40 Best Cyber Security Video Examples That Built Trust

May 15, 2024 9:00:00 AM

If you're in a hurry we'd suggest you to check out the best cyber security videos we've seen over the last several years below, or else dig deep!

  1. Why Do You Need a Cyber Security Video?
  2. How can Aimated Cyber Security Videos Help?
  3. 40 Best Cyber Security Videos to Watch and Learn
    1. Kaspersky Threat Management & Defense
    2. AT&T Threat Manager
    3. CrowdStrike: Breaches Stop Here
    4. StackPath
    5. CrowdStrike Falcon Strike
    6. LSTXYZ
    7. Panda Security
    8. Centre for Cybersecurity
    9. Northwave Security
    10. Canada Centre for Global Security Studies
    11. Andrew Adler
    12. XQ
    13. Duo Security
    14. HP
    15. WipFli
    16. STOEMP
    17. Kaspersky Lab
    18. Scottish Business Resilience Centre
    19. Xage Security
    20. Accedian
    21. Rubica
    22. BitDefender
    23. Netacea
    24. Firemon
    25. Galois | Formal Verification
    26. Dragnshield Security
    27. Galois | Cryptography
    28. Cisco
    29. Cisco Microsegmentation
    30. DELL
    31. IBM
    32. Cyvera
    33. Kaspersky Mobile Malware Monsters
    34. Emsisoft Antivirus
    35. Panda Adaptive Defense 360
    36. Cybersecurity Awareness Campaign
    37. American Express
    38. AT&T
    39. MagilaTech
    40. Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute

Why Do You Need a Cyber Security Video?

We live in an information-saturated world.

And as a result, cybersecurity has never been more critical and vital.

Like one’s own health, you don’t realize how important it is until something goes wrong.

Ironically, a consequence of all this instant access to so much information is a high signal-to-noise ratio, so to speak.

There’s simply too much of it. The problem isn’t getting your message out there, it’s being heard and understood amidst the endless noise.

Your message is a drop in the ocean.

And if you cannot make that critical connection with your audience, all is lost.

All your marketing and advertising is money going down the drain.

This is why you need something to break through the noise and be heard and remembered.

With the power of cyber security training videos, you can do that and a lot more. Let’s learn how in the next section!

How Can Animated Cyber Security Videos Help?

We are truly visual creatures.

Sight and sound are our primary senses for perceiving the world around us.

This is why video is so powerful and effective at grabbing attention and delivering a memorable message, especially when combined with the magic of storytelling.

In much the same way that the internet revolutionized the world with instant information access from anywhere, video is transforming the way we communicate.

With increasing data speeds and proliferation, it’s only natural for people to shift from text to images to video, in everything from social media to business.

The true power of animated video comes in its unique ability to grab and hold the viewer’s attention better than images, sound, or text.

And, hold their attention while delivering an engaging message that stays fresh in their memory for a long time afterward, even after just one viewing.

It’s especially effective in explaining complex topics in-depth, going into detail without losing the viewer’s interest or attention, in a way that no other format that currently exists can accomplish.

And what topic is more critically important and in need of explaining, than cybersecurity today?

Best Cyber Security Videos to Watch in 2024

Still not convinced about what animated storytelling can do for the cybersecurity industry?

Then don’t take our word for it.

Check out this selection of our favorite animated videos on cybersecurity from the best of the best and see for yourself!

1. Kaspersky Threat Management & Defense


It’s hard to communicate aspects of cybersecurity since it involves things you cannot see and touch, like data, viruses, software and so on.

People have a clear image in their minds when they hear about, say, a burglary or theft, where someone breaks in and steals physical objects.

But talk about hacking, firewalls, etc. and most people’s minds go blank.

Especially key decision-makers who are not always computer-savvy.

This is where animation really excels because it can depict the real world, but it can also conjure up more abstract and creative imagery that can better describe and explain things that are not physical.

Like this video for Kaspersky, for example.

With a creative license and a sharp script, it brings to life the reality of cybersecurity and its importance to any business of any size.

2. AT&T Threat Manager


This animated cyber security explainer video for AT&T takes a similar approach.

It brings to stark reality the nature of the risks that you work so hard to protect against.

The high-tech visual style subtly underscores the technical complexity of the work you do and presents AT&T’s Threat Manager as the heroic savior that every company needs to stay safe from cyber threats.

3. CrowdStrike: Breaches Stop Here


It’s tricky enough explaining cybersecurity to your audience when it comes to securing their computers and data.

And it’s an order of magnitude explaining cybersecurity in the cloud.

You could have the safest system in-house, but all that changes once your data goes into the cloud where it’s pretty much out of your hands.

Fortunately, CrowdStrike created an innovative solution to address this exact set of problems.

But how to explain something this technology to the general public?

