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Why Use Explainer Video GIFs?

GIFs help grab the attention of the audience and inspire them to take instant action. Being simple and bite-sized, they are easy to consume. GIFs are the perfect marketing tool for the viewers with quickly diminishing attention spans. Most importantly, they show the human side of your business—and that is invaluable. Let's look at some of the uses of GIF.

Custom GIFs for Animated Online Banners

Banners are important for communicating with your audience on the website. With static banners, however, driving engagement is quite a challenge. Being engaging, animated banners perform much better. Moreover, since GIFs are looped, your message appears repeatedly,  ensuring retention. (1)-1

Custom GIFs For Social Media Marketing

Social media is where the attention span of viewers is the lowest. Putting up long-form content out there, you are drowning in the noise. With animated GIFs, you can stand out and engage your audience. You can get your message across and drive conversions within mere seconds. (2)-1

GIFs for Animated Infographics

When you need to communicate data and statistics with the audience, you can use infographics. While they have higher engagement than text, the engagement is still less. With animated infographics, you can turn things around. Not only are they engaging, they are proven to have high retention rates. (3)-1

Website Animations and User Interface & Blogs

Studies suggest you have just 3-5 seconds to engage your website's visitors before they leave. So you need to hook them right from the moment your website loads. Using GIFs as the background and icons, you can make your website engaging and ensure that visitors stick around. (4)-1

Animated GIFs For Email Marketing Campaigns

While it is tough to get recipients to open your email, it is tougher to get them to reply. Low response rates can be costly and demotivational when you spend a lot of time and effort in email marketing. With email marketing GIFs you can ensure replies since they make emails engaging. (5)-1

Why Choose Our Explainer Video GIFs?

  • Transparent pricing with no hidden cost and free humility to top-up your customer experience.
  • Stay in peace with most experienced vertically integrated team of passionate storytellers and a very streamlined collaborative process.
  • We believe that art cannot—and should not—be manufactured. So we ensure that every GIF is hand-drawn and you own the complete rights. (6)

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