13 Best Real Estate Animation Videos That Captivated Buyers

Jan 6, 2023 3:36:51 AM

A bit short on time? Don't worry as we have got you covered with our list of the Best Animated Real Estate Animation Videos for 2023 which you can watch here


If you’re in the real estate business and are looking to really boost your sales, then you’ve got to have the best real estate animation video in the market that stands out for your potential buyers. 

You might think that an animated real estate video would only work well for selling your property, but did you know that there are plenty of other ways to use animations to market your business?

If you want to explore those ways more effectively, fill out the form below and let us help you do that.

Here are just a few ideas:

1) Create a real estate animation explainer video showcasing your company’s unique offerings. This could be anything from your development process to what makes your company stand out from the competition. Consider using interactive elements like QR Codes that link to your business card so potential buyers always have important information handy.

2) Create a video about your company’s history. Include stories about when your company was founded, how it got off the ground, and any interesting facts about your company.

3) Create a video showing off your company’s values and culture. Talk about the principles and beliefs that guide your company, as well as the people behind them.

Looking for more inspiration? Check out these awesome real estate video examples using animations for inspiration.

  1. Ritz Carlton Reserve
  2. The Flynn
  3. The New Sleek
  4. West Green-Auckland
  5. Warde "Home Is A Quest"
  6. Keller Williams Realty
  7. Century21 "Staging"
  8. Ocean Floor Island in Hainan
  9. WeWork-Cel Animated Explainer
  10. Storey Flexible Workspace
  11. Wyndham-Craft Your Journey
  12. Ennismore | Klimpa
  13. Shedkm Brand Film

#1 Ritz Carlton Reserve

Ritz Carlton Reserve is an exploration of an unusual place, the excitement of an unexpected adventure, and an indulgence in uncommon luxury. 

CHRLX did justice to the concept of “The Journey of a Lifetime” by designing beautiful visuals for this realty animation video giving the experience of premium luxury with mesmerizing animated transitions that feels like adventure and inspire you to come explore the place.

#2 The Flynn

Art&Graft have designed and developed a set of films, press ads and catalog illustrations for The Flynn, a new luxury development in the Chelsea district of New York. 

Art&Graft created a distinct, stylish series of characters and films which could bring to life the architecture and aspirations of this new residential development and tell the stories of the prospective residents.

Notice how their beautifully animated real estate video feels more like a series of stories that highlight the life and vibe of the neighborhood, as opposed to unloading a long bullet list of features and specs. 

It goes for the heart and gut to really capture the viewer’s attention in a lasting way, rather than dump a lot of information and numbers.

#3 The New Sleek

What if houses had a story to tell? What would that be like?

‘The New Sleek’ gives us a whimsical tour through a suburban district filled with atypical designer houses and a public swimming pool.

For Tomaszewicz, it all began with an initial exploration of two favorite subject matters, architecture and interiors, which was then developed into a series of six different buildings and houses that portray their own unique energy and personality. 

Each building/house is a mood, a representation of each owner’s ideal lifestyle.

It’s a beautifully immersive, lush journey that’s real and dreamlike at once– but makes a lasting impression on the viewer.

#4 West Green - Auckland

This animated real estate video took a different approach by visualizing the properties and homes through the lens of an architect’s imagination.

West Green Modern Villas is a new premium real estate project at a prime location. 

The Studio of Rishab Soni used 3D animation to showcase the modern new homes, spread out in four stages of development, with a mix of freestanding, duplex, and terrace dwellings. 

It’s somehow playful but technical at the same time while being visually appealing and drawing you in easily. 

#5 Warde “Home Is A Quest”

LeoBurnett in collaboration with Onesize produced this 60-second fully CG animated commercial for Warde, the biggest reseller of fabrics in the Middle East and Africa. 

They are renowned for their quality and designs worldwide.
So they created a beautiful world entirely made of cloth and fabrics, in which all kinds of fabric creatures are on a quest to find a home. 

The peaceful story, colorful imagery and enchanting music all together made this film an epic one for us.

While this isn’t a real estate animation video, we included it because it’s such a great example of fantastic, beautiful animation that can give you some much-needed inspiration.

But the charm of animations isn't limited to only real estate videos.

Animations have the power to transform your messages into something truly unique.

Want to know how? Fill out the form below and let us show you!

#6 Keller Williams Realty

There’s so much more to finding the right home than the home itself. 

Where is it located? What kind of neighborhood is it? What amenities and entertainment options are around? 

This is why Mummu created an illustrative 2D live-data animation for Keller Williams Realty, an American technology and international real estate franchise.

Working with Stink Studio’s creative team in New York and technical team in London, the brief was to create an animation that could be reproduced into multiple unique live-data animations. 

