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How to Create a Successful Youtube Channel: 9 Tips That Would Help!

Nov 13, 2014 12:09:32 AM

 Videos and YouTube marketing have become the latest and best way to promote and market your company’s product/services and we think that they are here to stay. Starting your own YouTube channel and keeping your viewers updated is a great way to increase your brand visibility and value.

Here are 9 easy tips that will help you in creating a successful YouTube Channel.

#1. Create Your Brand Identity and Pick a Nice Name

First things first! To begin with, you need to create a YouTube channel that will be an identity of your brand in the virtual world.  The first step is to register yourself. Your video channel represents your brand and forms the basis of your following, so better come up with a catchy and cool name for your YouTube channel or keep it simple by choosing a name that reflects the kind of business you’re involved in. Once your channel manages to grab few eye balls, it’ll start getting noticed, and once a lot of people know about your channel, they’ll automatically know about your brand as well. The more your channel gets noticed, the more subscribers would add your channel.

#2. Adding a Banner Always Works

Your YouTube channel's banner is like your Facebook cover picture. It describes a lot about you. Design an innovative banner that describes your channel and reflects your ideas perfectly. You can add creative designs or funny cartoons or just effective text to make your banner influencing. Another important point that should not be missed is adding links that can be shared on social media. Doing so will not only make your channel page more useful for the viewers, but will also improve your interaction with your viewers.

 #3. Know Your Audience

Even before you think about starting a channel, you should always know who it is going to serve. Knowing your target audience is very necessary. It is important to know who your potential viewers are and what is it that they like or dislike. Knowing your audience would let you create videos that are relevant to them and once they like what they see, you can go ahead and create more relevant videos and keep them hooked to your channel for a long time.

#4. Choose the Right Subject

Don’t choose subjects that everyone is uploading a video on. Be different and original and come up with innovative, out of the box ideas and content. Let it be a refreshing experience for your viewers, so that they return to your channel. So do what you feel is right for your audiences but just let it be a little unique if you wish to make a difference. It's also important to upload relevant videos. We deal in Business to Business domain and so, you would find a lot of videos on our YouTube channel that help businesses in increasing their productivity, work samples, marketing tools and helpful ideas on making a difference in their business. Similarly, if your channel is about helping entrepreneurs or marketing professionals, you should post videos that would give them tips and helpful ideas on the latest marketing tools, the new trends in the industry or tutorials that can assist your target group.

#5. Uploading Your Videos

Now that you are done with the basic fixes and know your target audience, it's time to start uploading videos on your channel. Here are a few do's and don'ts for uploading a video on your channel.

The Do’s:  Always share quality content that is worth sharing and that people would love to watch. You can create how to videos or videos about answering frequently asked questions. Deciding a particular estimated duration of your videos proves helpful. Keep your videos short and sweet. Make sure your content doesn’t get lost in your channel by creating play lists for related videos. Viewers will be able to find what they are looking for more easily.

The Don’ts:  Never upload a poor quality video if you really want your YouTube channel to make a difference to your efforts. No one likes watching a video with poor lighting, camera work and sound.  Plan and create high quality videos or else the poor quality ones would reflect badly on your company.

#6. Don’t Ignore the Title, Tags and Description of Your Video

Title: No matter how you name your video, the fact is that only the first six words will be visible and you need to make sure that people are drawn to your video by reading just these six words. They're not going to read anything that's after these six words anyways, so be really innovative and go for a nice title for your video that will drag viewers to it. And once, you have assigned a nice title to your video, it's time to add the correct tags and keywords.

Tags: Now see, tagging can be a bit difficult than you may think. It’s not after all just about adding the common tags that people have already followed and there are a million other videos with the same tag. Adding the correct and apt tags is a must but you also need to make sure to add some extra unusual tags that are not so common and you never know, people who are searching for topics related to your unusual tags, may end up watching your channel and liking it. But never commit the mistake of adding famous and trending tags if your video is not related to them in any way. A lot of people have tried doing this and it has always backfired.