They opted to use an animated explainer video on cybersecurity to talk about the risks and what they do to mitigate them and keep their customers’s data safe, whether it’s local or up in the cloud.

4. StackPath


The information age is all about out-of-the-box, disruptive innovation.

And Stackpath’s approach to cybersecurity in this video made by Epipheo is no different.

Rather than “bolting on” more and more protocols and systems to secure data, their idea was to build it right with clever solutions that communicate with each other and work together.

Cool idea, but how do you explain all this in a way that holds the audience’s attention?

If you make it too simple, the explanation falls flat and nothing of substance is communicated.

If you go too in-depth, it can bore and overwhelm even the viewers who are familiar with information security.

Epipheo created this clever video that explains cybersecurity thoroughly enough without losing the audience’s interest or overwhelming them with too much information, using a blend of a well-written script and interesting visuals to tell their story.

5. CrowdStrike Falcon Complete


The internet never sleeps, and the risks never abate.

The solution isn’t to throw ever more resources at security, but to work smart, not just hard.

That was the idea behind CrowdStrike Falcon. It sounds deceptively simple, but it’s anything but.

However, to explain how this solution really works without losing the audience’s attention, CrowdStrike once again turned to animation to help tell their story– to great effect!

Need more examples? See how we helped VMware, SUSE, and Attivo Networks solve their challenges with cyber security videos!


This animated infographic cybersecurity video by LSTXYZ is a classic example of animated videos done right.

This is a Director’s cut for a project about Cybersecurity that LSTXYZ was working on and it’s simply too impressive.

The excellent use of 2D and 3D animations simply draws you in and is an immersive spectacle to behold.

The deep voiceover and visual pacing work really well together and it does all of this without sacrificing core messaging and comprehension.

7. Panda Security

This animated cybersecurity video for Panda Security is in a league of its own.

They have demonstrated the perfect use of motion graphics and contrasting colors making for an immersive viewing experience.

The voiceover matches with the animation’s pacing perfectly and we wish we could get more of this.

For such videos, “stunning” would be an understatement.

8. Centre for Cybersecurity

Not all cybersecurity videos need to use raging colors to get the point forward.

This animated cybersecurity video for The Centre for Cybersecurity made by Timeline takes infographics animations to the next level with stunning text animations and motion graphics.

The highlight of this video is its primary use of black and white color and contrasting colors that make the storytelling aspect of the video next to perfect.

The video does a great job of engaging the viewers from the start so they watch the video till the end (and seeing this video ourselves, we can’t really blame them).

9. Northwave Security

Out of the many 3D animation videos we have seen and created for our clients, nothing stands out more that this animated cybersecurity video for Northwave Security made by the good folks at Mitsi.

The video is entirely made with fluid 3D animations and photorealistic colors and textures, reminiscent of modern video games.

But here’s the interesting part–the video has still managed to keep its core message intact.

The way the video presents its offering simply and uses the 3D animations to bring the point home is, in our opinion, the best use of animation we have ever seen.

10. Canada Centre for Global Security Studies

This mixed-media cybersecurity video is made for the Canada Centre for Global Security Studies and the Citizen Lab by Eric Pedicelli

It demonstrates the perfect blend of animations and real-life footage that makes the video stand out.

The minimalist colors of the video complement the elegance of the video and also reinforce the fact that such videos should be as concise and to the point as possible.

The subtle background music and motion graphic animations keep the viewers engaged throughout the video.

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11. Andrew Adler

This animated cybersecurity video is made by Andrew Alder and we wish we could appreciate it more than we already are.

This video is made as a concept art to spread awareness about cybersecurity and why it’s important in this digital age.

The background music, colors, visuals, and pacing work well together to portray a message (which is impressive for a video that doesn’t have a voiceover)

12. XQ

There are very few animated explainer videos we have seen that implement the use of 2D motion graphics with such perfection.

This animated cybersecurity video made by Nucco Brain for XQ does a great job of weaving core messaging so elegantly.

The use of animations, coupled with the voiceover, greatly simplifies XQ’s cybersecurity offering.

If you were to ask us, this video checks all the boxes for the perfect explainer video.

13. Duo Security

Not every cybersecurity video should have a serious vibe to it.

Sometimes having fun with your messaging can put the viewers at ease.

And that’s exactly what Martin Thoburn did for Duo Security by delivering their offering in the form of a cartoon.

The cartoon animations do a great job of portraying fun elements in the video without sacrificing the core messaging.

This goes on to show how animated videos can leverage storytelling to simplify offerings and convey the right messages to the right audience.

14. HP

This mixed-media animated cybersecurity video is made by MK12 for HP.

The first thing that you will notice watching this video is its short duration. 

It shows that you can deliver a message of high impact in a short span of time.

The balanced use of real-life footage and animation overlays on the video gives it a nice touch.

