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7 Reasons Why You Should Prefer Animated Videos for Business Collateral

Apr 30, 2013 9:06:56 AM

Since long, websites have used text as the main medium to convey a message online, but as the Internet grew in its reach and stature, visitors steadily got tired of reading paragraphs of text, which made marketing teams turn to infographics, video, audio or multimedia content.

With the demands of today’s fast life, attention spans have decreased and visitors on websites want to quickly solve their need at hand and leave. Collectively, this has made audio-visual media more popular than text. So, short, animated website videos are very much the in-thing now for businesses wanting to expand their reach to larger audiences. We have put together 7 major advantages that videos enjoy over the written word.

Here’s exactly why you should be using short animated videos as marketing and sales collateral:

1. Animation explanation: Unlike text, animated explainer videos have better capability to showcase and demonstrate a product. It’s essential for every company to convey the value proposition of its products or services. Being static, text cannot have the same impact on viewers as videos can. With myriad elements, videos have the capacity to showcase product features exactly the way they should be, from users’ point of view.

2. Short, crisp and engaging: Typically, animated videos for business  are short and carry a lot of information, but are not overwhelming. Videos can be easily understood because multimedia is engaging. Animated videos can consolidate information and advertise a product without viewers even being aware what they just watched was product promotion. “Ad blindness” is a big problem but videos effectively solve that with the ubiquitous ‘play’ button that’s hard for anyone to resist, and that’s exactly what makes them a popular medium to convey specific information to targeted audiences, which make animated videos highly beneficial. That’s reason enough to have an animated video for the “hero shot” on landing pages.

3. Launch a product: Launching a product or informing audiences about product add-ons and improvements is mainstream for marketing departments in all companies. With the improvement in technology and Internet speed, videos are almost as easy to disseminate today as text and are definitely a better outreach medium both online and offline. Plus, short animated videos can quickly show how to use a product without making viewers think. Text, on the other hand, requires active reading and imagination, which usually is in short supply in overworked prospects. Video production has increased exponentially since the last few years.

4. More eyeballs: Text, even when accompanied with pictures or infographics is not able to attract the same kind of traffic as videos can. Over 4 billion videos are viewed everyday on YouTube and approximately 81.9 % of the U.S. Internet audience view videos online. Today, marketing teams cannot afford to not have video marketing in the mix and will just need to get a product video created.

5. Customer testimonials: Being able to generate emotions in viewers, videos can get customer testimonials. Text, on the other hand, is usually not capable of achieving this. People tend to overlook text as it does not have that “play” button.

Most overworked individuals would rather sit back and passively watch a video to solve a need at hand than read text and actively try to decrypt what it means. Customer testimonials are the most important trust factor that companies can use on landing pages (or offline) to increase conversions and sales.

6. All elements in one package: With the use of sound, music, characters, voice-over and pictures, videos are able to deliver a wholesome experience to viewers, thus giving a clear and concise overview and aiding them in understanding products and services.

7. Viral component: Videos have a viral component and are typically shared much more than text.

Short animated videos are fast gaining popularity as the preferred medium to convey business product or service value. If you know of more ways how videos work better than traditional written content or if you have actually been in a situation that you would like to share, where videos have worked better for you, let’s hear you in the comments below.

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