15 Best Animated Event Video Examples To Skyrocket Signups!

Oct 14, 2022 7:00:42 AM

In a hurry? Check out our Best Animated Event Videos in this compilation video we have made just for you


What is an event video?

Animated event videos are an excellent way to promote your events and conferences.

They're also a great way to engage your audience during internal events and keep them interested in your brand while you showcase in events like trade shows, etc.

A successful event requires full-funnel marketing that delights your audience. They should be left inspired to subscribe and attend.

So here are some of the best animated event video examples to help you skyrocket your signups:

1. Quicken Loans

When you’re truly passionate about what you do, it shows. 

It’s something that cannot really be faked. 

And this is true regardless of your industry. 

This dazzling animated event promo video for Quicken Loans at ACM is an example of that. 

Bringing text to life with typography and clever animation, is already harder than it may look. 

But Scott Hoch took it a step further with some gorgeous tasty details and a smart color palette. 

It all comes together to make a powerful and even emotional impact using a fairly simple script.

2. Aircraft Forum

We love this stunning, ultra-wide-screen animated video for the Aircraft Forum. 

The animation is gorgeous, and the color palette is unique and intense without being overpowering. 

The idea is simple enough but executed amazingly well, and that makes all the difference.

3. The Big Score

Minimalism is often misunderstood. 

There’s definitely an art and skill to saying a lot by using a little, and it’s more complex than just taking the easiest and simplest creative option. 

This stunning video by WHOJO is a lovely example of when that’s done right. It’s captivating and engrossing, holding your attention throughout, while making only a few simple points. 

It’s stark and simple but isn’t “unfinished” or cheap-feeling. 

And the video stays memorable long after you’ve watched it, too!

4. Epicor

The Internet of Things (or IoT) was all the buzz not too long ago. 

And while some of it was empty hype, the fact is that a lot of it did become a reality, with smart home assistants like Apple Home, Ring, and so on.

But a similar revolution is also happening in factories and industry. 

Epicor asked us to create an animated event video that helped explain and clear up the confusion. 

This is what we came up with–bright and friendly graphics to put the audience at ease. 

And we paired that with a script that spoke their language without being condescending or overly complex.

Read more about Epicor's success story here.

5. The Community Builders

There are countless nonprofits and NGOs doing truly noble, selfless work to help those that need it the most. 

But the challenge can lie in simply explaining what it is you really do and how it all works. 

That’s why The Community Builders came to us for help with sharing their success story with their communities and the world. 

So we came up with a surprisingly cost-effective whiteboard-style animation that still looks impressive and holds the audience’s attention, but without straining the budget. 

We wove that in with a friendly script that draws the audience in and keeps them interested and invested throughout. 

The end result was a smashing success and we were delighted to help them tell their story.

Read about TCB's case study here.


6. Samsung SDC Event

When you’re a world-leading tech giant, “good enough” isn’t good enough. 

If you’re serious about being on the very cutting edge, then you’re constantly raising the bar. 

That’s why Samsung came up with this amazing multi-display animation together with Mindscape Studio

There’s a main center display and two or more on the sides, for deployment at the Samsung Developer Conference. 

Seeing and experiencing something like this in real life would definitely blow you away!

7. TEDx Kalamata Event

This is the opening video for the TEDx Kalamata Event 2013 and it impresses you right from the start.

The use of punchy colors immediately hooks you in and gives your curiosity free reign to learn more about the event.

Made by Fotinos Chiolos, it takes the entire vibe of an already amazing event video and dials it up a few notches.

8. Unilever

Let’s have a look at this immersive event video made by Synergy Video Productions for Unilever.

Immersive is an understatement when it comes to explaining the video.

The visuals and animations just draw you in and by the time you realize it, you would have already watched the video from start to finish.

That’s not all.

It is short and concise with the main focus being generating interest for Unilever’s event.

And we can say with surety that this video does its job really well.

9. Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2023

We revisit our good folks at Samsung with this animated event video for their flagship Galaxy Unpacked 2023 event.

The video is super short and concise but it does the job (and does it really well).

With the help of immersive visuals and animations, it generates genuine interest in anyone who watches the video to check out their event.

That’s the hallmark of an effective event video.


Nasscom is the premier trade NGO for the multi-billion dollar Indian tech industry. 

So we crafted this video to reflect on its grand scale and vision and tell their story. 

