31 Best Customer Service Training Video Examples to Elevate Your Team's Skills

Jan 10, 2024 3:00:00 AM

They say the customer is king, the customer is always right, and so on. And we don’t need to explain why. 

But how do you empower your team to really go all-out when it comes to pleasing your customers?

In 2024 and beyond, there’s a lot more to good service than just being very polite. 

You can have the best products or services out there, but it doesn’t mean much if your customers deal with employees who are clueless, apathetic, incompetent, or just plain rude.

So it goes without saying that customer service training is a vital factor in the success of your business, regardless of what business or industry you’re in, the size of your team, and so on. It’s a universal thing. 

In this blog we’re going to look at an often-overlooked tool in customer service training: the power of video, especially animated video, when combined with excellent storytelling. 

If your training strategy isn’t putting a priority on the video format, then you’re seriously missing out. 

Broadcast2World can help take your customer service training to the next level by helping you harness the power of animated videos.

You don’t have to take our word for it.

Let’s look at thirty of the best examples of customer service training videos out there, and see what makes them so powerful and effective.

  1. Best Customer Service Training Video Examples
    1. Temkin Group: Customer Experience Matters
    2. Lemonade: A Customer Service Story
    3. TedX: I Was Seduced by Exceptional Customer Service
    4. CineCraft: Customer Service Satire
    5. Guy Responsible for Chick-fil-A's Customer Service
    6. Bob Farrel-Give 'Em The Pickle
    7. How to Grow a Positive Customer Service Mindset
    8. ServiceSkills: WACTEO
    9. Atana: The Right Words at The Right Time
    10. Shep Hyken: Ritz-Carlton Customer Service Tips
    11. David Brownlee: Reduce Upset Customers by 80%
    12. Canity: Rapport in Customer Service
    13. Canity: Let Them Vent
    14. CustomersFirst Academy: Why Customers Get Upset
    15. Hubspot: 7 Essential Customer Support Skills
    16. Brene Brown: Empathy vs Sympathy
    17. Ross Shafer: Be a Customer Service Hero Like This Woman
    18. Forbes: What Apple's Steve Jobs Learned From The Ritz-Carlton
    19. Steve Jobs: Start With Your Customers
    20. No, The Customer is Not Always Right
    21. Ted Lasso: 8 Habits That Make You a Natural Leader
    22. James Lloyd: A Nordstrom Manager To The Rescue
    23. Awkward Puppets: Customer Service
    24. Slack
    25. SurveyMonkey: Avoid Awkward Customer Experiences
    26. Netflix Customer Service
    27. Google's Approach to Customer Service
    28. Dealing With an Angry Customer
    29. Forbes: Richard Branson
    30. Creating an Unmatched Customer Experience
    31. TemkinGroup: What is Customer Experience
  2. Frequently Asked Questions
    1. What is The Best Training for Customer Service?
    2. How do You Make a Customer Service Video?
    3. How Long Should a Customer Service Training Video Be?
    4. Which Sectors Benefit From a Customer Service Training Video?

30 Best Customer Service Training Video Examples

It’s never a bad idea to take inspiration from others. What makes these videos work so well?

What nuggets of knowledge stand out to you? What ideas pop out and get you excited to incorporate into your own videos?

So let’s get inspired to create by checking out thirty of the best customer service training videos we could find!

1. Temkin Group: Customer Experience Matters


This video is a great example of what you can accomplish with even minimal, mostly typographic animation.

This video has a great script already. But it’s the visuals that really bring it all to life and make it immersive, attention-grabbing, and enjoyable.

2. Lemonade: A Customer Service Story


Whether you’re a luxury brand or a lemonade stand, most aspects of excellent customer service ultimately remain the same.

Here’s a hilarious and well-acted skit about a kid’s lemonade stand providing truly awful service, in a montage of how NOT to do things as a business.

It’s something we can all relate to. And while it makes us laugh, this video makes powerful points that stick in our minds.

3. TedX: I Was Seduced By Exceptional Customer Service


Getting a new pair of glasses. How complicated can that be?

When John Boccuzzi, Jr. stepped into an eyeglass store, he didn’t know he would walk away with not just a nice pair of eyeglasses, but a story about absolutely next-level customer service.

What’s especially interesting about this story is how the saleswoman didn’t simply give him the eyeglasses style he was originally looking for.

She rather suggested options that were ultimately the best for him– and it worked, to great effect!

4. CineCraft: Poor Customer Service Satire


Sometimes, the best way to teach employees how to do customer service right is to showcase the opposite–how not to do things.​​

This video is short but well-acted and makes its point well.

