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Sep 16, 2014 8:03:41 AM

It’s easy to get an explainer video these days but how many of them are actually engaging. No matter how visually soothing your video turns out to be, or how many dollars you spend on it, an explainer video will only work if it’s exactly the right one for your product. Mediocre videos are not going to increase the conversion rates for you. Moreover, a bad video can be a big reason for your potential customers to turn to another website in no time.

In order to ensure that you end up having the best video for your product and to avoid mediocrity, here are five questions that will guarantee easy sailing in your pursuit for an amazing video.

1. Does the animation style match your brand?

The style of animation of your explainer video should not conflict with your brand’s core values. If you are a brand catering to young people, your video should be youthful as well. On the other hand, if you are an investment bank, the same tone will definitely not work.
This video for Malezi Bora dealt with a serious subject matter, and the animation style complemented it quite well.

2. Does it convey your message using relevant visuals?

OK, your video looks good. It has great animation and graphics accompanied with a bright and attractive theme. But sometimes you may need to ask yourself if what you see on the screen is actually relevant to your product or service? Or do you just see random visuals put together to make a funny video that does not make your message clear?
If you never wish to end up in a situation like this, be sure to be clear in your brief to the production company and have a detailed discussion with their creative team at the ideation phase.

3. Is the story compelling and easy to understand?

They say story is always the hero. Indeed it is. Is the story of your explainer video easy for everyone to understand? Has the script been drafted the way you wanted? These are some questions that should hit your mind when you receive the Script Drafts for approval. It is the characters and the story, primarily, that persuade your viewers to use your product, and hence they must be compelling and engaging. 

4. Does it cater to the target audiences well?

Your explainer video should bring in viewers who are going to make use of your product. Think about your target audiences and their pain points. Are they young or old, male or female, High School students or professionals?  A good homepage video should always attract the right customer base.

5. Does the video achieve what you set out to?

It is important to be clear on what the objectives of your video are: if the video is meant to be informative, make sure it informs the viewer of the necessary details clearly and precisely. And if your intention is to capture the viewers’ attention and create a brand identity, you need to ensure that it appeals to your target segment. 

By paying close attention to these points during the creative process, you can ensure that the video you get is perfect for your brand!

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