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A Guide to Create Best Motion Graphics Videos Your Audience Loves

Jul 29, 2020 8:54:47 AM

A picture is worth a thousand words. But moving pictures are worth millions of words. And that's a lot of words to tell your story to your audience.

Motion graphics videos give you the opportunity to tell amazing stories that your audience can connect with.

No matter how complex the story is, these videos always manage to simplify it. You can portray even the most comprehensive ideas in an engaging and attractive manner with motion graphics videos.

Excited to know more about them? Well, you're in luck! We have scoured the internet to bring you the best motion graphics videos out there.

But before we get to it, here's everything you'll find in this blog.

  1. Types of motion graphics animation
  2. Tools for making motion graphics videos
  3. Best motion graphics videos
  4. Conclusion

Types of motion graphics videos

Motion graphics come in all shapes and sizes. And they're all amazing at engaging the audience. But since there are so many of them, we won't be getting into every single one of them.

In our experience of over a decade, we've seen only a few types of motion graphics used by clients over and over again. So we're only going to cover those types in this blog.

Without further ado, let's get into it!

1. Mixed media motion graphics videos

The first in the list is something we've only started seeing traction on lately - mixed media.

Don't get me wrong. This type of motion graphics videos has been around for a long time. But it is only recently that we've seen widespread adoption.

These videos are the perfect blend of live-action footage and animation. Now, the thing with perfection is that it is subjective.

So in some cases, you would see an animated overlay running over live-action footage. But in other cases, you would find animated videos with occasional use of images and videos.

Depending on what works best for your company, you could go for either. At the end of the day, this style is all about experimenting and finding the best fit for your company.

But why would you go for it in the first place?

To start with, these videos stand out from the clutter. Look around on social media. Most of the videos that you would find in your feed are either animated or live-action.

But if you end up finding a mixed media video in the lot, you would surely be aware of its existence. It would draw you in and hold your attention.

Look at this video by the famous blogging platform, Medium:

The video is full of elements that date back to the early era of the internet. But do you see illustrations of these elements? No. You see these elements as how they were.

Since the subject of the video is the internet from its early days, there are references from that era. The creators of the video did it to take the viewers back into those days.

captured (13)-1

In fact, if you watch the video closely, from the beginning till the end, you'll find many such references.

Notice how pronounced the animation was in this video? That was Medium's way of telling their story. For your company, the proportions of animation and live-action footage could be different.

captured (14)-1

And the only way to find out is by experimenting with mixed media videos yourself!

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2. Infographic motion graphics videos

When you want to educate your audience in an entertaining way, go for infographic videos!

These videos are the prime choice for most of the companies out there. And that is largely due to the fact that these videos explain complex topics in a simple way.

Being easy to understand, these videos see a lot of engagement. This provides the companies using these videos good ROI.

You would often find tech companies use these videos to explain concepts. That said, they aren't the only ones using these videos to communicate with their audience.

Look at how Hootsuite used infographic videos to interact with their audience:

The narrative used in the video is quite a simple one. We live in a digital age and almost all of us are on one social media platform or the other.

So when the video starts with "everyone's on social media these days", you know you're hooked. But it's not just what the narrator says that grabs your attention. The moving graphics supporting the statement emphasize it. The interplay of the two is what keeps you hooked.

captured (11)-1

If you're a regular reader of our blogs, you would know how much we emphasize the fact that these videos use shapes. But when you look at this video, you see animals and humans as well.

So was our statement wrong all along? No. Infographic videos use abstract shapes and objects for storytelling. And that is something you see in this video too. While you do see animals and humans, they aren't what the video revolves around.

captured (12)-1

The storytelling used in the video is abstract in nature. And that is what makes it an infographic video in its true sense. It is this abstract manner of storytelling that attracts you. This is what makes these videos easy to understand. And this is what drives engagement for these videos.

Unsure if infographic videos would be good for your business? Talk to us.

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3. Cartoon motion graphics videos

Many companies struggle to connect with the audience on an emotional level. But building an emotional connection with the audience is vital to driving conversions.