To keep things interesting and to go for something a little more artistic, we went for a more minimal kind of storytelling, letting visuals and simple metaphors do the talking.


11. CES

CES is one of the largest consumer electronics trade shows in the world. 

So their promotional event video had to be suitably large-scale and epic to match. 

Cream Studio combined an inspiring, sharp script with lush animated graphics that blended the abstract with the iconic. 

The end result is a sleek, memorable animated video that really stands out.

12. Lenovo

How do you sum up the work of a global tech giant? 

By using storytelling and remembering the human factor, that’s how. 

Our mixed media video for Lenovo takes the viewer from the micro to the macro, painting a mural of sorts. 

The images depict Lenovo’s expansive reach, vision, and innovation without boring or confusing the viewer, leaving a lasting impression in their minds.

13. PZU

In storytelling, there’s a rule: show, don’t tell. 

The great thing about animated video displays at trade shows is that you get to execute that rule in real life and amaze and dazzle the audience. 

As Siedemzero did for the PZU Event, showcasing their 3D animated event video mapping technology. 

Even if you don’t understand it, it’s clearly pretty amazing stuff!

14. Johnson & Johnsons

One of the most amazing things that animated storytelling can do for your business, is explain complex facts simply and make just about anything interesting.

When a department of Johnson & Johnson India’s subsidiary companies was faced with a shrinking market share, it was a confounding mystery.

Untangling it only revealed a bafflingly complicated problem. 

But thanks to careful research and J&J’s most innovative thinkers, they were able to pull apart this mess, figure out the real problems, and brainstormed for solutions that eventually worked.

So how do you share this success story? 

As passionate storytellers ourselves, we pointed out to them that they already had a fascinating story– it was just a matter of telling it right. 

And there’s no better way to tell your story than through animated storytelling.

And that’s what we came up with!

15. Edwards Lifesciences

What is more noble than the preservation of life itself? 

The medical sciences industry is one of constant innovation and improvement. 

It never takes a break.

But with constant improvement come communication challenges. 

How do you keep people informed and up to date on the latest technology on the market? 

Animated video is especially effective at explaining concepts and ideas in the medical and healthcare field because you can use visuals to simplify and portray complicated and technical ideas and issues easily. 

For example, here’s a video we did for Edwards Lifesciences that we’re especially proud of!

What is the importance of event videos?

Event videos are powerful tools that can help organizers capture the memories, promote their events, and even help evaluate their success. They can also:-

  • Event videos can help to create an engaging and memorable experience for attendees.

    They also provide a way to promote the event, build brand awareness and reach new audiences.

  • Event videos can be used to document special moments and create engaging content for social media platforms. 

    They are also an effective tool for capturing audience feedback and providing a visual representation of the event.

  • Event videos can be shared with sponsors, partners, media outlets, and other interested parties in order to generate interest in the event and increase its visibility.

  • Event videos can also be used to evaluate the success of the event and help organizers plan more successful events in the future.

By leveraging event videos effectively, you can ensure that your next event will have a lasting impact on its participants as well as others who may encounter your content online or through traditional channels.

How do you make a good promotional video for an event?

1. Understand the purpose and target audience of the event - Before creating your promotional event video, it’s important to understand why you are creating it in the first place and who your target audience is. This will help you determine what type of content should be included in the video and which elements should be emphasized.

2. Choose a style for the event video - Selecting an appropriate style for the video is critical in order to capture the essence of the event accurately. Consider whether you want a formal or informal feel, if there will be narration or music, how long it should run etc.

3. Gather visuals - Collect relevant visuals such as photos, videos or graphics that reflect both the vibe of the event and its overall message. This could include interviews with people attending or speaking at the event or footage of past events (if applicable).

4. Construct a story - Pull together all of your visual elements into one cohesive story by editing them together into a compelling narrative structure that communicates your key points without going on too long. The right music track also plays an important role in drawing viewers in and giving them an emotional response to your work.

Promotional videos are powerful tools for driving engagement and interest in any event. With careful planning and creative execution, your promotional video can help you make a lasting impression on potential attendees and increase awareness about your upcoming event!


So these were some critical use cases of animated event video production required for your business growth.

Engaging your audience in this virtual world has been a real challenge but animated videos have proven extremely effective for event promotions.

Please feel free to share your thoughts or to add on the use cases and contact us for any queries in regards to animated videos for event promotion.

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