Does Creating An Explainer Video For A Mobile App Helps?

Nov 22, 2015 11:30:31 PM

Are you in the process of making a mobile app which helps everyone?? If yes, then you must also create a video, to tell everyone about how it works, what are it’s amazing features, how it has been designed – in a nutshell you have to show that your app possesses all the impressive elements to be a great hit amongst people.

Before knowing how to get that video, you must know why you need that video. Mobile Apps have an integrated idea or a story backboning their creation! An app usually gets created because of a need that persisted, which in turn can be catered by the app. Explainer video is the most desirable and appropriate way to inform and educate the users about ‘know how’ of your app’s working and it’s benefits, the need or issue to which your app provides solution for, practically everything you want to communicate. Explainer video shall make it a cake walk for you to convey your idea, your message to the clients. There is one more factor that makes video a complete yes-yes amongst the marketers. That factor is ‘’Internet’’. A video is spread through Internet, which has biggest and exponential reach possible. Undoubtedly, explainer video is one of the most amazingly engaging way to spread around your potential users about your app and keep them connected to it.

Here are few reasons we have jotted to make this ‘’WHY” aspect more clear.

Why is an app video required?

  • A video is easily shareable. At a click it can be shared anywhere and within no time it’ll reach the masses.
  • Nowadays no one likes to read boring write-ups and paragraphs in order to learn about a product or service. People now appreciate visual content, which is easy to understand and entertaining to watch.
  • Since a video can be shared at a click, it has enormous potential to go ‘’viral’’.
  • A video has the potential to integrate the ‘’Call to Action’’ feature in most creative ways possible.
  • A video shall represent the uses of your app, it’s creativity, your organisation’s outlook in a very innovative style.
  • A single video can solve multiple purposes for you. It may be used  for product demo or you may use it for a sales pitch, choice is completely yours!
  • An explainer video is a one time investment that brings ROI over and above the expectations of the businesses.

Explainer video was already around since YouTube era, and the usage of explainer video has bolster with the help of technological advancement (faster internet, minor and portable screen, social media channels, etc).

Any tool that lifts attraction among the right users for your App is considerable and this has already been pointed out by others, promotional / explainer videos are one of the best ways of doing the same.

As we all know this that Google Play store lets App publishers upload a promotional / explainer Video that gets appeared forthright on the App Page. App Videos can support you in attracting the right users entailing enhanced conversion, retention, ratings.

Because of the sites like Facebook and Instagram, the attention span on web has reduced drastically. It has dropped down to as low as 15 seconds. which isn't a long enough time to put across your message. This where the role of an an explainer video drops in. It helps you in keeping the engagement levels high, urges your audience to stay on your website for a longer duration! This shall also help you in increasing the conversions. They have proven to have great ROI with respect to  attracting funding or increasing the customer base.

It's wearisome to make slides or a presentation as fascinating and engaging as a video. Specially to do something that will grab the attention of users, clients and investors deliver the message in 30 seconds. If your app or business model is breaking new ground or is rowdy, the video is even extra important. And remember: the first 5 seconds are very very crucial. If you place an ad in YouTube people at least will watch the first 5 seconds. If the video is done amiably, you'll have the people watching until the end. Isn’t that AWESOME!!

Though it always benefits to have a befitting explainer video to increase conversion. However, there are some factors which must be considered before you opt in for explainer video for you app.

  • Budget: What is the amount you are looking forward to spend on explainer video
  • Marketing Campaign: How are you planning to advertise and promote your video
  • Application: What kind of app are you creating or have created. There are high chances that a live shoot video might work better for your app instead of animation or vice versa.
  • Target Market: What kind of video shall be able to allure your potential customer base.

You should be in a position to answer all these things to identify if getting an explainer video for your app shall be of help or not.

So, once you have decided that you are ready to get an explainer video for your app, the next bigger step is to make sure that your video has all the elements to be a hit amongst people. Once they see you app video, they must be able to connect with you, your app and your idea! Here we have listed some key features that should be integral to your explainer video to get the desired results

Things to remember while creating an explainer video

  • Brevity: Keep the video as short as possible, preferably keeping it less than 60-90 seconds.
  • Simplicity:  The key is to avoid unnecessary animations, explosions or complicated storylines.
  • Creativity: Think out of the box and find ways to make your audience go ‘’Wow’’.
  • Activity: show the working of your app in a phone or tablet to give real time experience view.
  • Solution: Portray how your app caters to problems the users are facing and how your app has entered as saviour!
  • CTA: Most crucial element to increase conversions.

We have created more than 1500 videos including 500+ for mobile apps and software. Our expert team provides the customers  with a perfect mixture of an app walk-through and brand exposure. Our videos are highly engaging because they are portrayed in form of a story. A  story that remains in the people’s memory and they are able to connect with them fully.

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