When you tell your story the right way, you can form these connections with your audience. And that is something cartoon motion graphics videos excel at.

The use of animated characters is what makes these videos highly relatable. When you see a character on the screen having the same problem you're facing, you relate to it.

Later when the company's solutions help fix the character's problem, you feel like it solved your problems. And that creates the emotional connection we talked about earlier.

This builds trust and makes you more likely to make a purchase decision. And since these videos speak directly to the audience, they have a high recall value. This in turn increases the recall value of your company.

Let's take a look at this video by Virgin Media Security:

While watching the video, you see many different characters that look relatable. You might go, "Oh, that could be me. And that could be my spouse. And that could be my child!"

It creates a sense of urgency in the minds of the viewers about the product. (24)
Everyone knows about the risks associated with not having a proper cybersecurity system. But how many of us actually go ahead and do something about it?

Watching this video reminds you of the problems you might face because of that. And it motivates you to take some action about it. Since the information is being provided by the company, you are more likely to buy their solution.

But the reason why this happened is that you could relate to the characters shown in the video. Such emotional connections are best formed using cartoon videos.

Need to establish a similar connection for your product/service? Let us help!

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4. Whiteboard motion graphics videos

Picture this. You've been in your industry for a long time. You're thinking about using animated videos for marketing. But you don't know the animation style to start off with.

Sounds relatable? Your journey into motion graphics can begin with whiteboard videos. I wouldn't claim for it to be a one-size-fits-all solution. But it's an easy recommendation.

There's a lot of factors that make whiteboard motion graphics so appealing. They're easy to understand and follow. And they have a mass appeal. These videos facilitate explaining complex concepts in a simple manner.

Most of the whiteboard videos that you come across use simple illustrations. These illustrations are then explained with voice-over. So you get to understand what the illustration is all about. It's a simple trick, you'd think. But it works.

It takes you back to college days when professors explained topics using whiteboards. These videos are successful because they use a similar technique—only more engaging.

Look at this video by the automobile giant, Ford:

Whiteboard videos normally have static illustrations that the narrator explains. But Ford sets the bar high with this video.

It not only animates the illustrations but also manages to tell a meaningful story with them.

captured (21)

Making the video even more engaging are the live-action shots dominating it. As you'll notice, the background has been a live-action footage of a whiteboard in the video.

So what you're seeing is a creative mix of live-action footage and animation. You may argue that it makes the video a mixed-media video. And you would be right—to an extent.

captured (22)

In the early days of whiteboard videos, people used actual whiteboards. They then illustrated and explained using markers. So, the video holds true to the traditional way of making whiteboard videos. At least in that aspect. The animation does give it a more modern feel. But that's it.

Awesome, right? Want to make your own whiteboard video? Let us know!

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5. 3D motion graphics videos

A lot of companies shy away from using 3D animation for their videos since it's expensive. But the ones that go for it never regret their decision.

For some companies, 3D videos are the only ones they can go for. Take medical equipment companies, for example. If they want to showcase the intricacies of how their product works, they have to go for 3D. The extra dimension helps showcase the functioning of the product better.

Regardless of whether you're a company that can or can't do without 3D, it works. And it works like a charm. 3D videos stand out with the life-like visuals they deliver.

And if you think about it, we live in a 3D world. So 3D videos are bound to be relatable along with being engagement powerhouses.

Again, physical products aren't the only ones that are going to benefit from the power of 3D. We've seen SaaS-based products do great with these videos.

Look at this 3D video by Slack, for example:

From objects to the entire environment, everything in this video feels very natural. And that is thanks to the use of 3D animation in the video.

The extra dimension helps emphasize the spatial differences in the video. Look at this GIF, for example.

captured (30)

You can see how the ball closer to the camera is on a hill. It also makes the distance between this ball and the other balls more prominent.

Shifting perspective too is something that we can do better with 3D animation. Look at this GIF, for example.

captured (31)

When the ball reaches the edge, the camera shifts to make the change more apparent. And that is something that comes out beautifully in these videos.

Thinking of making a 3D video for your business? Let's discuss your idea and vision!

