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7 Reasons to Hire A Video Animation Team

Jun 29, 2021 7:46:13 AM

Animated videos are like the frosting on the cake that gets instantly noticed. No wonder then that the ideal way to introduce and explain a product and drive sales, is through animated product videos.

These are engaging and enticing videos that marketers use to promote and explain their products to the customers in a more impactful way. And this is easier said than done-- in a world so saturated with media, your viewers’ attention spans are shrinking like never before. People don’t want to read long descriptions to know about a product. They wouldn’t even want to watch a static video that’s dull and boring. Animated videos stand as a winner here – provided, of course, they’re done right.

Animated videos can convey a message more compellingly. They are interesting and entertaining to watch. They bring plenty of benefits to the table, which is a part of the reason why even the world’s leading brands invest extensively in animation.

But if you’re still not convinced, here are 7 reasons why you should hire a video animation team and incorporate animated videos into your marketing strategy:

1. Initiate Engaging Conversations

initiate-engaging-conversation- Final-19-may

Remember the time when you were so engrossed in cartoon channels? (In fact, even your parents used to watch them with you.) Those were the first animated videos we were exposed to.

The colorful graphics are used to create an amazing visual treat for the kids. That’s exactly what animated product videos are doing in the marketing landscape, targeting adults. By using interactive graphics, animated videos make a lasting impact on the viewers. They convey a message in a better and more engaging way compared to a regular blog. Even studies have proven that the brain tends to grasp visual information 90% more than textual content.

So, as a smart business owner, you should ideally invest in animated videos to grab the attention of your target audience and initiate a meaningful conversation with them. A higher engagement rate, especially when the audience is extensively enjoying and finding the content valuable, is the cornerstone of great returns.

In fact, not all animated videos need to be infographic explainer styled! Here’s a catchy cartoon video we created for a plumbing service’s social media:

2. Funnel Down Attention to Convert More


Conversion, aka sales, is the Holy Grail of every marketing strategy. Attractive custom animated videos check all the boxes to make this happen.

These videos can fit at any stage of your marketing funnel. So, whether you want to generate leads or resell to your existing customers, they work well everywhere. 

Of course, this requires the animation videos to be really good and relevant. If they are, they will effectively grab one’s attention, initiate a conversation, and then funnel down that individual towards conversion. 

So, if you want to increase your conversion rate and drive more revenue, having a professional video animation team by your side is important.

Here’s an example of a pretty specific target audience within a specific industry: temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical logistics / shipping. It’s clearly targeted at a niche customer; but we created this video in such a way that anyone can follow the explanation. The end result is that any viewer can understand how Sonoco’s Orion system is a brilliant solution to a problem they may not realize even exists. So it’s specific, but at the same time stays relevant no matter where the viewer lies within your funnel

3. Custom Solutions Per Your Unique Needs


Every business has varied requirements that keep on changing at regular intervals. It is important to respond to those changes and prepare accordingly to drive maximum returns. 

When you have a professional team of animated video creators holding your hands, you can expect customized solutions that fit your requirements perfectly. You never have to worry about getting behind the crowd or following someone’s footsteps, or being limited in ideas and concepts. 

These experts will first understand your needs and requirements, and then create a custom animated video that enables you to achieve optimally. So you get an efficient and cost-effective outcome that’s tailored to your goals. 

Here’s another example of how an animated video can be crafted to target a specific audience. Not everyone wears contact lenses or glasses, so this video that we created for CooperVision gets right to the point speaking directly to customers who wear contacts daily:

4. Keeping You Ahead in the Game

keep-you-ahead-in-the-game Final--20-may

The landscape of video marketing is changing every so often. What was the “it” yesterday isn’t anywhere to be found today.

Similarly, there are many types of animation; some types work better than others. Some may work great today but fall flat tomorrow. The opposite is just as true. 

