Present and Future of Animation: Where the Industry is Heading

Oct 12, 2021 6:18:22 AM

Animation has come a long way, both as an industry and a form of art.

The global animation market is expected to clock a 4.79 percent annual growth rate between 2018 and 2023, reaching a market size of $404.83 billion.

This growth comes on the back of advanced technologies and better practices.

This has also paved the way to wider adoption of different types of animations, especially in video marketing.

So, the future of animation looks incredible.

But, before delving into the present and future of animation, one must first appreciate animation's rich past, understanding its history and evolution.

The current animation trends highlight even the world’s biggest brands are investing in animated videos to communicate with their audience and drive conversions.

In fact, who would have thought during COVID-19, the worst global crisis in a century, the world governments would turn to animation to convey their messages to the masses.

But that’s what happened! 

This is one of the many animated videos on coronavirus from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services:


This one comes from India's Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, discussing COVID-19 and teen's mental health:


There are many such examples of governments and leading organizations using animation during this pandemic to reach out to more people and communicate with citizens effectively.

This alone underlines the present and future of animation.

  1. Animation Trends of 2021 (And Beyond)
    1. Live-action with Animation
    2. The KISS Rule
    3. Character Development
    4. 3D Animation
    5. Loud Colors
    6. Digital Surrealism
    7. The K-Influence
  2. Wider Adoption in Healthcare and Education
  3. Current Trends in Animation (and Future)

Animation Trends of 2023 (And Beyond)

From drawing the entire frame on a single sheet of paper to now championing overlapping action, using squash technique, and relying extensively on pose to pose frame, the evolution of animation has been phenomenal. 

But where are we heading towards? What are the emerging and current trends in animation that will dominate tomorrow?

Here are some of the current animation trends that have the most attention: 

1. Live-action with animation

We’re already seeing this being deployed by many brands to make their live-action videos more futuristic.

The mixed media project combines live action with 2D, 3D, and motion graphics to create a marvelous video that's entertaining and informative. Additionally, no code platforms are empowering  designers to experiment with these mixed media techniques, making it more accessible for brands to incorporate futuristic elements into their videos 

Here are some of the movies that mixed live-action and animation:


2. The KISS rule

The ‘Keep It Simple, Silly’ rule seems to be finally catching up in this industry, adopted now by many video animation services providers.

Overdoing the animation, adding unnecessary elements in the video, and trying to be a perfectionist delivers diminishing returns.

Unless you’re making a high-budget animation movie for a large production house, which isn’t the case with the majority.

Creating simplistic animation such as flipbook animation, especially for distribution on social media platforms, can bring you great results at a relatively affordable price.

Besides, there’s a whole unique charm in minimalism that makes such animation highly appealing and impactful.

3. Character development 

In addition to the visual appeal, the focus is just as much on character development. 

That’s because animation is no more about spectacle but rather compelling storytelling.

And no story can be complete and provoking without defined characters who the audience can relate to. 

This is why every top animated video production company now ensures proper character development in the videos.

It means the role of a scriptwriter is now more important than ever in this realm.

4. 3D animation

3D animation is no more an asset just for large animation studios like Pixar. Creating such animation is now more affordable than ever. 

You will find a good 3D animation company that can work around your distinct needs and budget, delivering you exceptional results.

And this is what many brands are doing now. If they want something beyond ‘simple’, 3D animation stands as the most suitable option.

3D animated videos are visually more enticing and immersive, providing a unique experience to the audience.

With higher affordability to them now, thanks to top video animation services providers, they are one of the biggest current trends in animation.

5. Loud colors

With human attention span shrinking, the need to instantly capture the audience’s attention is more difficult.

This is what unexpectedly loud colors help achieve.

Animated videos with loud colors stop people on their social media feeds and make them pay attention.

And this has become a prevalent present animation trend, which is expected to deepen in the years to come.  

6. Digital surrealism

Digital surrealism is defined by illogical juxtapositions, visual puns, the spirit of spontaneity, random effects, distorted figures, and other elements.

And this kind of surrealism is becoming popular in the animation industry.

Such elements make animated videos more attention-grabbing and interesting.

They are more entertaining and impressionable with high recall value.

Many brands and video animation services providers leverage digital surrealism in their videos, especially in long-form videos.

And this will remain a key trend in the future of animation.

7. The K-influence

The animation industry in South Korea is much different than the rest of the world.

In fact, we’re already seeing the K-influence in American animation with unique characters and thin lines that make the visual look hand-drawn. 

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With South Korea continuing to import its creations abroad and make a global cultural impact in different ways, its animation styles, practices, and technologies are expected to follow suit.

Wider Adoption in Healthcare and Education

Since the pandemic outbreak, animation has been embraced by virtually every industry for marketing, sales, and other communication purposes.

In general, the healthcare and education segments have emerged as the biggest backer (and beneficiaries) of animation.

Healthcare providers are now widely using animated videos to explain different ailments, diseases, and treatments to the target audience.

Similarly, schools and colleges have been employing animation more prevalently now to provide education to students.

A large part of their learning resources for students is made up of animated videos.

So, these two industries, among others, are the biggest drivers of the animation market.

Current Trends in Animation (And Future): Use Cases in Marketing

Businesses around the world are now using animation to complement their marketing strategies and achieve their digital goals.

Animated videos are now a big part of their content creation game, dominating their video marketing campaigns.

Some of the common uses cases of animation include:

  • To grab attention - Consumers don’t have time. They have too many distractions. And there are thousands of brands out there competing for their limited attention. Animation helps brands stand out in this mix, apart from the crowd, and grab the target audience’s attention.
  • To tell stories - Animated videos can tell excellent stories. They can make the story relatable, interesting, and stimulating. And it’s no secret that effective storytelling is the cornerstone of good branding.

  • To drive engagement - The consumer and marketing landscapes are much different now. It’s almost essential for your marketing campaigns to be engaging, which can subsequently generate consumer demand and leads. Animated videos are very capable of initiating relevant conversations and driving engagement.

  • To explain products - Animated explainer videos work wonders. They can visualize the utility value of products, explain features and generate interest that otherwise is difficult with other traditional media.

  • To capture leads and sales - Landing pages with videos drive much higher conversion. The right animated video on the squeeze and sales page can push this conversation rate to newer heights.

These are some of the ways and reasons enterprises and SMBs now rely on animation to fulfill their marketing, sales, branding, and other communication needs.  

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