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Tools for motion graphics

If you're reading this, you're probably interested in making motion graphics videos for your company. This is a big step because making videos is not easy. It takes a lot of time and effort to make a video that both you and your audience would love.

But don't worry, we know the right tools for your needs. And we've created a list of these tools for you!

Excited? Let's check out the tools you need for the type of motion graphics videos you picked!

Tools for mixed media motion graphics videos

Assets used in mixed media videos include live-action footage. It could also be images. And you need both of them in perfect shape to make them a part of your video.

For this reason, you need two tools here. One for the images and one for the video. While you don't have to, it is always good to have a tool for audio as well.

So let's take a look at the tools!

1. Adobe Photoshop

Working with images, Photoshop has to be your go-to software. With this tool, you can tweak your photo the way you want to and get the desirable outcome.

You can save and export the image in many file formats. So you don't need to worry about getting the output in the right format for your video.

2. Adobe Illustrator

In most cases, you'd be good having Photoshop alone. But there are times when you're working with vector images. It is in such circumstances that the prowess of Illustrator comes to the forefront.

It is a great tool and you would find yourself using it a lot when you go for infographic animation. Trust me, it makes things a lot easier.

3. Adobe After Effects

This is the industry standard for video editing softwares. Most motion designers would recommend you to have this tool for video editing.

The tool is flexible and versatile and can handle pretty much anything you throw at it. 2D? Sure. 3D? Bring it on.

And if you ever feel that the features aren't enough, you can use thousands of third-party plugins. Though you should always be careful before using third-party plugins as it may cause the software to crash.

4. Audacity

Audacity is an open-source audio editing software. With hundreds of thousands of plugins, this tool is all you need for editing the audio for your video.

It has a simple interface and is easy to use. What makes it amazing is how lightweight it is. But that doesn't mean that it can't perform heavy-duty tasks. Mixing many layers down into an mp3 is something it can do as fast as your system allows it to do.

Tools for infographic motion graphics videos

Infographic animation usually makes use of abstract shapes and objects. More often than not, that means you only need Illustrator for the designing part.

After Effects is what we use for animating these videos. Since I've already covered both the softwares earlier, let's move on to the next type.

Tools for cartoon motion graphics videos

Cartoon videos are character-driven. For this reason, we use both Photoshop and Illustrator for designing the characters.

Animating these characters, on the other hand, is something we use After Effects for. Again, we've covered the tools earlier so we're not going to repeat that.

Tools for whiteboard motion graphics videos

For whiteboard videos, we create elements using both Photoshop and Illustrator.

These elements are then imported in After Effects where we do all the compositing. Again, no new softwares popped up, so we're going to move on to the next type.

Tools for 3D motion graphics videos

You can create 3D objects using Photoshop and Illustrators. But the industry is Autodesk Maya. We'll discuss it further in a short while.

But before we talk about it, it is imperative to mention another important tool: Blender. Being an open-source tool, it might not be able to rival Maya neck-to-neck. But it is still the prime choice of many designers across the globe.

For animating the 3D objects created by these softwares, you can always rely on After Effects.

Since we've already talked about After Effects, let's talk about Maya and Blender!

1. Autodesk Maya

Maya is the industry standard for 3D modeling. It is simple and easy to use. And while it might be a bit on the expensive side, many studios love to go for it.

The tools present in the software help you model your characters and objects easily with amazing precision.

2. Blender

Even though it is open-source, Blender has made a name for itself in the industry. And it has done it with the quality it delivers. Blender's development team works hard to bring the best possible services to users. And it shows.

What attracts most users to Blender, though, isn't the fact that it's free. The most attractive part of Blender is its active community. If you ever run into a problem, the community is always out there to help you!

Best motion graphics videos examples

Best mixed media motion graphics videos

1. IBM - (Mixed Media) live-action motion graphics video for technology company

Production Studio: BUCK
Engagement Rate: 4.7

When you look at this video for the first time, you wouldn't think it's mixed media. Except for a few shots in the latter half of the video, there aren't any live-action images or videos.

captured (16)-1

So what is it that makes it a mixed-media video? As you can see, the video is a montage of different videos BUCK made for IBM. If you look closely, you would notice that you're looking at different styles. And that is mixed media.