The animations feel cohesive as if it is telling a story.

We are simply amazed at how storytelling can greatly improve the core aspects of the video (and much, much more).

15. WipFli


The best way to deliver a message of high impact is to make it as direct as possible.

But it goes one step further with this animated cybersecurity video made by Wipfli.

They used animations to simplify Wipfli’s offering tremendously and made it engaging to watch at the same time.

The use of minimal colors and animations keeps the viewer focused on the message and also keeps them engaged till the end.


What do you get when you combine funny character animations with a serious message?

You get this animated cybersecurity awareness video made by STOEMP.

The video is pretty straightforward and clever enough, that’s the whole point all along.

The way it has executed a serious message about cybersecurity while keeping the overall vibe of the video fun and cheerful is simply flawless.

17. Kaspersky Lab

The voiceover of a video is one of its most crucial components.

But what happens if you get a bit creative with it?

You get this amazing animated cybersecurity video by Digital Lab Video Production made for Kaspersky Lab that takes things to the next level.

The highlight feature of this video is its robotic voiceover which is clearly meant to match the futuristic animations shown in the video.

The perfect execution of 3D animations is breathtaking.

They have managed to simplify EndPoint Security’s offering in a very unique way.

Once we started watching the video, we suddenly lost track of time and watched it till the end.

Yes–it’s that immersive.

18. Scottish Business Resilience Centre

This cybersecurity video has been made by Heehaw for the Scottish Business Resilience Centre and it stands out from the rest of the videos we have covered so far.

The video hosts a narrator with a calm and soothing voice that immediately hooks you in from the start.

The balanced use of actual footage and animations is really fun to watch and keeps you engaged throughout.

If you want to know what a perfect animated informational video looks like, look no further than this video.

19. Xage Security

Sometimes in our pursuit to stay safe on the Internet, we remain unaware of various cybersecurity protocols.

This animated video by ClearCutVideos by Xage Security uses animations to explain in brief various cybersecurity protocols and best practices while surfing the Internet.

Such educational videos really benefit from animations as they not only make things simple to understand but also engaging to consume.

20. Accedian


Have you ever seen an animated explainer video whose animations are just as impressive as the content it delivers?

This animated isometric explainer video made by Kasra Design for Accedian is a great example of animations done well.

The isometric animations make the video stand out and the accompanying motion graphics do a great job of complementing it too.

And being able to explain tough cybersecurity concepts simply with the use of those isometric animations is really impressive.

21. Rubica

This is an immersive animated cybersecurity video made by Hippie House Studio for the good folks at Rubica.

The thing that immediately stands out when watching this video is the immersive visuals and animations.

The voiceover has greatly simplified Rubica’s offering in a way it’s interesting to watch and understand.

22. Bitdefender

This animated cybersecurity video is an experience like never seen before.

Made by Demo Duck for Bitdefender, it takes on a 2D character animation style that closely resembles animated superhero movies.

The futuristic visuals of the video give it a life of its own, all the while presenting Bitdefender’s offering in a very unique way.

We wished we could get more of it.

23. Netacea


Here's an example of a brand film done right.

Made by the good folks at Flow Creative, it turns Netacea into a living and breathing entity that you can't keep your eyes off of.

It's feels ambitious and futuristic.

While showing the viewers a clear picture of Netacea as a brand and what they stand for.

24. Firemon


Understanding cyber security on an enterprise level is not easy to grasp at first.

But videos have made this smooth sailing.

Case in point: Firemon.

They take the help of Fifteen4 to bring us this immersive cybersecurity video.

Its punchy orange hues are nothing short of eye candy.

And if you haven't been swept away by the visuals just yet, the way it simplifies enterprise cybersecurity is the next thing that catches your eye.

25. Galois | Formal Verification

This is an amazing cybersecurity video made by Deep Sky for Galois.

The thing we noticed first about this video is the use of complicated visuals that were made easy to digest with the use of 2D animations.

Another great example of how animation greatly simplifies things and makes it easier for you to tell your story.

The balanced use of colors and visual animation does a great job of making the video as immersive and engaging as possible

26. Dragnshield Security

This is a motion graphics cybersecurity animation video made by Boomframes for Dragnshield Security.

The simplistic animations make it effective and give clarity on Dragnshield Security’s offering in a very effective way.

The use of consistent colors throughout does a good job of instilling consistency in messaging and viewer engagement.

27. Galois | Cryptography

We revisit our good friends at Deep Sky and Galois with this animated cybersecurity video.

This video goes into a serious topic that affects many people but it’s the way they convey awareness about it that matters.

The power of animation is clearly visible in this video and we just can’t get enough of it.

28. Cisco

Check out this animated cybersecurity video made by Cisco.

The mixed-media animation style makes it stand out with the perfect blend of animations and a human interpreter.

