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Prediction on the Future of Animation Marketing Video Industry

Sep 21, 2015 3:30:42 AM

With the competition in the marketing industry getting fiercer everyday, a host of marketing tactics are adopted by Companies to get ahead of the competition. Of all these tactics, the biggest spike has been seen in the use of animated marketing videos for the many benefits they offer.

India’s first dalliance with animation came in the year 1974 when a short educational film in Hindi, ‘Ek Anek Aur Ekta’, was broadcasted on national television. It was followed by the first Indian animated television series “Ghayab Aaya”, which aired in the year 1986. Since then, animation has invaded almost every field of work, from mass entertainment to becoming an integral part of marketing and promotions.

A study by auditing firm Price water house Coopers on the Indian media & entertainment industry in 2006, estimated the animation industry to be around Rs.1,100 crore 2006, and with a growth rate of around 22% to reach Rs.5,400 crore at the end of 2015. This is just over 2% of the size of the world’s animation industry and hence, there is tremendous growth potential of the industry.

Today, an increasing section of the audience, cutting across age groups, shows a growing affinity towards works of animation. In such a scenario, a good animated marketing video has great potential to create awareness about a product/service among any targeted consumer group.

Online videos, today, are exactly where television was a couple of years after its inception, with an ever increasing presence in all fields. Trends indicate that most companies will soon exclusively adopt this very media. The biggest examples, probably, are Red bull, Sales force and the Home Depot who have been using video on their websites and YouTube regularly for branding purposes. A future where every company will use videos in their press releases and to brief the media is a very immediate possibility. The new generation’s shift from television to YouTube and the internet has been quite discernible. Any well placed video campaign, thus, will always need to factor in online videos, and YouTube and Video in particular.

Another huge advantage that online videos deliver is in the form of detailed analytics. Companies can now gauge and measure how their content is performing - what viewers like, and what they don’t. This information can be integrated across the organization to marketing and sales automation platforms, service and support clouds, engineering, and R&D.

Animated marketing videos have the potential to increase conversion rates by almost 20%. 99% of world’s top brands are on YouTube. Online promotional videos have quickly become the heart and soul of online content consumption. It’s a simple lesson - If you are not using videos for your business, you risk being left behind by your competitors.

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