And shows that it’s important to let yourself be creative and think outside the box when it comes to your customer service training.

5. Meet the Guy Responsible For Chick-fil-A’s Customer Service


They say a good attitude is infectious.

And for proof, we need to look no further than this video about Chick-fil-A’s Hospitality Performance Coordinator, Jeremy Teal.

Of course, this is a scripted video, deliberately over-the-top for comedic effect.

But it still emphasizes the restaurant chain’s culture and attitude towards pleasing their customers.

It’s silly, funny, wholesome–and still does an excellent job of showcasing what’s expected of their staff.

It actually works better than a boring slideshow ever could. 

6. Bob Farrell-Give ‘Em The Pickle


There’s a fine line between running an efficient, lean business with no waste– and just coming off as cheap and greedy to your most valued customers. 

Brilliant entrepreneur and restaurateur Bob Farrell is excited to share his humbling experience with negative customer feedback.

His restaurant began charging 75 cents for previously complimentary pickles, which rubbed a loyal long-time customer the wrong way.

This led to them rethinking this strategy and coming up with their motto: “Just Give ‘Em the Pickle!”

In other words, just make the customer happy.

Because the loyalty of a happy returning customer is worth far more than the money saved by charging 75 cents for extra pickles. 

7. How to Grow a Positive Customer Service Mindset 


It goes without saying that customer service is vitally important to almost all businesses of all kinds.

But this video by CustomersFirst Academy explains that the benefits go beyond just making happy and loyal customers.

Note how the script breaks down the information into points and sections, making it much easier to understand and remember.

While the animation is very simple, it still helps underscore the information being conveyed.

8. ServiceSkills: WACTEO


This lesson by ServiceSkills eLearning takes the concept of customer service and turns it inside out.

It argues that employees can’t delight customers if they’re treating each other poorly to begin with.

This is the WACTEO school of thought, or “We Are Customers To Each Other.”

It’s a fascinating way to look at things, and the animation and graphics are made to match it suitably.

9. Atana: The Right Words at The Right Time


Customer Service Recovery is when things have really gone off the rails with an angry customer who cannot be easily placated. What do you do? 

This short, well-acted video opens with a couple of fairly typical scenarios dealing with angry customers.

Then it transitions to providing some practical, useful solutions to these tough situations.

10. Shep Hyken: Ritz-Carlton Customer Service Tips


The famous Ritz-Carlton chain of hotels is known for its unparalleled customer service.

Its reputation is the envy of its rivals in an already competitive space. But how do they do it?

Customer service guru Shep Hyken breaks it down into four quick points, explaining how they take customer service to a whole new paradigm, and what we can learn from them.

11. David Brownlee: Reduce Upset Customers by 80%


Customer service isn’t easy.

Representatives are on the front lines, being the face of the company, confronted by upset customers who take their anger out on them multiple times a day.

Fortunately, this video by David Brownlee breaks down some practical and effective tips on how customer service representatives can grapple with and defuse these common situations, and bring their customers to a place where their problems have been addressed and solved.

12. Canity: Rapport in Customer Service


What is rapport? It’s more than just being polite and listening to your customer.

It’s about establishing a sense of trust and making them feel understood, not just heard.

This lovely animated video by Canity explains how to create rapport easily and effectively, using simple and practical tips.

13. Canity: Let Them Vent


An important thing for all customer service representatives to learn is that sometimes, there’s nothing you can say to calm an upset customer.

This is because sometimes, they just want to vent their frustration to anyone who seems to care enough to listen.

So the answer is to simply listen with empathy and let them talk.

This beautifully-animated video by Canity does an amazing job of explaining this in a way that’s humorous and attention-grabbing, without the humor distracting from the points it’s trying to make.

14. CustomersFirst Academy: Why Customers Get Upset


Another clean-and-simple video by CustomersFirst, this short video helps trainees view angry customers in a different light, by persuading them to consider why they’re angry in the first place.

This facilitates bringing empathy to their situation rather than taking it as a personal insult.

15. Hubspot: 7 Essential Customer Support Skills Every Rep Needs


Another example of how clever and slick animation can really bring your training script to life.

This video by Hubspot covers these tips quickly and efficiently but it’s the delightful animation that takes it to another level.

The lush graphics make the lesson easier to understand and remember.

16. Brene Brown: Empathy vs Sympathy


A question for you grammar buffs out there: What, if any, is the difference between empathy and sympathy?

