Best Infographic Videos on the Internet [With Critical Analysis]

Nov 2, 2019 4:26:13 AM

When you want to represent data and knowledge visually in the form of online videos, infographic animation is the way to go. An infographic video helps explain facts and figures in an engaging manner. Companies trying to establish themselves as thought-leaders in their industries often use infographic videos to do so.

Infographic videos are a powerful marketing tool. However, getting ideas for making your own animated infographic video is often difficult. Fret not, we’re here to help with our ever-expanding list of some of the best infographic videos in the industry!

Before you get to the animated infographic videos, here’s something you need to know: this isn’t your run of the mill listicle for ideas.

We aren't just giving you a list of some of the best infographic videos, but are also letting you know why these animated infographic videos are so good. Our team of experts sat down together and discussed every video, rating them on the script, visuals, animation, music & voiceover, and transitions. We’ve included averages of those ratings as well reasons behind those ratings in the list.

Ready? Here are the best infographic videos on the internet:

1. Google's Animated Infographic Video Talks About Handling Big Data and How BigQuery Can Help

Name: Google BigQuery
Production Studio: Coat of Arms
Ratings: Script - 7 | Visuals - 7 | Animation - 8 | Music, Voiceover - 8 | Transitions - 8

About: Handling Big Data is no joke. You need the right hardware, the perfect system architecture, and the best people to handle it. All of that adds a lot of cost and efforts, making it quite a hassle to work with such data. Moreover, running queries on such data can take minutes to hours per query. When you’re collecting all of that data just for the insights, it makes more sense to just get the insights and Google BigQuery handle the rest. It runs queries rocket-fast and handles everything that goes around on the back-end. And that is what the video is all about.

Our Views:

Overview: Our team thoroughly enjoyed the video. Even though the animated infographic video was a bit longer than they would prefer, they found it to be a mostly seamless experience. It was one of those videos wherein regardless of whether you’re interested in IT or not, you would want to watch it because of the way it grabs your attention.
Script: The script was good. Even those who weren’t interested in cloud computing and big data watched the video attentively. 
Visuals: The visuals complemented the script very well. However, there was a lot of scope for improvement.
Animation: The animation in the video was done well. It did go flat at times, but mostly, everything was in harmony. The movement of every element felt natural and was overall a good job.
Music/Voiceover: The music in the video was pretty normal. There was a lot of scope of improvement on that front. The voiceover, however, was very good and totally fit the feel of the video.
Transitions: The transitions were seamless and were unanimously voted for as the best thing about the video.

2. UBI's Animated Infographic Video Talks About the Bank

Name: UBI Banca
Production Studio: PlusOne
Rating: Script - 7 | Visuals - 8 | Animation - 9 | Music, Voiceover - 6 | Transitions - 9

About: UBI Banca is an Italian banking Group. It the fifth largest in Italy by the number of branches and was formed on 1 April 2007 from the merger of the Banche Popolari Unite and Banca Lombarda e Piemontese banking groups.

Our Views:

Overview: The team loved the transitions and wanted to see more of it. Everyone was spellbound by the colors and the way elements were used.
Script: The script was good. It was short and precise and was successful in putting the message across in such a short time.
Visuals: The visuals in this video were too good. The way they used colors as well as the choice of colors totally blew our minds. The colors used were very unconventional but they used it beautifully. While the focus remained in the center of the screen, it didn’t feel like any information was being lost in the sides. The visuals were one of the biggest reasons this video slid into the list of the best infographic videos.
Animation: The animation in the video was excellent. It wasn’t the traditional balls-and-lines animation that you see in most infographic videos, which was another reason why the video made it into our list of the best infographic videos.
Music/Voiceover: The music and voiceover in the animated infographic video were both upbeat. They fell in place pretty well with the visuals and animation.
Transitions: The transitions were some of the best we’ve ever seen. The way two elements combined to represent a third element was too good. They kept all of us hooked throughout the video. This video would've made it into our list of the best infographic videos even if it didn't have anything good apart from this. That is just how good the transitions were.

3. Monstro's Animated Infographic Video Raises Awareness About Oil's Ill-effects on Climate 

Production Studio: Monstro
Rating: Script - 8 | Visuals - 7 | Animation - 8 | Music, Voiceover - 8 | Transitions - 8

About: It is no secret that climate change is real. It won’t be long before we push whatever remains down in the drains. So, Monstro made this video to raise awareness about how the use of fossil fuels is harming the world we live in.