The animations would be targeted to a diverse audience of potential property buyers through Keller Williams’ marketing and social media channels. 

Each piece of animation could be customized with variable content shown as text or illustrations, highlighting anything from a neighborhood’s key demographic to its average house price.

The end result is a clever, vibrant animated video for real estate that says a lot while using few words at all. 

#7 Century21 “Staging”

For Century 21’s 50th anniversary, they teamed up with Hornet Directors Natalie Labarre and Yves Geleyn to create a series of special stories about their experiences in the real estate industry.

Like any other industry, real estate is all about the people you meet and whether that experience is positive and memorable, or not. 

That’s what stands out the most in any business transaction, and Century 21 understands this idea just as well as any seriously good animation team does.

So across five animated films and dozens of illustrations, Natalie and Yves brought an array of real personal stories to visual life, from sentimental to surreal. 

With evocative transitions and an abstract style that accentuates the stream-of-conscious storytelling, each spot is full of sophistication, hand-drawn design, and humanity throughout.

#8 Ocean Flower Island in Hainan – 3ds Max Animation

Aimir produced a futuristic 3D animation for Guangzhou Evergrande, a real estate developer for the new vacation island in Hainan Island, China. 

The animated story follows the concept of a striking and curvy series of buildings forming and rising out of the sea. 

Their design is clearly inspired by nature. The stunning and creative animation is set to sweeping orchestral music that ties it all together. 

#9 WeWork - Cel Animated Explainer

Here's an example of a cel-animated character explainer that Piehole created for WeWork

The story revolves around solving the challenges of traditional office leases.

We’re treated to gorgeous animation with colorful, fun characters that depict how WeWork provides flexible office solutions for any entrepreneur or startup of any size. 

#10 Storey Flexible Workspace for British Land

Like we said before, all businesses are ultimately about people and relationships. 

Storey understood the hassles that tenants and businesses have to deal with when it comes to property management, rentals, leasing, and land. 

Businesses evolve, grow and change over time. And this can cause problems with their workspaces and property. 

So Storey worked with DixonBaxi to undertake a strategic and creative process to name, develop and launch an entirely new brand for the business. 

Created to fill a clear gap in the London office market which customers say is not being satisfied, Storey provides offices for companies employing between 20 and 70 people who have outgrown co-working space and whose needs have evolved.

This simple, minimalistic animation reflects the message that working with Storey will feel like clearing the clutter, doing away with all the cumbersome red tape and jargon, and just getting work done smoothly and easily.

Imagine if your videos could do the same.

Trim the unnecessary bits and show only the relevant stuff in a visually engaging way.

They can with the help of animation.

Fill out the form below and let us help you present your brand message using animated videos.

#11 Wyndham - Craft Your Journey

Matt, working with The Mill Chicago and MMGY Global, set off to create a campaign that would capture the heart and soul of an all-American road trip experience. 

The nostalgic college aesthetic that it utilized, injected these spots with a fun personal touch.

In all, they made one thirty-second animated commercial real estate animation video that served as the anthem, along with twelve fifteen-second clips that highlight each individual Wyndham Group hotel. 

It’s a novel approach that really stands out from the crowd.

#12 Ennismore | Klimpa

Not To Scale 2D and stop motion directors Klimpa worked with Ennismore to create a fun animated film for their new real estate brand.

The lobbies of the Hoxton Hotels have been the unofficial work space of choice for laptop warriors since opening in 2006. 

Taking that ethos one step further, Ennismore have developed a new shared workspace called Working From for The Hoxton, Southwark and The Hoxton, Chicago. 

The workspace is designed to feel like working from home, but without any of the distractions; not a ‘one size fits all workspace’ but a flexible membership to suit any metier big or small.

Ben Quinton’s stylish photography of The Hoxton, Southwark was used as background to Klimpa’s 2D animated characters and married with stop motion. 

This was an ingenious way to create a fresh and unique look and the blend of techniques make the film feel more engaging and quirky, in keeping with the decidedly more laid back and youthful personality of the brand.

#13 Shedkm Brand Film

Shedkm is an architectural firm whose work is rooted in regeneration. 

Their distinctive approach results in bold, engaging schemes which are economically and socially transformative.

Uniform Group produced an amazing animation realty video showcasing their real estate designing philosophy of inside feeds the outside. 

They focus on people first to understand how they use space so as to maximize functioning, efficiency and creating bold architecture.

Additionally, their video also reflects this bold, minimalist style with loud colors and sharp, clear shapes, bringing it all together. 


This is how some of the best real estate brands across the globe are using animated videos to simplify their business offerings and educate their target audience to build brand awareness. 

These real estate video examples serve as great inspiration if you’re planning to strengthen your video marketing.

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