibility about your product.

And when customers find your product credible, you’re more likely to make sales.  

Point to note: Whenever you’re showing some data, always keep it minimal and subtle. It’s because too much data will only confuse the viewer.

8. Explainer videos make complex features sound easy

A customer will buy your product only if they understand it completely. And this is something an animated explainer video for business helps you achieve.

With animated explainer videos, you can transform a complex feature into a simple one. This way, viewers can thoroughly understand the product.

Here’s a sample 2D animation video of Brand Migrators:

Now, Brand Migrators makes upgrading the data integration platform for companies simple. Although it’s a complex process for anyone to understand, the video makes it all sound easy and understandable.

9. An explainer video can be easily customized according to the target group

Do you want to target a very specific group of people on a specific platform? Well, you can easily do this with explainer videos.

For example, if your audience has an artistic mindset, you can use 2D explainer videos. Such videos are usually used to explain a simpler feature or product.

However, if your audience has a mechanical mind (mostly young people), you can use 3D explainer videos. 3D explainer videos are more interactive and detail-oriented. So, explaining a complex feature becomes easy.

Let’s say one set of your audience is on the second stage (cold) of your funnel. And another set is in the 3rd stage (hot).

Now, you cannot show the same content to both these groups. You need a unique content piece for each group if you wish to convert.

And this is made possible with an animated explainer video for business. You can modify and customize the video according to your audience. And this way, you’ll get your hands on quality leads.

Best explainer videos for business examples

Here are a few examples to give you some inspirational kick for your next video:

1. Time2Match - Mobile App

The above is a mobile app explainer video Time2Match.   

This video has every element an explainer video should have. There’s an interesting story; the problems of the viewer are discussed, and so are the solutions.

You can see how difficult it was for Mike to manage everything without Time2Match. A few seconds into the video, he can easily manage everything with Time2Match. The voiceover is quite professional, and the script is enticing too.

2. DuPont™ Tyvek®

This video is about DuPont™ Tyvek®. DuPont™ Tyvek® is a company that manufactures durable and comfortable materials for protecting homes.

The animation video is praiseworthy. Although there isn’t any voiceover, the story is pretty clear. 

The characters work on a building and pause the work because of rain. However, the materials easily withstand rain.  Also, the video shows how the installation is being done in all seasons. This is a great way of showing benefits (the ability to withstand all seasons). 

And in the end, there are the company’s contact details as CTA.

3. Hootsuite - Social Media Management Platform

The above video is about Hootsuite, which is an SMM platform. It’s the visual storytelling and that energetic voiceover that makes this video great

Right from the start, you’re hooked to the video. And as you're a few seconds into the video, you can look at the problems and how this platform solves those problems.  

4. Blood Donors - Non-Profit Organization

This video is about a Twitter handle in India that helps people procure blood.

It’s a perfect blend of visual and voiceover storytelling. Also, there’s an adequate amount of live footage featuring the founder.

The narrator talks about the need for blood, which is a problem. And tells how this handle is connecting donors with the needy: solution.

For more amazing animated explainer video examples, please refer to this link.

Wrapping Up

An animated explainer video for business can be really helpful for your brand. A study says 95% of people watched a product explainer video to understand a product/service better.

It’s because animated explainer videos are naturally engaging, easy to understand and have a good ROI.

However, you need to include the necessary elements to ensure the best results. And you can do this by contacting Broadcast2World.

Broadcast2World is a reliable animated explainer video production company. We have helped hundreds of businesses create 2d explainer videos and 3d explainer videos. And we can help you too.

So, contact Broadcast2World, create the best explainer videos and ensure success for your brand.

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