Our Views:

Overview: There's a very good reason why this video made it into our list of the best infographic videos. The team loved almost everything about the video. Since we deeply care about climate change, this video hit home. But it isn't our bias which compelled us to add this video to the list of the best infographic videos. From the narration to the transitions and the flow of the video, everything was on point. There's more that made us add it to the list. Read on to know!
Script: The first reason why this video made it into the list of the best infographic videos was that it was a tight, well-planned script with a nice flow. It was very impactful and was easy to follow.
Visuals: The second reason why this video made it into the list of the best infographic videos was its minimalist visuals. The colors used in the animated infographic video complemented the storytelling a lot. There were no elements on the sides which helped retain the focus in the center of the screen. There were a lot of callbacks made to a few elements which helped weave the story in such a way that the audience retained it.
Animation: The third reason why this video made it into the list of the best infographic videos was its near-perfect animation. The way each element acted on the screen was very much in sync with the voice-over. Towards the end, however, it seemed rushed up.
Music/Voiceover: The fourth reason why this video made it into the list of the best infographic videos was the fact that the music and voiceover in the video both blended pretty well with the storytelling. They helped transcend the sense of urgency that the video has in it beautifully.
Transitions: The fifth reason why this video made it into the list of the best infographic videos was how well the transitions were done. Everything flowed like butter making the video quite easy to watch and follow through.

4. GG E-Sports' Animated Infographic Video Gives Insight Into the World of Gaming

Name: GG E-Sports
Production Studio: BluBlu Studios
Rating: Script - 7 | Visuals - 8 | Animation - 8 | Music, Voiceover - 7 | Transitions - 8

About: The E-Sports industry has always been under-represented amongst all of the sports. Moreover, there’s a lot of corruption existing in the industry due to a lack of regulation. GG E-Sports has a plan to not only curb corruption in the industry but also ensure that the players get paid well.

Our Views:

Overview: This animated infographic video had the potential of being so much better than its current form. From script and visuals to animation and transition, everything had the potential of getting better. This, in no way means that the video was bad. It was one of the best infographic videos out there and was well worth being here on this list.
Script: The script could’ve been much better. The message wasn’t very clear and it wasn’t until the very end that the audience can understand what they were trying to say.
Visuals: The visuals were good starting out. Bright colors had been used to make it look quite energetic. Then the colors started feeling off since they had started talking about gamers getting into depression but the colors still remained energetic. The theme should’ve changed according to the mood of the scenes. However, it worth pointing out that since the video was about gaming, they did reference to multiple games.
Animation: The way the characters were animated didn’t feel natural and organic enough. The camera movements were very abrupt as well. There were a lot of things which repeated as well.
Music/Voiceover: The music was great when the video was starting out. It got monotonous later. The voiceover too could be improved by using a different artist for it.
Transitions: The transitions were good for most of the video. There were some shots, however, where it felt like the transitions were abrupt and rushed.

5. Solea's Animated Infographic Video Talks About Its Dental Laser

Name: Solea
Production Studio: Giant Ant
Rating: Script - 8 | Visuals - 8 | Animation - 8 | Music, Voiceover - 8 | Transitions - 8

About: Solea is a fast and precise all-tissue dental laser. It gives patients a very unique experience and the dentists, improved outcomes.

Our Views:

Overview- This video is one of the best infographic videos we've ever seen in our experience of over a decade. The team was ABSOLUTELY BLOWN AWAY by the flow of the video. At no point in the minute-long video could anyone take their eyes off the screen. From transitions to the music and sound effects, everything was beautifully orchestrated. The whole team could learn a thing or two from the video.
Script- The script was tight and well executed. It clearly showed how well thought-of the script must've been for the animated infographic video to turn out so flawless.
Visuals- The visual language was an absolute 10. The way they played with the dot and laser was flawless. Moreover, the video was quite minimalist making us focus on the things we should be focusing on.
Animation- The way the elements were animated in this video was too good. Each element had a role to play in the video and that was taken care of very well.
Music/Voiceover- The music was subtle, just as needed. The voiceover was really pleasing. What really caught everyone off-guard, though, was the “sensationless” moment. That was a marvel.
Transitions- The transitions totally blew our minds away. Switching from 2D to 3D, changing angles, moving from one shot to the other. It was all seamless and flawless.

The list doesn't end here. We'll be constantly updating it to bring the best to you! Stay tuned!

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