The futuristic animations make it interactive and enjoyable to watch.

All of this is done while keeping Cisco’s offering intact and elevating its appeal even more.

29. Cisco Microsegmentation

We had to include another great video from Cisco again.

This example from Emotion Studios has knocked it out of the park for Cisco.

The animations and presentation are consistent with the previous video we just looked at.

The animations and offerings might be different, but the ethos and brand value are the same throughout and we totally admire it.

30. DELL 

This animated cybersecurity video proves that a small package can deliver a huge impact.

Created by Partizan for DELL, it is a simple yet powerful animated promo video that creates awareness regarding cybersecurity (and does it well).

They went simple and minimalist with this in terms of colors and motion graphics.

And that’s what makes this video impactful as it removes the fluff and focuses on the things that matter the most.

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31. IBM

Let’s have a look at this awesome animated cybersecurity video made by BIEN for IBM.

The thing that stands out is the simplicity of each animation.

And for us–that’s a good thing.

Using animations to be concise and deliver your message in a way that’s straight to the point makes for an effective explainer video.

So far we have seen many great examples of the amazing potential of what animated videos can do.

And we are barely scratching the surface.

32. Cyvera


Have a look at this animated cybersecurity video made by Lunar North for Cyvera.

This video takes a funny (yet effective) approach to spreading awareness about cybersecurity.

The character animations and voiceover tell a great story that hooks you from the very beginning.

Another classic example of how good storytelling has been made great with the help of video animations.

33. Kaspersky Mobile Malware Monsters

This animated cybersecurity video is in a league of its own.

The good folks at Kilogramme made this video for Kaspersky and it’s simply stunning.

The video takes on a 3D video game approach to its animation to quickly reel in the viewer from the very start.

Using that animation and 3D visuals gamifies the entire message and lets the viewer figure out what the video is trying to say

Just like in a video game.

What a unique way to spread awareness about cybersecurity!

34. Emsisoft Antivirus

Simplicity meets again with this animated cybersecurity video by Cristian Rodriguez for Emsisoft Antivirus.

With malware also comes solutions to maintain optimal cybersecurity and this video does a great job of educating the viewer about just that.

The simplistic motion graphics animations make it easier for the viewer to follow along and stay connected to the core messaging of the video.

The animations have successfully increased the appeal of Emsisoft’s offering, thereby fulfilling the purpose of this video.

35. Panda Adaptive Defense 360

We revisit our good folks from Panda Security with this animated cybersecurity video.

Just like the previous video of their’s, we saw in this list, they have gone above and beyond with this video as well.

The way they have showcased Panda Security’s offering is simply amazing and it just shows that there are multiple ways to do one thing and do it well each time.

The only limit we have to such creativity is our imagination.

36. Cybersecurity Awareness Campaign


This example from Antidote Studio is a special one.

Acting as an awareness video that can be used in cybersecurity campaigns, it not only does the job, it does it well.

The visuals and various cybersecurity-related icons make for a pleasant viewing.

But most importantly, it touches upon the essential challenges in cybersecurity and gives you a picture of its significance.

37. American Express

Let’s have a look at this animated cybersecurity video made by Flock of Pixels for American Express.

The animated video is colorful and vibrant and gives a positive vibe to anyone who watches this from start to end.

We have seen so many ways animation has improved the core aspects of videos and this is most certainly one of our favorites.

38. AT&T

Have you ever seen a 3D animated video that feels so realistic that you can’t help but be lost in admiring its beauty?

When you watch this animated cybersecurity video by VeracityCollab for AT&T we are sure this is going to happen to you.

The use of animations has not only made the video really engaging to consume, it has made something as complex as “firewalls” easy to understand.

This is the hallmark of an explainer video made with perfection.

39. MagilaTech

Explaining cyber security is a job easier said than done.

But with the right tools, it's not only easy but also fun.

Here's a video from MagilaTech to demonstrate this further.

Taking help from What a Story paid off as it gives us, the viewer, a tangible way to visualize the importance of cybersecurity.

The minimal animations and elegant design give MagilaTech's message the center stage.

Demanding your full attention the second you start watching this video.

40. Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute

This last example is a good one.

Notice how bland visuals can make even the most informative video feel like scratching vinyl.

But when you add animation to it, suddenly it’s the best thing you have ever seen.

We have this animated cybersecurity video to prove it.

Created by Goldener Westen for Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute (or GDI for short), this video is nothing short of a masterpiece.

The way it presents complicated facts and statistics so simply is its main highlight and we love it through and through.


There’s a good reason why every Fortune 1000 company, regardless of industry, uses animated video and storytelling as part of their marketing strategy today.

What about you?

Are you using this powerful tool as part of your strategy and growth plan today?

It’s never too late to start!

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