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Corporate Video Production - Antioxidant for Your Marketing Strategy

May 2, 2012 5:42:18 AM

With the expansion of internet, more businesses are looking to have their corporate videos. Not only are they more efficient way to communicate but are also economical and have a wider reach. They are there for companies wanting to optimize their chances of moving ahead of their competitors.

A Corporate Video is produced to achieve a specific objective of a company, like promoting a product or demonstrating a service. They make communicating with a specific audience more effective. They can be uploaded on the website of a company to give them the added advantage of videos, like garnering more traffic and giving them a viral effect. Having a corporate video makes a business sound more professional. It helps to create an enhanced image in the minds of its customers.

Producing a corporate video is now an exclusive field actively being tackled by professionals of corporate video production company.

The process of producing a corporate video involves the following stages:

Pre-production: Here the company discusses with you your requirements, like your objective, need and target audience and of course your budget. Keeping your requirements in mind a descriptive script is developed which is complimented with a voice over, and then it goes to story board artist for a sketch. After that it further goes to graphic artist who prepares the graphs for it. This stage is the most crucial as a well defined pre-production stage makes the further work more clear and easier. What you expect out of the final product largely depends upon how you shape this stage.

Production: At this stage the work done in pre-production stage goes to animator who blends everything to give the video a wholesome look and effect.

Post-production: At this stage the video is given the format as required by the client along with making it suitable for the screen it would be viewed at.

Before going in for a corporate video the following business objectives need to be analyzed:

The target audience: Having a clear picture of your target audience can make you decide what kind of video you want to have. For Example, if the audiences are young, you can have a narrative or a story based video.

The budget and time factor: Be clear about the sum you are willing to spend on your video. Discuss it with your chosen video production company to see what they are offering for what price. Also decide the time by which you want your video to be completed by them.

Deciding your expectations: Know what you expect from the end product, like the kind of graphics and the voice you are looking for. Having a clear expectation helps you in visualizing your final video.

Choosing the skilled corporate video production company: It is far better to hire a company which is professional and who has dealt with a variety of projects than a company has dealt with only a few. Their past testimonials can always be looked into to get an overview of their professional level.

Having a corporate video effectively delivers your message to your target audience.

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