How to Use Cybersecurity Training Videos To Empower Your Team

Aug 25, 2023 12:30:00 AM

It seems like just a few decades back, all your business really needed to stop criminals was maybe a baseball bat. 

But today, when 28% of all business is conducted online, those old ways won't cut it anymore. 

Things may be different, but one thing hasn't changed: your employees are still on the front lines, protecting your business. 

Security is more complicated and requires better training methods to keep up. 

So in this article, we’ll look at how animated videos can be a powerful tool in cybersecurity training. 

From risk detection to data safety, we’ll explore the crucial role your employees play in cybersecurity, and how you can empower them through cybersecurity training videos. 

  1. The Importance of Powerful Cyber Defense
  2. The Hidden Power of Animated Training Videos for Cybersecurity
  3. Targeted Training to Develop Risk-Detection
  4. Use Training Videos to Promote Data Safety
  5. Cultivating a Security-Conscious Workforce

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The Importance of Powerful Cyber Defense

Cybercrime continues to be a serious threat— a 2022 report by IBM found that the average cost of a data breach in the US is almost $10 million

The same report also showed that 83% of organizations had more than one data breach.

As security programs and safeguards constantly evolve, so do the threats they address. It’s like an arms race.

You cannot rely on cybersecurity software alone to protect your business anymore. 

So what stands between your sensitive data and cybercriminals?

Employees are your cybersecurity infantry

Your employees are right on the frontlines of corporate cyberwarfare. 

They’re both the strongest and weakest link in your cybersecurity chain. 

Train them effectively, and your castle walls will remain unbreached.

On the other hand, when trained poorly, you might as well expect to be breached.

In their 2022 Global Risks Report, the World Economic Forum discovered that 95% of data breaches can be traced back to human error. 

This powerful insight emphasizes the need for effective and engaging cybersecurity training.

But what constitutes “effective” cybersecurity training, and how is this different from the more traditional training methods?

The Hidden Power Of Animated Training Videos For Cybersecurity

Have you ever had to sit through an old-fashioned training seminar? 

The speaker mumbles monotonously through their boring speech with less enthusiasm than Garfield on a Monday. 

This was the standard with corporations for decades. They were pitifully ineffective; and often, did more damage than good.

Animated cyber security training videos vs. traditional cyber security training methods

In a modern corporate setting, these traditional methods are proving useless. 

Once your employee loses interest, any valuable lessons are lost. 

Fortunately, the simplest and most engaging replacement comes in animated cybersecurity training videos.

Especially when covering cybersecurity, employee engagement is the only way you’ll see measurable security improvements. 

Animated cyber security training videos cultivate engagement through a number of benefits:

  1. Colorful animations keep employees visually engaged and massively boost information retention and enjoyment.

  2. Animation has the unique ability to deliver a lot of information without boring or overwhelming the viewer. 

  3. Information retention is also far more effective via video.

  4. Viewers recall and remember information far better and for longer after watching an animated video. 

  5. Video gives your employees the freedom to choose when and where to learn. This flexibility also means they’re more engaged and attentive.

  6. Employees can learn at their own speed — if your employee gets lost during training and can’t backtrack, your training is essentially useless.

  7. The option to repeat specific modules ensures comprehensive knowledge.

Excerpt from a “password security” animation —Source: NCDIT

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Targeted Cybersecurity Training Videos to Develop Risk-Detection

On the surface, cybersecurity seminars and training videos look similar. 

Compared to the traditional PowerPoint and pop quizzes, however, training videos offer unique practical applications that boost your employees’ risk-detection abilities.

  1. Regular check-ups, accompanied by sections of the original training video, help the memory retention of vital security lessons.

  2. Training videos are far more time-efficient, allowing extra time for trainees to explore unfamiliar or confusing modules.

  3. Online training videos allow for instant employee feedback, strengthening the team’s knowledge and the training video itself.

Essential cybersecurity topics for teams

Training videos also let you focus on particular fields of cybersecurity that your business is susceptible to.

At the bare minimum, teams of all kinds need to cover these key topics:

  1. Password security: Only one compromised password is needed to infiltrate your network.

  2. Malware avoidance: Not being able to spot malware infections can hurt your business from the inside.

  3. Device security: Working remotely calls for additional awareness and alertness around device security, because anything connecting to business servers is a point of entry.

  4. Social engineering: Identifying phishing, whaling, CEO fraud, etc.

Excerpt from a “phishing” animation — Source: Security Quotient

Using Cyber Security Training Videos to Promote Data Safety

Cybersecurity training videos come in handy, especially during the onboarding process. 

Through animated introductory videos, a base knowledge of cybersecurity tools and data protection can be established for new or older employees.

Before an employee starts their first day, you can instill:

  1. The importance of confidentiality and company-wide data privacy;

  2. The advantages of a VPN and antivirus software;

  3. Core security protocols across company networks and devices;

  4. Types of cyberattacks and specific cybersecurity awareness.

Cultivating a Security-Conscious Workforce

Ultimately, cybersecurity training is a single, unifying process — a dynamic, security-centric work culture that empowers your team.

A business can be secure only through a shared goal of encompassing cybersecurity.

No matter the strength of your cybersecurity team, the primary defense against any cyberattack is always the individual employee and their knowledge.

Through engaging training videos, you can give your workforce the ability to empower themselves, and ultimately safeguard company data in the process.

Yes, cybersecurity can be quite a hassle.

But like cultivating a good habit, it gets easier and better with time, and makes your team all the stronger for it!

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