How Landing Page Videos Can Significantly Reduce Bounce Rates?

May 19, 2022 1:35:35 AM

Your landing page is your virtual front door, your company’s face to the world. It’s how you present yourself, your team, and your offering.

But there’s a problem. Visitors have an increasingly shrinking attention span and little patience to go through multiple web pages and browse through paragraphs to get the information they want.

This means that when you do get visitors, they often leave quickly and never come back. This is also called your site’s “bounce rate”.

Fortunately, there’s a powerful tool that’s readily available for you to fix this problem!

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  1. Why do you need landing page videos?
  2. Information vs. Attention: How to Have your Cake and Eat it Too!
  3. What is “bounce rate” and what does it mean for your website?
  4. How do landing page videos solve this problem?
  5. Tips to maximize engagement & minimize bounce rates with landing page videos

Why do you need landing page videos?

In today’s information-saturated world, your voice can easily end up a drop in the ocean. It’s an enormous challenge to catch anyone’s attention.

And when you do get a viewer, holding their fleeting attention is the next impossible task, thanks to ever-shrinking attention spans.

Information vs. Attention: How to Have your Cake and Eat it Too!

So to sum up: the first part of your problem is grabbing attention. The second part is holding the viewer’s attention while you explain what you’re selling and what it can do for them.

You can solve this by making your message as short and snappy as possible. But you won’t be able to explain your offering in enough detail to really sell it well.

And if you go with a longer, more elaborate messaging, you are more likely to bore your audience and them leaving your landing page before you’re done.

This is why video is the answer. Landing Page Videos have the amazing ability to grab attention and hold it.

It can also explain complex topics in depth without the viewer feeling as though they’re drowning in too much information at once. This is especially true with animated explainer videos, which can use imaginative graphics to add a visual element to the script.

In short, video is your secret weapon against landing page bounce rates. Here’s how.

What is “bounce rate” and what does it mean for your website?

A “bounce” is when someone visits your web page once and then leaves without checking out any other pages. The percentage of visitors who do this– also called single-page visitors– is called your “bounce rate.”

Major search engines see high bounce rates as a sign of poor content, which impacts SEO results.

Your bounce rate is important because:

1. Someone who bounces from your site (obviously) didn’t convert. So when you stop a visitor from bouncing, you can also increase your conversion rate.

2. Your bounce rate is a Google Ranking factor. In fact, one industry study found that low bounce rates correlate with first-page Google rankings.

3. A high bounce rate tells you that your site (or specific pages on your site) has issues with content, user experience, page layout or copywriting.

How do landing page videos solve this problem?

You may have heard that the average human attention span is less than that of a goldfish (9 seconds).

While that’s since been debunked as untrue, it illustrates a point: you must grab your visitor’s attention the moment they land on your site.

Landing page videos help you do that. Just putting a video on your landing page can reduce your bounce rate by 34%!

What works best is a video that tells your visitors how your product solves their problem, in under 2 minutes. It’s the perfect sales pitch format for a video-native generation.

Whether we’re talking about explainer videos or marketing videos, they can be used by almost any company on their homepages (and elsewhere) to give visitors a quick, exciting summary of their business.

This way, visitors watch your product video and don’t just bounce away.

Let’s look at a quick example: RankWatch:-


For SaaS companies (like RankWatch, Crazy Egg, Dropbox, Rypple, Crack itt, and many others), explaining how their software solutions work to non-technical people is a major challenge.

And it’s not like people are patient; a survey showed that 55% of visitors spend fewer than 15 seconds on your website.

So if the information on your landing page looks intimidating (or dull), then visitors will bounce.

This was a familiar problem for RankWatch. They got thousands of visitors daily, but only a small percentage signed up for the free trial.

Before using explainer videos, their bounce rate was as high as 62%. Visitors were simply not reading.

After they put an explainer video on their landing page, visitor engagement rose and the bounce rate fell to 35%. As an added bonus, RankWatch saw a 27% hike in free trial users.

Consumers Prefer To Watch Video Landing Pages Over Reading Text

A study revealed that 59% of senior executives at Forbes preferred to watch a video on a landing page over reading text, if both were available on the same page.

There are similar trends with average consumers, too.

The New York Times has an article from film critic A.O. Scott and there’s the video counterpart as well, entitled “Oscar Animated Shorts Roundup”.

You can choose either to read the text or watch the video.


Landing Page Explainer Videos Make Visitors Spend At Least 2 More Minutes At Your Site

Your visitors are busy people with no patience for paragraphs of information. A survey revealed that 55% of visitors spend fewer than 15 seconds on a typical website.

But by putting an explainer video on your landing page, you could make your visitors engage with your site.

They would watch the video and stay at least 2 minutes longer on your site than those who don’t view videos.

This means that compared to the 15-second initial stay, explainer videos boost the time-on-site by a whopping 800%!

Tips to maximize engagement & minimize bounce rates with landing page videos

1. Give Your Landing Page Videos An Attractive Thumbnail

People like videos on landing pages, but that doesn’t mean they will automatically watch every video they stumble upon. There’s a matter of choice as well. If the thumbnail of your video looks appealing to them, it will get watched.

So design a good thumbnail aimed specifically at your target audience that grabs their attention and encourages them to watch the video.

2. Put Your Landing Page Videos Above The Fold

Explainer videos are meant to be put above the fold or on the top section of your homepage. By doing so, you ensure maximum visibility. People landing on your website would notice the video, click play, understand your value proposition, and may then consider a purchase.


Finance can be complicated enough even for people who work in it. It can even be difficult to explain to small businesses who want to use it to make purchases easier for themselves and their customers at the same time.

Vidico created this explainer video for Behalf to easily and quickly explain their service in detail, in a way that will hold the viewer’s attention well.

The results speak for themselves: Behalf saw a 20% increase in conversions after adding this video to their page!

3. Place Your Call To Action Button Next To The Landing Page Videos

It’s important to remember that an explainer video isn’t an advertisement or teaser.

The job of an explainer video is to educate the prospect about your product and set a mood for purchase. Just watching the video won’t magically raise your sales.

You have to help your prospects take the next step, and that means placing the call to action button next to the video.


Crazy Egg placed its explainer video under a powerful headline and placed a persuasive CTA button just below it.

It made it easy for prospects who loved the video to take the next step, that is, buy Crazy Egg’s service.

A study showed that the animated explainer video helped Crazy Egg earn an extra $21,000 every month and boosted conversion rates by a whopping 64%!

Not enough examples? Check out our blog on the 6 best landing page videos!


Reducing your bounce rate is key to a successful landing page. If your landing page bounce rate isn’t where it needs to be, check with these seven issues for ideas.

It’s time to supercharge your landing page and reach your audience like never before!

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