Turns out they’re not synonyms. We also love the beautiful mixed-media style animation, quirky characters, and thoughtful artistry that went into this gorgeous video. 

17. Ross Shafer: Be a Customer Service Hero Like This Woman


Ross Shafer is a business maven, bestselling author, and natural born salesman.

But he’s also a talented speaker, blurring the lines between stand-up comedian and keynote business lecturer.

Here, he relates a simple story of customer service excellence.

It details a relatively simple act where a hotel employee went the extra mile to get him a Diet Coke with his meal.

He explains what a huge impact that made on him, and what we can all learn from it.

And spoiler alert: the lesson here is more than just “keep your fridge stocked at all times” but it’s about the human touch that makes all the difference.

18. Forbes: What Apple’s Steve Jobs Learned From The Ritz-Carlton


Whatever your business, whatever your industry, one thing remains true: Business is all about people.

To underscore this point, this Forbes video talks about how Apple co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs took inspiration from how the Ritz-Carlton Hotel pleases their customers and incorporated a lot of what he saw into the Apple Store.

So whether you’re selling phones or running a hotel, most principles of customer service remain broadly the same across the board.

Because ultimately, it’s all about people.

19. Steve Jobs: Start With Your Customer and Work Your Way Backwards to a Product


The tech world is one of tireless innovation and cut-throat competition to sell the next hot gadget.

It can all get a bit impersonal, and it’s easy to miss the forest for the trees.

It seems like most companies’ engineers continually invent or improve upon some cool piece of tech, and then the marketing guys try to figure out how to sell it to the public.

But Apple co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs flipped this around and approached tech from the perspective of the end-user experience first, then worked backward to the tech.

And he makes it sound so simple and obvious once he explains it!

20. No, The Customer Is Not Always Right


This might sound like utter blasphemy to almost anyone in the customer service industry.

But… it’s true. 

Good customer service–especially when the customer is unhappy– is about more than just apologizing for everything.

In fact, in many cases, this can be counterproductive and make things worse.

This lovely short video deftly explains how.

Imagine how your customer service training would turn out if it had a hint of clever storytelling in it.

21. Ted Lasso: 8 Habits That Make You a Natural Leader


In this video, Charisma University does a study on fictional football coach Ted Lasso, the main character of the eponymous award-winning TV series.

While this isn’t a typical customer service training video, the wisdom and insights gained are fascinating and a must-watch to anyone involved in customer service. 

This video is also a good example of finding new and fresh ways to make your point.

It keeps things interesting, holds your audience’s attention, and even entertains. 

22. James Lloyd: A Nordstrom Manager to the Rescue


There’s good customer service. And then there’s excellent, above-and-beyond customer service.

Here, James Lloyd recounts his experience where, at the worst possible time, he needed a fresh shirt for an important business presentation.

What really stands out to us in this story is that the Nordstrom employees involved really went beyond their expected, contractually obligated roles.

They opened up their shop early, pressed the shirt for him, and even refused payment until after his presentation to give him time to prepare.

They didn’t have to do all that, but they understood the emergency and went the extra mile. 

This also brings us back to another critical point about excellent customer service: It’s all about the people, more than anything else.

23. Awkward Puppets: Customer Service


Another hilarious example of teaching by showcasing how NOT to do it.

The clever use of fun puppets makes the video only more engaging and interesting, even entertaining.

And this is no bad thing, because it means your viewers are paying attention and will remember the information much better.

24. Slack


Dealing with customers is one thing. But your team must also have the best tools at their disposal, and know how to use them.

Slack has been the definitive leader in collaborative workplace communication, and their pioneering solutions have made it easier for businesses of all sizes to give their customers a five-star experience.

Here’s how a well-made training video can really take your team to the next level when it comes to customer service.

25. SurveyMonkey: Avoid Awkward Customer Experiences


This is another example of what we mean when we often say, don’t be afraid to use humor in your videos!

Just a dash of humor, hyperbole, and a touch of the ridiculous can make your video memorable and entertaining–and still make a powerful point.

Like this short, brilliantly-acted video for SurveyMonkey.

26. Netflix Customer Service


Netflix has revolutionized how we watch movies and TV, changing the entertainment landscape forever.

But what happens when things go wrong? Perhaps it’s no surprise that Netflix does customer service their own way, too.

They view customer service as much more than just placating upset customers or doing tech support to get their streaming service back online.

To them, it’s a way to really understand their customer experience, what they like and dislike, and what features they want to see.