Keeping a tab of such trends, as well as understanding the nuance of the market in context to what works and what doesn’t – it’s a challenge. Besides, do you really have that much time in hand for this?

When you have a professional video animation team with you, you’re ahead in the game by default. It’s a part of the job for these experts to be aware of the market trends and latest practices, and then accordingly evolve their approach to bring the best outcome to the table.

So, you get animated videos that are in sync with the latest trends in pop culture; a video that’s contextualized to the now.

5. Save Time (And Money)

save-time-and-save-money- Final--21-may

As opposed to hiring actors and creating a set to record a live-action video, creating animation is easier and cost-effective. If you’re really serious about video marketing and amping your marketing ROI, animated videos can do wonders for your business at much less investment.

It’s also an ideal choice to tap on the moment trends. For instance, if something is currently trending on social media, you can create a bridge content that makes some connection between your brand and that trending topic. This would help you drive more top-of-the-funnel attention. 

Now, videos can be a great bridge content for this; videos perform much better on social channels. The problem is, creating a video will take time; the trend will be over before you have the video ready. 

This is where animated video could be more preferable. Professional video animation makers, equipped with the right tools, infrastructure, and resources, can create a video rather quickly.

For example, we worked with our client FactSpread to put out a series of quick but topical videos around current events-- the Coronavirus outbreak, for example:

6. Prompt Execution, Great Outcome


Continuing with the previous point, making animated videos can be quick. The professional team can be prompt in execution to deliver you the desired outcome in a quick span. And in the business world, in context to marketing, where competition is so high, prompt execution can be a key differentiating factor for businesses. 

When you act quickly to identify opportunities, create a plan around those opportunities, and take quick actions, you’re almost assured of great results.

So an experienced team of animation makers can position your business strongly to achieve higher scalability and sustainability. 

7. The Right Quality Videos


There are countless benefits of animation videos. They are attention-grabbing. They drive more engagement. They can help generate leads and sales. They can be used to build brand identity. They can ensure high brand recall. They can help you build a strong social media presence. Many benefits…

But these benefits are only possible if the animation video is good in the first place. And this is a challenge. 

Creating a custom animated video that’s relevant and meaningful requires extensive market research. Moreover, it demands sophisticated skills and hands-on experience to hit the bulls-eye. These are what a professional video animation team will bring to the table for you.

Tapping into their experience and expertise, they can deliver you great quality animated videos that are informational and tell a great story, subsequently bringing you the rewards that you want and expect. 

Here’s a video that we created for The Association of BC Forestry Professionals:

Why Brands Rely On Broadcast2World (And Why You Can Too)?

Broadcast2World is one of the leading creative animated video production companies in the industry today. Since our inception, we have worked with clients from across different industries, enabling them with the desired growth and dominance. So regardless of the industry you’re in – healthcare, finance, education, retail, more – or the type of business you own, we have the right hands-on experience to deliver you adequately. 

We have a strong team of specialists who have worked with many top brands and in many successful campaigns. The team works collectively to deliver clients not just an ideal outcome but also a personalized experience and 100 percent satisfaction. This is one of the factors why Broadcast2World has a high referral and client retention rate that surpasses industry averages. 

There are many reasons why Broadcast2World stands as a go-to for companies in need of animated video services. Armed with the rights tools and facilities, we commit to deliver the finest quality results. We have a transparent pricing policy that fits harmoniously with clients’ marketing budgets; no hidden charges, no gimmicky fees. Throughout the process of creating animation videos, at different stages, we also offer free revisions in case you want things to be slightly different. Our team loves and prioritizes deadlines just as much as you; we guarantee to deliver per the outlined timeline. 

The Bottom Line

Don’t ignore the power of animated videos.

Don’t try the DIY methods.

Do things the right way. Do what successful brands do. Hire a professional animation team and have them as an extension to your marketing team. Work together to create great videos and achieve greater things. Irrespective of your goals, these animated videos assure to fit those goals and exceed your expectations in terms of ROI.

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