How to Simplify Your Offering With Animated Blockchain Videos?

Dec 22, 2021 10:25:38 PM

What is a blockchain video?

We’ve covered the basics of blockchain in our previous blog post here.

So let’s take it to the next step: telling the world about your offering, and getting people excited and on board with you. 

And there’s no other way to do that than through the power of animated videos! Here’s why.


Why do you need a blockchain video?

We already know that one of the major challenges faced by blockchain professionals is that the casual layman finds it too difficult to understand.

You cannot expect someone to become your customer when they do not trust or even understand what you’re selling. And this is especially true with innovative industry disruptors like blockchain tech. 

So how do you overcome this problem?

If you simplify it too much, you could end up diluting the message so much that it doesn’t communicate anything of substance. And on the other hand, if you go into more detail explaining it, you can overwhelm and bore your audience, and they will tune out and walk away. 

Video does an amazing job of explaining things without getting boring or losing the audience’s interest. But animated videos are even better.

Why animated blockchain videos?

The wonderful thing about animated videos is that they can do this amazingly well. Through clever visuals, a well-written script, and the magic of storytelling, you can break down the most complex topics and explain them without confusing them with too much information. 

Storytelling has the power to not only grab and hold the viewer’s attention, but it can also unleash a double-punch of speaking to the viewer’s mind and touching their heart at the same time.

This not only makes the message memorable, but it also builds a powerful sense of trust in what you have to say. 

And with animation blockchain video production, the sky’s the limit. 

If you’re still in doubt, consider our favorite picks for animated blockchain explainer videos next, and judge for yourself!

Best Animated Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Video Examples

Want to check out some of the best examples of blockchain explainer videos out there? We made a handy top five list of our favorite animated blockchain explainer videos!

Four Tips For Creating Animated Blockchain Videos

Tip #1: Keep it simple.

You may be tempted to go in-depth and try to cover every possible aspect of your blockchain offering.

But this is usually a bad idea. The objective is to get the viewer to take the first step by understanding the basics first. As the old saying goes, you learn to walk before you run. 

In this video by Motionville, the company explains their product, crypto wallet in a simple and engaging manner with the help of Infographic animation.

The video doesn't use any complex terminology that can't be understood by a layman, making the message loud and clear. 

Tip #2: Hire a good team

The task of putting out a good animated blockchain explainer video is daunting. But you don’t have to do it yourself.

A good animation blockchain video production company will work with you every step of the way and guide you through the process, making recommendations and offering good advice, to help you get the best possible video for your needs, your audience and your budget. 

Tip #3: Infographics animation works best

There’s a reason that the infographic style is so common: because it does an excellent job of explaining complex topics and holding the viewer’s interest, especially when the subject matter is dense and somewhat “abstract” like with blockchain technology.

There’s also a surprising level of freedom and creativity with this style that really helps sell your crypto offerings.


This blockchain animation video by Kasra Design explains Cryptocurrency backed loans by Salt Lending, two highly complex topics for a layman.

But, with the help of infographic animation, they visualized the topic and explained it in a fun, easy manner. That's what a powerful infographic animation video can do.

Tip #4: Remember to use storytelling

The real secret to creating a good animated explainer video is storytelling. It may seem strange but it’s true, and we’ve been doing this for over a decade because it works so well. 

Facts and information only speak to the mind. Art, music, and visuals speak to the heart.

But when you combine the two in visual storytelling, you build a strong sense of trust, while also keeping the message fresh and memorable in your audience’s minds. This is why storytelling is an invaluable tool to deploy in your video.

Learn how to be a better storyteller here.


How Do You Create An Animated Blockchain Video That Wins Trust?

Here are four quick tips: 

Tip #1: Address pain points.

Your instinct may be to go all-in listing all of your offering’s features to impress your audience.

But especially when it comes to something as technical and complex as crypto and blockchain, this won’t work. What you need to think about is, what problem does your target customer want solved?

How will your offering improve and transform their lives for the better?

Tip #2: Use Testimonials

Few things convince you to buy a product as quickly as a friend recommending it to you and telling you how well it worked and how good their experience was with that product.

That’s why testimonials are so often used in advertising. 

So if you’ve got happy clients, share their testimonials!  


In this video, BitcoinIRA shared reviews of their happy customers through an animated testimonial video. Since blockchain and cryptocurrency are relatively new industries, testimonial videos help build the audience's trust and connect with them.

Tip #3: Tell the shortcomings of other products/industries and how you solve them

While you should avoid outright bashing your competitors, it’s a good idea to think about what differentiates your offering from those of others. What pain points/features does your product address and solve that others do not? What makes your offering different? Use that hook.



In this video, Credit Coin explains the shortcomings of other exchanges and how difficult it is to buy and sell cryptocurrency usually, and then how their offering solves this issue, making it easy for investors and traders to deal in crypto. 

Tip #4: Excite with new possibilities 

They say you can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink. Similarly, the best-animated explainer videos fire up the viewer’s imagination with ideas and possibilities of how much their lives could be transformed and improved by the product that it’s talking about.

This is why droning off a long list of features often does not work, because it’s just figures and numbers that do not fire up the imagination. 

Remember: it’s not about just talking about a product in detail; what you’re really doing is, you’re showing the customer how your product will transform and improve their lives for the better. That’s what you need to sell!


Blockchain and Crypto are a bold new world with exciting possibilities still unfolding. Your audience needs to know that they could be missing out on something amazing and exciting.

To get your message out there, the best format is a blockchain explainer video, no question about it. And now you have a bit of knowledge about how to go about it-- and knowledge is power! 

Want to know more? Visit our animated blockchain video production page!



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