In its truest sense, mixed media is a type of motion graphics videos that uses more than one medium. So if you see a video that makes use of 3D animation along with cartoon animation, it's mixed media.

captured (17)-1

And this video uses many media without making it look like a bad potpourri. This is what makes the video one of the best mixed media videos we've ever seen.

2. Blood Donors - (mixed media) live-action motion graphics video for non-profit organisation

Production Studio: Studio Pigeon
Engagement Rate: NA

Many mixed-media videos that you would come across on the internet are either heavy on text or images. Watching them, you might think that choosing one is the right way to go.

captured (18)

But this video changes that. It has the right amount of text for the story to be coherent. At the same time, it isn't text-heavy. So it strikes a balance between text and visual imagery.

captured (19)

And that isn't all. The video manages to maintain a balance between animation and live-action footage too. This ensures that the viewer isn't overwhelmed by either in the video.

captured (20)

Its ability to tell a powerful story while maintaining balance is inspiring. This ability is what helped the video find a spot on our list.

Best infographic motion graphics videos

1. StackPath - animated infographic video for web application firewall provider

Production Studio: Epipheo
Engagement Rate: NA

This is hands down, one of the best infographic videos we've ever seen. To start with, the video has amazing transitions. Every scene naturally flows into the next one making it a treat to watch.

captured (8)-1

What makes it a good infographic video is the way it tells abstract stories. Every object appearing in the video is abstract and yet has a role to play.

captured (9)-2

The sound effects used in the video enhance the viewing experience. And that is something you would definitely find in good infographic videos.

captured (10)-1

What I like the most about this video is the interplay of different factors. It's amazing how everything in the video complements each other.

2. SAP - animated infographic video for computer software company

Production Studio: Ordinary Folk
Engagement Rate: 7.6

If you've been following us for a while, you probably already know how much we love this video. Everything about this video is simply perfect.

captured (4)

The strongest part of the video is its script. Ordinary Folk has left no stone unturned to come up with the perfect script. You might be wondering why we say that it's perfect. You might even want the right formula. Fret not, we have the formula for writing an amazing explainer video script. You could consult that.

Moving on to the visuals, they're amazing too. The way they've used colors to complement the script is great. These colors set the right tone in the minds of the audience.

captured (6)

The transitions and the rest of the animation in the video were awesome. With the voice-over and sound effects, watching the video was a great experience.

3. Infographic video for Solea

Production Studio: Giant Ant
Engagement Rate: 5.4

Regardless of whether you're in the medical industry or not, this video is a treat to watch. From visuals to transitions, the infographic video has everything on point.

captured (1)-2

What I especially like about the video is the way it has used sound effects. It's not something you'd see on a daily basis. But this video did it perfectly. It used the entire sound stage to deliver sound effects that enhanced the experience.

captured (3)

The transitions used in the video were very intuitive. And yet every transition wows you. Giant Ant truly did a great job at making this video as engaging as possible.

captured (2)-2

My favorite bit of the video is when the narrator says "sensationless". That was the moment I realized that I'm never going to forget this video. The way everything went silent at that moment was a testimony to an amazing execution of the script.

Best cartoon motion graphics videos

1. Time2Match - cartoon motion graphics video for mobile app

Production Studio: Alexander Tumanov
Engagement Rate: 4.0

Cartoon animation relies on characters that the audience can relate to. And this video has a character that its target audience would find relatable.


What makes this video great is the way it delivers the story. It takes the audience through a journey that revolves around the central character. And it builds and holds interest through the problems of this character. While this concept is nothing new, the execution made all the difference.

captured (1)-5

I really loved the transitions used in the video. They're all very smooth, albeit not exactly natural at times. The visuals complement the transitions and the story very well too.

captured (2)-4

It was amazing how the team worked with the audio. The music and voiceover are rather melancholic while talking about the character's problems. But everything becomes upbeat with the brief about the features of the app.