Description: Title check. Tags check. Now, what remains is a short and sweet description of your video. The description below your video is going to decide whether viewers would watch it or not. So be to the point and write something that will draw people's attention to your video.

#7. Go For Effective Call to Actions, Annotations and Thumbnails for Your Videos

Call to Actions (CTAs): are very powerful. They persuade the viewer to take immediate action and guide them for what you want them to do next. It can be asking them to Like, Subscribe, Comment and Share or simply urging them to visit your website or channel.

Thumbnails: What will add up to the probability of people choosing to watch your videos, are the perfect thumbnails. Once your video is uploaded, you can choose a thumbnail that fits your video and it looks the best from a lot of thumbnail options that you will be provided with.

Annotations: And if we have talked about thumbnails and CTAs, how can annotations be left behind? Annotations are all about taking your viewers to another video while the current video is still on or about to complete. You can add a link to another video that your channel has uploaded off lately or you can add a link that would take the viewers to your website. But do make sure that you don't overuse annotations because when annotations are used more than they should be, they end up irritating the viewers rather than taking them to the intended location and they might end up closing your video.

Be very careful about these simple but important points and things would work in your favor.

#8. Promote Your Channel through Social Media

This is one point that comes in almost all the articles we share because one simply can't ignore or avoid talking about it. Social Media is an integral part of the world we live in and our lives are actually incomplete and tough without the virtual world. We have become so accustomed to the virtual platforms that promoting your videos on YouTube channel is the need of the hour.  Make full use of Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Linked-in and everywhere possible.

A nice idea would be to write a useful blog article and add the link to the article or the article itself to your videos. The blog articles can be related to the video or can be about anything that can be helpful for your specific audience. You can write about a certain product or software or website that would be of aid to your viewers and upload a tutorial video about the same to increase the value of your channel.

#9. Build Networks with Other YouTube Channels

It’s always helpful and we advise it too. Creating networks and relationships with similar channels and video creators can be a good idea. You can even collaborate with a channel that just fits your genre and matches the kind of stuff you do and upload. It will not only add their subscribers to your channel, but also more and more people can come to know about your company or channel through this. Searching for creators with similar interests as yours might be difficult sometimes. But you can always take the help of Facebook and Twitter to find such people and make connections.  One of the easiest ways to get attention on YouTube is by uploading video responses in the comments on popular and trending viral videos. Trust us, you don’t want to be a channel that doesn’t get attention and still keeps posting. It may be tough in the beginning to increase your visibility and get attention from video lovers. But once, you start posting good content and maintain the routine, you’ll notice new subscribers and views. Make sure, your video responses are interesting and entertaining enough to get people to land on your channel and click the subscribe button.

Some Complementary Tips

Give Enough Time To Youtube:

Be ready to live on YouTube once you start a channel. You need to be regular in uploading and there's no better way than to be on YouTube to stay updated on subjects and topics of your fields of interest.

Sometimes Setting A Schedule Proves Helpful:

People love schedules. Schedules help them in remembering things and making sure they accomplish them. Same is the case with regular YouTube video watchers. If they know the day and time your channel will be uploading a new video in advance, they’ll make sure to switch to your channel and would even wait for your video every weak.

Be Passionate:

And please there is absolutely no need to start a channel just to earn money when you don’t even love the subject or theme. Do it only if it’s close to your heart and do it passionately.

Trust us, starting and running a YouTube channel can be such fun only if you take it seriously and keep uploading awesome content. You'll be amazed to see the rewards it will pay you. You just need to do the right things at the right time. All you need to take care of are the little details like giving the right name to your channel, having an exciting banner, adding the right tags, giving the right titles and descriptions to your videos. And don't overuse the annotations and always go for the most appropriate and suitable thumbnails and call to actions for your videos. Remember choosing the right subject is as important as promoting your video on social media is. Once you make sure that all this is accomplished, you'll have an amazing channel on YouTube. And hey be passionate and be regular and your YouTube channel would work wonders for you.

If you have any question regarding starting your own YouTube channel or would like to share some useful tips about the same, you can post your questions and tips in the comments section and our experts would be too glad to answer them.

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