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How To Grow Your Educational YouTube Channel with Animated Videos

Aug 25, 2022 5:23:52 AM

YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine.

I wouldn’t be surprised if it surpasses Google someday. 

Even Google shows mixed results for queries—including videos—at the top.

So if, as a brand, your objective is to build brand awareness, you should know how to grow your educational youtube channel.

So how do you build an audience on YouTube?

This blog will show you how to create a strategy that works best for your content and brand.

We’ll also share our top tips for creating engaging videos to keep viewers coming back for more.

1. Choose Topics That Will Help Your YouTube Channel Reach More People

If you’re just starting out with your YouTube channel, you might not know what kind of content you should produce.

You must consider who your audience is and what they care about.

If you already have a successful blog, you can pick up your best-performing blogs and convert them into videos.

Here is an example from our client Hub International, a b2b insurance company that converted its best-performing blogs every month into short animated videos:


If you look at the topic, it's about employee financial wellness.

See how Hub connects it with its solution at the end.

You have to look for problems your target audience might be facing.

Then you need to create content around those topics with relevant keywords.

Another example is from a company called ESRI, a technology company providing GIS mapping software solutions.

This video discusses location intelligence and its applications connected with the company's solution.



2. Make a video that tells a great story

Once you know what you want to talk about, write down a script that tells a story.

It’s essential to tell a story because people love and remember stories.

A story is a sequence of events: problem, solution, transformation, and call to action.

Your video should focus on the core problem you are trying to solve for your people.

And by doing that, you make them care for your content and drive them further into the video.

Then you start mapping your content as a solution to their problem and show the final transformation by adapting that solution.

You end your video with a solid call to action, such as subscribing to your channel or going to your landing page.

The video by starts with how complex is the dating world.

Then as a solution, they offer 10 dating tips that might help the audience. 

The video ends with a call to action to visit the landing page.



3. Optimize The Video for YouTube Search

You need to include your target keyword in the title, description, and tags to optimize your video for search.

Also, experiment with different video thumbnails for better CTR.

You should embed your video on relevant pages or blogs on your website.

You can also create a short teaser or trailer for your other social media channels to divert traffic to your main YouTube video.

Best Animated Educational Videos for Building Brand Awareness

There are lots of different ways to tell stories with animation.

Here we’ll show you some of our favorite animated educational videos.

We’ll also talk about why these videos work well, and what makes them effective.

1. Qualcomm - Low Latency

The fun thing about this animated series is its interview format which keeps you engaged.

Also, the way Qualcomm lead engineers explained the concepts related to 5G was fascinating.

Buck, as an agency, did a fabulous job of mixing character and infographic animation seamlessly with engaging transitions especially at 1:04 minutes.

2. Mr. Porter – Five ways to be happier and more successful


Mr. Porter did this animated editorial piece for the magazine - The Journal, a five-step guide to being happier and more successful.

The stellar character cell animation was the key to this educational video.

The minimalistic approach to visuals and subtle character nuances just mesmerizes you the whole time.

3. Durex - The Real Sex Guide

Durex, as a brand promoting good sexual practices, had decided to create an animated educational video series.

The idea was to make it effective and interesting while passing on important knowledge to help young people enter into sexual life.

The realization was carried out by Inside Ideas Agency, Analog/Digital, and BluBlu Studios.

The animation is modern, lively, and attractive for audiences of all ages, especially the younger ones.


If you’re interested in growing your Educational YouTube Channel, you should focus on 2 things good content and optimization.

When I say good content, I mean choosing the right topic and telling a great story for maximum engagement. You will see gradual growth in your subscriber base if you do these two things consistently.

Please share your suggestions in the comments below and contact us if you need animated educational videos for your YouTube Channel.


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