2. G Suite - cartoon motion graphics video for b2b apps

Production Studio: Giant Ant
Engagement Rate: 4.8

I am so in love with these transitions. There's so much to say about them. They're natural and intuitive and have a smooth flow. Just like the one you see below.

captured (3)-3

The script is pretty impressive as well. The way it forces the audience to think is commendable. It starts with the thought, "If this was how it could be" followed by many possibilities. And with each possibility, it motivates you to think.

Google Gsuite 2

What I liked the most about the video was that it only mentions the subject toward the end. And even then, it doesn't talk about G Suite's apps in detail. It barely brushes through the apps in one line.

Google Gsuite 3

It was effective because it managed to paint a picture of more efficient workspaces. And it established that it was possible only with the aid of G Suite's apps.

3. Dupont - 2D cartoon motion graphics video with a song

Production Studio: Epipheo
Engagement Rate: NA

This video is a great example of visual storytelling. The fact that it tells the whole story without a voiceover stands as a testament to its success.

captured (6)-1

The video builds its narrative using two characters that are building a roof. The visuals are simple but look really beautiful. And it gets even better because of the grainy texture.

In terms of audio, there was a song that was playing in the background along with sound effects as and when needed. While it doesn't sound like much, it set a proper tone that the video built upon.

DuPont 2

It showed why the product was worth buying with the help of different scenarios. And that was in addition to the main story. It was impressive because it was thorough even though the video didn't spend much time on the other scenarios.

Best whiteboard motion graphics videos

1. USA Football - whiteboard motion graphics video for non-profit

Production Studio: Broadcast2World
Engagement Rate: NA

When USA Football came to us with their project, we knew we would go for something different.

USA Football 1

If you've seen whiteboard videos, you know that most whiteboard videos are simple. Mostly, you'd see an illustration drawn on the screen explained by voiceover. And that looks lovely and traditional, we wanted to make it more engaging.

Since the client was willing to experiment, we put our thinking caps on and started working on it. To make it engaging, we focused on adding some animation to the elements in the background.

And we made sure that every element on the screen had a role to play. Everything that appeared on the screen added to the experience of watching the video.

USA Football 2

After playing around with different elements and animations, we made the whiteboard video. And we made sure that it wasn't a traditional one. At the same time, we were mindful of keeping the essence intact.

2. AFEX Direct - animated whiteboard video for payment solution company

Production Studio: Picturesmith
Engagement Rate: 3.7

This video is one of the rare ones out there. The way the story goes in this video is different from most of the whiteboard videos you'd come across.

AFEX Direct 1

To start with, there's heavy use of physical objects. But the objects themselves are just paper cards. So the overall look and feel of the video remain minimalistic for most of it.

AFEX Direct 2

If you notice, the traditional whiteboard illustrations are also animated. Look at the interaction between the line and the finger that you can see in this video. It makes the video look more realistic.

AFEX Direct 3

This blend of physical objects and traditional whiteboard animation makes the video engaging. Spicing the video up, you'll see some amazing transitions such as this one.

Best 3D motion graphics videos

1. Slack - 3D infographic animated videos for b2b communication application

Production Studio: Giant Ant
Engagement Rate: 13.1

If you've ever thought of why you should go for 3D animation, watch this video. The way the story unfurls here is something that only this style of animation delivers. (29)

The script used in the video has been great. It's like every line the narrator says speaks to you. And it's not just the script that helps deliver that feeling. It's about the script's execution as well.

It is such a satisfying watch! And that is largely due to the colors and how the objects interact with each other. At no point does the video feel like it's not making sense. It's a smooth journey—and you're a part of it.

Slack Team 2

The transition that it shows toward the end is remarkable. From non-aligned workers to aligned workers, the change is visible. And the impact of this is something the audience feels strongly.

2. Abengoa - 3D animated video for technology company

Production Studio: Dress Code
Engagement Rate: 6.5

The thing that makes this video one of the best motion graphics videos is its transitions. The way it switches from 2D to 3D and vice-versa is simply amazing.

Abengoa 1

The video talks about how the company is shaping the future. And that is something you'll understand even if you have the audio turned off. All thanks to the amazing visuals used in the 3D video.

