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What are employee training videos and why should you be creating them?

Mar 14, 2022 9:12:12 AM

From cookery shows on TV to tutorials on YouTube, training videos are everywhere. Training is vital in the rapidly evolving corporate world. And training videos serve as a fantastic and effective way to train new employees. But why is that, exactly? Let’s dive in.

  1. Why use videos for employee training?
  2. Why is animation perfect for employee training videos?
  3. How to effectively use employee training videos?
  4. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Why use employee training videos?

  • Training Videos are simply more engaging than text or any other medium. Combining sound and moving images means that our two most prominent senses are involved. Even a short training video added to a course makes it far more engaging and memorable for employees.

  • Employee Training videos are highly memorable. A study conducted by the SAVO group confirmed that presenting training materials visually increases knowledge retention by up to 65%

  • Employee Training Videos can be accessed anytime and anywhere. To find the solution to a problem, learners often consider it more practical to refer to a short training video on a mobile device rather than a book. For example, they can watch it on their smartphones in the subway, during a break from work, or while cooking or doing housework.

  • Employee Training Videos reduce training costs. With a recording, it’s possible to make training replicable for internal use. This is especially important for large companies with geographically dispersed teams. Training via video helps them reduce repetitive instructor fees and other costs: no need for venue, travel, and accommodation expenditures for training.

Why is animation perfect for employee training videos?

  • Animation is personable and provides a sense of credibility to its audience.

  • It’s engaging, especially if the presenter uses storytelling and humor to keep the training interesting.

  • Animated training videos are relatively easy to produce.

  • Animation connects with its audience in a natural and emotional way.

  • Animation is fantastic for explaining complex concepts clearly and easily in the span of a short training video.

  • Animation is easily entertaining, even while being informative or educational.

  • Animated employee training videos stay fresh in the viewers’ minds for a long time after being watched. They’re great for retaining information easily. You don't want your employees to forget their training afterall!

How to effectively use employee training videos?

Orientation Employee Training Videos

Orientation training is the perfect time to welcome new employees to your team and make them feel at home. During this time, you make a long-term investment in your new hires and make them adapt to your company culture. An animated video can do an amazing job creating just the right impact. Orientation using animation can cleverly incorporate a subtle entertainment value into your training material, which in turn helps improve viewer attention and information retention.

Consider this video template. Even though it’s just a demo, you can clearly see how the animation attracts and holds your attention, and how various bits of information can be broken down into little easy-to-digest tidbits. And finally, how the end result is definitely more memorable than, say, reading through a dense pamphlet or a long email.

Technical Employee Training Videos

The beautiful thing about animation is just how versatile a format it can be. You can get surreal, abstract or cartoony– but also very realistic and accurate and technical. Which is especially useful for training new employees on specialized machinery. But it also helps illustrate things that are more abstract or just plain difficult to explain in depth.

Here’s a great example of an animated video that helps demystify and explain an online searchable network for university students and alumni. There’s a lot of information to cover, but thanks to lively and colorful animation, the viewer’s attention is easily held throughout. By the end of the video, the viewer is left with a positive impression of how easy and convenient this network would be for them to use, anytime they need it.

Safety Employee Training Videos

When it comes to workplace safety, you can never be too vigilant.

This is an area where you cannot afford to take chances with employee training. Video, and animated video, in particular, are powerful and effective tools to help communicate vital information that your employees are adequately trained to keep each other safe.

This video vividly illustrates the dangers that await employees who don’t take their safety training seriously, depicting several worst-case scenarios to warn workers of the risks and hazards they should watch out for, and how they can avoid them by following a few simple rules.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Why do employees need training?

Employees need to constantly adapt to the changing demands of whichever industry your company belongs to. It is possible they need training to polish up their skills, or learn a new one entirely. 

Employees might also need training in the work culture and code of conduct to be expected in your specific company. An employee training video can help summarize these points. A well-trained employee will be more efficient and stay with your company for far longer. 

  • How do I create an employee training video?

Factors like audience mindset, tone, content, company image, and so on, must be considered when making your very own employee training video. 

Though there isn't one perfect guide to make a training video, an effective video is one which is engaging, comprehensive, and understands the exact pain-points of the viewer. If you feel like you might need a little more help than that, outsourcing an animation studio is the most optimal solution. 

  • What should be included in a training video?

Every training video has to be engaging and memorable. Otherwise, there wouldn't really be a point in making them.

Depending on the type of training video, your video needs sufficient information on the topic that it deals with. The protocols, the do's and dont's, the chain of command, and so on, need to be clearly communicated.        


Your employees are your company’s most vital and precious asset. Therefore, the importance of training them and communicating clearly with them cannot be easily overstated.

Today, animation videos are one of the most powerful and effective tools available for communicating, teaching and training your team. Are you harnessing this amazing power? It’s never too late to get started!


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