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8 Questions To Ask When Choosing An Animation Video Maker

Jun 19, 2017 10:15:35 AM

Just as any other investment - It is common practice for companies, looking to make a video, to compare different animation video makers and their quotes. But is this comparison done on a level playing field? Are you sure you aren’t comparing apples to oranges? This is critical as this can lead to an unsatisfactory video and a disappointing experience.

A good video is a culmination of sound principles, a streamlined process, and great artisans. It requires time and patience. So when you are looking at making a video to launch your product or explain a complex service. Or are looking to create some buzz around an upcoming feature, ask following questions to your animation video maker and weigh them in accordance to the weightage.

1. What makes your production team?  (30%)

Your video should ideally have a dedicated account manager, a producer, a concept artist, an illustrator and an animator. These five resources should have the experience of delivering at least 100's of similar related videos.

If you are able to get a service that offers this is $500 or less - It might be a good idea to request a portfolio or CVs of your project team.

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2. What is the video making process? (20%)

From concept to completion - your video production is a 5 step process. It’s good practice to be aware of this and ask your animation video maker the right questions. Inquire about the kind of documentation they provide and if it’s possible to see a sample before starting the project.

Here is a quick overview of a typical animation video production process.

I would suggest requesting the production house to see example documents of deliverables at different stages of the production and keep an eye out for the details.

Remember - The devil is in the details after all!

3. What about the source files?  (5%)

Different production houses have different policies on the ownership of assets created during the making of a video. It’s always a good idea to discuss this beforehand. Who owns any collaterals? Is it possible to ask for an edit - let’s say 3 months after the completion of your project. It’s ideal to own the source files of any and all of your projects since a lot of those assets can be used in designing web ads, social media posts and other use similar use cases in the lead up to your video campaign.

4. Are there any hidden costs?  (5%)

This is pretty self-explanatory. Make sure you get ONE price and that’s the price you pay. What you see is what you should pay. No taxes, No surcharges, No fine prints. Make sure you are aware of this.

5. How many revisions? (5%)

Animation, like any other form of filmmaking, is a complicated process. More often than not, this could mean going back and forth on revising your storyboard and script.

It’s always a good idea to clearly establish the number of revisions you can get at each stage. What happens once you cross the number of revisions allowed? What if you want to move a step back on the process? Do you have to pay more?

These costs can add up or leave you unfulfilled. Make sure to check on this.

6. What are the payment terms? (5%)

Money is always important. And you want the best bang for your buck. So what are the payment options and terms of your vendor? Are they flexible? Do they offer easy installments? Do they have KPI packages to ease your cash flow?

7. Is my video handcrafted? (20%)

Most importantly, every video has to be handcrafted, which means that the use of templates is a big red flag. Your business video should be unique and you need to have unique characters, objects, and elements - that resonate and work for your brand. Beware, these may result in more pricey quotations since they require more time and effort.

8. Does your animation video maker provide full service? (10%)

Is your animated video maker a full-service animation company? Can they do everything from scratch to make a video? Can they help you with the scripts? What if you have half a script and a little bit of vision for the video? Can they review and advise you on what could work and what wouldn’t? Can they tell you which style works best for your use case? Are they asking you the right questions before they quote you?

Well, now you know what questions to ask back. Ask these questions to every vendor you talk to, put aside their response and weigh them on a scale and then you have a fair ground to compare your quotes and pick the right animation video maker for your business!


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