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Why You Are Not Getting App Users and What You Can Do About It

Jul 11, 2013 8:06:41 AM

Why you are not getting enough eyeballs for your app

You’ve developed a great little app and are ready to post it for the world to see and hopefully download. But here’s the alarming truth, there are lots (and we mean lots) of apps out there. There are probably even some a little or a lot like yours. Apps are growing in number each day! So how do you get users to download your app?

Videos open up a lot of avenues for your app

Well, if a picture is worth a thousand words then clearly video has to be worth millions. In fact, content hungry consumers are eating up video footage, be it for fun or for marketing purposes. Video content can make your website more popular, help you sell products and dramatically increase the downloads of your app! Having a short promotional video can add many marketing opportunities for you as the video can be used on your website, as ads or in forums.

App screenshots say more but videos engage!

The video doesn’t have to be Oscar worthy but a short animated video with some screen time of your actual app in use will go a long way to marketing your product. Consumers’ time is limited and seeing a short video of your app will help them determine if they want to download it. Sure the screen shots in the Apple App Store or Google Play will help explain what your app does but having a video on your website lets you explain in full detail why iPhone or Android users should download your app rather than a competitor’s.

Videos impact SEO and go places

The video and the places you choose to upload it (like your product website) can have a huge impact on SEO.  Did you know that YouTube is the second most widely used search engine? We were serious when we said people love video these days. Also, videos are now easy to watch and share on smart phone devices.

Video content makes your website a lot more popular with Google giving credit to videos in its search results and you’ll notice your ranking rising with the addition of video content.

Your app needs a short, entertaining video

Your video should be short, containing just enough to get the point across, and be entertaining. The more entertaining the video is, the longer people will spend watching it. Keep your target audience in mind when planning your video and write an actual script so you know exactly what information will be transmitted.

This is not a DIY thingy! Go pro!

It’s a good idea to employ a professional video production company to assist you so that your video is business-worthy and polished. There are many companies and freelancers available that can help you for a much more reasonable price tag than you’re probably expecting. Their expertise and enhanced production value will be well worth the upfront cost. Your product sales will be greatly expanded so the cost for the video can be quickly recouped.

So there, that’s about it. Is there anything more you would like to add? Let’s hear you in the comments below.


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