Abengoa 2

I loved the script of the video and the way it takes care of storytelling. It makes the video really easy to follow and thus increases its engagement.

Abengoa 3

When you watch the technical bits of the video, you can understand that too. And that is because of the interplay between the script and the visuals of the video.

3. 3D motion graphics commercial for Verizon

Production Studio: BUCK
Engagement Rate: 5.4

I have a list of favorite 3D motion graphics commercials that I can watch again and again. And this video is amongst the top entries in the list. It's an amazing video and a well-written one.

Verizon 1

Network consumption can get a bit difficult to understand. But this video simplifies it down to a level that just about anyone can understand. And I love how they've done it.

The visuals are amazing and do justice in delivering the humor that the script calls for. And of course, it helps explain the concept better since we have something relatable.

Verizon 2

What makes the experience memorable is the way it uses voiceover and sound effects. They both help in amplifying the humor in the video—especially during the slow-mo!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a motion graphics video?

Motion graphics is a type of animation with kinetic texts as its primary component. It is one of the most popular types of animation, widely used for distribution/communication on social media. These videos are traditionally shorter in length with moving texts and other elements coupled with a background music or voiceover. Motion graphics can broadly be classified as animated graphic design where graphic elements are used to create an impression of motion.

How do you make a motion graphics video?

In general, the first thing to establish is your goal or objective. Why are you creating this motion graphics video? Once you have a clear picture of that, you would know exactly the kind of motion graphics video that should be made. Thereon, accordingly, you should write a script or copies that tell a better story. After that, draw a storyboard and then translate that storyboard into a design. Once the design is ready, time to add animation to it by applying different styles, pace, music, and sound effects. On the other hand, however, you can use premium online tools that come with ready-to-use templates to make a motion graphics video.

What are the benefits of motion graphics?

Motion graphics videos have become a key part of social media marketing in specific. They pack plenty of direct and indirect benefits. For instance, if made well, motion graphics are very appealing to watch. They attract attention and drive engagement. That engagement, in the long run, results in better brand identity and recall value, and thereby higher conversion or financial returns. Motion graphics videos can also be used for selling purposes; like to explain the value proposition of the products or to announce any discount offers. In all, there are many benefits of motion graphics. This is a part of the reason why more and more big brands are investing in this type of animation.

Which software is used for motion graphics?

There are many different types of motion graphics software out there. Moreover, many professionals or experts use multiple software to create individual components of the “bigger picture”. For instance, they use Adobe Illustrator for visuals and Adobe After Effects for video editing. They use audacity for audio editing. So, there’s a combination of software that is used to create a final motion graphics video. In addition, a lot also depends on the type of video you’re making. For instance, if you’re going for 3D motion graphics video, you may need extra tools as well. If you’re making motion graphics video by yourself, do thorough research to find your set of tools or software that you will need in the process.

What kind of motion graphics videos should I make for my brand?

This purely depends on the type of business you own, the industry you’re in, the audience you’re targeting, and your goals or objectives. A lot also depends on the distribution channel. For instance, certain motion graphics videos perform better on social media than on website’s landing pages. So, you would also have to be perceptive of where you’re using or distributing these videos. If you have an in-house video marketing team, it can help you outline the exact type of motion graphics videos that you should make. If not, consider getting in touch with animated video experts and consulting them. Basis different factors, they can assist you in establishing what type of motion graphics video would be most beneficial for your brand.

How to find a good motion graphics company?

It all comes down to research. The more research you do, the better are your chances of finding the right motion graphics company. Find a video production company that specializes in animation. Look at their total experience, as well as previous work samples. See if they have worked with businesses from your industry. Contact them and learn more about their pricing. If their pricing is right, see if their ideas for your motion graphics videos are great. If all these check out, you should ideally hire that company.

Before you go…

Motion graphics videos can do wonders for your brand—if only you use them the right way. And I hope you have a clearer understanding of what the right way looks like for your brand. As with every other list of ours, this isn’t final. We’ll be updating it as and when we come across something awesome that you should be seeing. So stay tuned and keep checking this blog out! And let us know if there’s anything you want us to cover in the comments below.

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