There’s valuable customer data to be gleaned, and Netflix doesn’t let that opportunity for a human connection go to waste.

There’s a lot we can learn from here!

27. Google’s Approach to Customer Service


Every company has its customer base to care for.

But what if your customers are basically everyone on the entire internet, like for Google?

How could you possibly take care of all of them efficiently?

This video is a fascinating look into how Google approached this problem with the typical iconic out-of-the-box thinking they’re known for.

All to serve customers better, even if that customer base is made up of literally a billion people.

28. Dealing With An Angry Customer


Oftentimes, “show, don’t tell” is the way to go.

Like this simple customer service training video that shows a typical interaction with an angry customer, and how to defuse the situation and make them happy.

This corporate video is simple but highly effective.

29. Forbes: Richard Branson


In an earlier video, Steve Jobs said that you don’t start with the tech and figure out how to sell it to the customer.

You start with the customer and work backward to the product. 

Similarly, Richard Branson–CEO of the Virgin empire, known for its stellar customer service–also thinks in ways that flaunt convention.

In this video, he explains that when it comes to customer service, you start with your employees first, not the customer.

Because happy, energized employees who are empowered to live and breathe your company’s vision, will naturally please and delight customers in a way that you simply cannot replicate. 

30. Creating an Unmatched Customer Experience


Another customer service training video that uses the power of simple but effective animation, using what we call whiteboard style animation.

It’s lively and dynamic, capturing and holding interest easily.

But it’s also light on the wallet, being surprisingly cost-effective without looking obviously cheap.

It’s a great option for smaller businesses on a tighter budget who don’t want to compromise on quality.

31. TemkinGroup: What is Customer Experience?


Speaking of powerful but simple animation, another style to consider is the typographic style.

This is often seen paired with mixed media but can work quite well on its own, animating blocks of text for emphasis and dynamism.

The end result is a beautifully animated customer service training video that grabs and holds your employees’ attention and interest, communicates its information clearly and effectively, and has excellent memory retention and recall.

Based on some of the examples we have seen so far, it's safe to say that animation can turn seemingly mundane customer service training content into extraordinary visual mediums that make learning fun.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is The Best Training for Customer Service?

There’s no one-size-fits-all template that can be applied to any business anywhere. But ideally, your training should:

  • Connect with your employees and be easy to understand and follow
  • Be practical and address real scenarios and problems, while offering tangible solutions too
  • Have clear goals and outcomes that you can define and measure, so that you can gauge the effectiveness of your training programs and tweak and improve them accordingly.

2. How Do You Make a Customer Service Video?

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when planning out a series of training videos. But the good news is, you don’t have to do all the heavy lifting yourself. 

There are many excellent animation companies specializing in crafting excellent videos for all sorts of business uses, including training.

A good team would be able to walk you through the process, suggesting the best options for you and your specific needs.

Most teams also have skilled scriptwriters who can conjure up some amazing and creative scripts for your videos. 

We’ve been doing this for over a decade now, with a track record of delighting clients of all types and sizes from all over the world.

3. How Long Should a Customer Service Training Video Be?

The video format– even when it comes to the business world– is more art than science.

There’s no magic formula that applies to every possible scenario or requirement.

It’s more bespoke and custom-made for each client and their unique needs. 

As such, there’s no right length. It all depends on your requirements. 

That said, here's a couple of good guidelines to follow:

  • Less is more. You may be tempted to throw in everything but the kitchen sink into your videos, but be a little more selective and deliberate with your storytelling.
  • If there’s simply a lot to cover, then it’s best to break it into multiple videos by subtopic, rather than have one very long video. Put another way, most people are willing to watch six ten-minute long videos, rather than a one-hour-long video, even though the overall duration is the same either way.

4. Which Sectors Benefit From a Customer Service Training Video?

The obvious answer to this is any business that deals with the general public.

But when you think about it, ALL businesses are people-centric. B2B clients are customers too, and have needs that must be met. 

So really, there’s no business that cannot benefit from deploying better customer service on even a small level!


Well, there you have it, thirty examples of the best videos we could find on customer service training.

Use the inspiration to brainstorm on how you could make the perfect suite of training videos for your own team, addressing your specific customer service needs and requirements. 

But you don’t have to do it all yourself. Consult with a good animation studio and find out what’s best for your needs and budget.

A good team will suggest the best options and strategies for you to consider, and work closely with you to deliver the best solutions for you.

For over a decade, we’ve been delighting customers of all kinds and sizes from all over the world, with bespoke crafted animated videos that fit their specific needs.

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