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Why Videos make better Sales Reps?

Sep 22, 2016 8:26:12 AM

According to the Marketer’s Summary 2014 by Invoda, 93% of marketers use videos for online marketing and sales communications.

Did I just give you a good enough reason to start using videos for your business?

Unlike sales reps, videos have become marketers best friend. Not only do they ensure better visibility, but videos are also vastly better at converting prospects into customers.

Don’t believe me?

Let’s take a look at some reasons why videos are better at sales.

Watch Out Sales Reps!

24*7 Availability

Having a video is like having your own salesman who works 24 hours a day - 7 days a week.

Who wouldn’t love to have him onboard?

The sales representative welcomes prospects to your website, keeps them entertained while telling them exactly why they should be taking your product or services. According to Forbes Insights, 60% of business respondents are likely to watch a video on a web page before reading any text at all.

No Incentives - No Salary

Videos will hardly cost you anything. The average cost of a brilliant explainer video would be around $10k which is way low compared to a lifetime investment into a sales rep’s salary.

You need not worry about the incentives per closure or demo.

Still thinking about hiring a sales rep? Let me give you some more reasons.

Never Miss a Line

Beyond the fact that your prospects simply enjoy and respond to videos, you also have to consider that videos are a great way to scale your messaging and keeping it constant.

A video can perfectly summarize your entire message over and over again, without missing a single word from the sales pitch.

Brilliant isn’t it?

Videos Persuade Better

A lot of research has gone into the psychological effect of videos. Brands like Disney and Walmart, believe that videos are very persuasive.

We’re psychologically hard-wired to respond to movement, the pitch of voices and animation. All of which can convey much more emotion than we realize. This helps you develop trust with prospects.

Everyone knows how important trust is in any good sales relationship.

Better Open Rates

After watching a video on social channels or other locations, 65% end up visiting the marketer’s website.

Do you get such a response to sales emails?

Have more reasons? Please let me know through comments.

When are you starting with explainer videos?

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