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5 Best Cyber Security Videos to Watch in 2022

Apr 28, 2022 2:21:38 AM

If you're in a hurry we'd suggest you to check out the best cyber security videos we've seen over the last several years below, or else dig deep!

What to expect from the blog:-

Why do you need a cyber security video?

We live in an information-saturated world. And as a result, cybersecurity has never been more critical and vital. Like one’s own health, you don’t realize how important it is until something goes wrong.

Ironically, a consequence of all this instant access to so much information is a high signal-to-noise ratio, so to speak. There’s simply too much of it. The problem isn’t getting your message out there, it’s being heard and understood amidst the endless noise. Your message is a drop in the ocean.

And if you cannot make that critical connection with your audience, all is lost. All your marketing and advertising is money going down the drain.

This is why you need something to break through the noise and be heard and remembered. With the power of animated cyber security videos you can do that and a lot more. Let’s learn how in the next section!

How can animated cyber security videos help?

We are truly visual creatures. Sight and sound are our primary senses for perceiving the world around us. This is why video is so powerful and effective at grabbing attention and delivering a memorable message, especially when combined with the magic of storytelling.

In much the same way that the internet revolutionized the world with instant information access from anywhere, video is transforming the way we communicate. With increasing data speeds and proliferation, it’s only natural for people to shift from text to images to video, in everything from social media to business.

The true power of animated video comes in its unique ability to grab and hold the viewer’s attention better than images, sound or text; and hold their attention while delivering an engaging message that stays fresh in their memory for a long time afterward, even after just one viewing.

It’s especially effective in explaining complex topics in-depth, going into detail without losing the viewer’s interest or attention, in a way that no other format that currently exists can accomplish.

And what topic is more critically important and in need of explaining, than cybersecurity today?

Best Cyber Security Videos to Watch in 2022

Still not convinced about what animated storytelling can do for the cybersecurity industry? Then don’t take our word for it. Check out this selection of our favorite animated videos on cybersecurity from the best of the best and see for yourself!

#5 Kaspersky Threat Management & Defense

It’s hard to communicate aspects of cybersecurity since it involves things you cannot see and touch, like data, viruses, software and so on. People have a clear image in their minds when they hear about, say, a burglary or theft, where someone breaks in and steals physical objects. But talk about hacking, firewall, etc. and most people’s minds go blank. Especially key decision-makers who are not always computer-savvy.

This is where animation really excels, because it can depict the real world, but it can also conjure up more abstract and creative imagery that can better describe and explain things that are not physical. Like this video for Kaspersky, for example. With creative license and a sharp script, it brings to life the reality of cybersecurity and its importance to any business of any size.

#4 AT&T Threat Manager

This animated cyber security explainer video for AT&T takes a similar approach, bringing to stark reality the nature of the risks that you work so hard to protect against. The high-tech visual style subtly underscores the technical complexity of the work you do, and presents AT&T’s Threat Manager as the heroic savior that every company needs to stay safe from cyber threats.

#3 CrowdStrike: Breaches Stop Here

It’s tricky enough explaining cybersecurity to your audience when it comes to securing their own computers and data. And it’s an order of magnitude explaining cybersecurity in the cloud.

You could have the safest system in-house, but all that changes once your data goes into the cloud where it’s pretty much out of your hands.

Fortunately, CrowdStrike created an innovative solution to address this exact set of problems. But how to explain something this technology to the general public? They opted to use an animated explainer video on cybersecurity to talk about the risks and what they do to mitigate them and keep their customers’ data safe, whether it’s local or up in the cloud.

#2 StackPath


The information age is all about out-of-the-box, disruptive innovation. And Stackpath’s approach to cybersecurity in this video made by Epipheo is no different. Rather than “bolting on” more and more protocols and systems to secure data, their idea was to build it right with clever solutions that communicate with each other and work together.

Cool idea, but how do you explain all this in a way that holds the audience’s attention? If you make it too simple, the explanation falls flat and nothing of substance is really communicated. If you go too in-depth, it can bore and overwhelm even the viewers who are familiar with information security.

Epipheo created this clever video that explains cybersecurity thoroughly enough without losing the audience’s interest or overwhelming them with too much information, using a blend of a well-written script and interesting visuals to tell their story.

#1 CrowdStrike Falcon Complete

The internet never sleeps, and the risks never abate. The solution isn’t to throw ever more resources at security, but to work smart, not just hard.

That was the idea behind CrowdStrike Falcon. It sounds deceptively simple, but it’s anything but. However, to explain how this solution really works without losing the audience’s attention, CrowdStrike once again turned to animation to help tell their story– to great effect!

Need more examples? See how we helped VMware, SUSE, and Attivo Networks solve their challenges with cyber security videos!


There’s a good reason why every Fortune 1000 company, regardless of industry, uses animated video and storytelling as part of their marketing strategy today. What about you? Are you using this powerful tool as part of your strategy and growth plan today? It’s never too late to start!


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