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Is “Number of Views” the Only Metric for the Success of your Video?

Oct 14, 2014 1:43:25 PM

Most of us would judge the success of an online video by the number of views it achieves. Well that’s the first thing that decides if a video has gone viral or not but are these views sufficient to determine the mark that your video has made? If you believe that getting a colossal view count is all that matters for the popularity of your video, you might want to rethink. Though a majority of marketers measure the success of their online videos by the view count it gathers, they are not the only way to see if your video is really being appreciated by the audience it was made for. Apart from views, there are a few more aspects that decide the destiny of your online video and don’t worry, they are not something mysterious or unheard. They are terms that you come across every day and are acquainted with them way too well.

So, here are a few things that also measure how well your video has done.

  • How many people have LIKED your video?

Likes are an effective way to build the hype your video demands. People are going to watch your video if they see an impressive number of likes on it. If someone likes your video, their friends are going to know about it and they might as well end up watching your video. Likes are an obvious way to check on the popularity of your video and should not be neglected. Get as many people as you can to give that thumbs up for your video so that people who still haven’t seen your video would want to watch it too.

2. Is it being SHARED by people who watched it?

60% people would want to watch your explainer video if it has been shared by their friends. Just getting a video is not sufficient. If your video is interesting enough that people would want to share it, you can breathe a sigh of relief. Social sharing is the first and foremost requirement for increasing the popularity of your video in the virtual world that we have so easily become a part of. Just think about this. If people are sharing your video, are they not being a part of your marketing team indirectly? You are going to get free marketers in people who share your video. Isn’t that great?

  • COMMENTS are just going to add further!

Videos that have comments below them automatically generate further interest in the viewers and if your target audience decides to give a comment on your video, it means they found it interesting enough to make a statement about it. If the comments are good, people will watch the video and even if they are bitter, you know where the room of improvement for you lies.

These were some pretty common but still important factors that decide the niche of your video apart from the number of views and hits it gets. So if you really want to see the impact of your video, make sure to check on the number of like, shares and comments as well.

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