Unleash The Power Of This Tool To Engage Remote Employees

Aug 12, 2021 12:30:06 AM

As technology advances, remote working has become much more common in many companies.

While there are numerous advantages to having a remote workforce, it also presents unique challenges in terms of communication and engaging employees.

How Do You Drive Engagement In a Remote Workforce?

Remote teams can stay driven and engaged by providing clear communication, setting common goals, and promoting collaboration.

Communication should focus on regular check-ins, offering proactive feedback and establishing open channels of communication.

Common goals help to create a sense of unity within the team while collaborating virtually promotes an inclusive workplace culture.


What Is The Best Way To Engage Remote Employees?

Fortunately, there are many effective strategies for engaging remote employees, such as leveraging video tools and digital mentorship programs.

With its ability to convey emotion, showcase personalities, and create dynamic experiences, video for internal communications can help bridge the gap between remote employees and the company, making them feel more connected and engaged.

From virtual team-building games to video messages and training sessions, there are endless ways in which video can be used to engage remote employees and create a more positive and productive workplace culture.

How To Use Videos To Engage Remote Employees?

Companies that leverage video in creative and strategic ways can improve employee satisfaction, and build more productive and collaborative teams.

By using the following strategies to engage remote employees through video, companies can foster a more connected and positive remote work environment.

  • Communicate Important Messages and Updates
  • Incorporate Videos for Onboarding
  • Host Virtual Team-Building Events and Games via Video
  • Showcase Employee Achievements and Recognition through Video
  • Create a Virtual Tour of the Office or Workspace
  • Host Virtual Social Events and Discussions via Video
  • Use Video to Provide ongoing Feedback and Coaching
  • Create Dynamic Videos that tell the Story of the Company’s Mission and Values
  • Incorporate Videos for Employee Training Processes
  • Leverage Video for Digital Mentorship and Career Development Opportunities
  • Solicit Video Feedback from Remote Employees on Team Processes and Initiatives

See how brands have been using internal communication video examples for various use cases.


Using the right strategies and technologies is key to creating an engaged remotely-based workforce.

From leveraging video tools to showcasing employee achievements via videos, organizations can ensure that their remote employees feel connected with the team and valued for their contributions.

With the right combination of strategies, businesses can foster connections with their remote workforce and build a strong company culture.


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