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Unlock The Secrets To Viral Video Marketing

Jul 5, 2016 5:39:59 AM

Everybody is swearing by the word Viral Video Marketing, but how many of us are actually aware of it’s in’s and out’s? Very less, I’m sure. You might be surprised to know how viral video marketing works in extremes; it has it’s positives and negatives. You could be an instant success or a disastrous failure - all depending on how well you planned and executed your viral video marketing efforts.

You must have seen funny and crazy video going viral on the internet. Would you make a similar one for your brand? Would putting a funny cat video get you results? Certainly not, as it is nowhere related to your brand. Viral video marketing is that growth hacking tool which , if used wisely, can make the ROI baby hip-hop!

So let’s see what exactly Viral Video Marketing means.

It’s a technique, a method which companies use to promote brand awareness, services and products, or may to achieve some other marketing objectives. Social networking and growth hacking tools are used to achieve maximum traction for the videos. The video is shared organically by the brand in it’s existing set of audience and then people share it (only if it’s share-worthy)!

But, what exactly makes a video wear the ‘viral’ crown?

While there isn’t any hard set standard of colossal views that the video must gain to be crowned as ‘viral video’, however there is a general consensus on getting over 5 million views within the span of 2 to 3 weeks. But, there are many videos that nailed over 10 million view in that period. The idea is that people remember it and hence the video and eventually the brand, gets to taste the benefits of word of mouth marketing.

Wondering what viral video marketing has for your business?

Here’s it can get you -

  • Brilliant brand awareness with fantastic reach across the world.
  • It’ll cost you peanuts compared to standard promotional advertising.
  • Better audience targeting can be executed.
  • Higher rate of conversions rather inflationary rate.

Now that you know what is viral video marketing and what it can do for you, thoughts that might be juggling in your mind would be how exactly do you create viral content. Bingo?

Here’s our take on making viral content:


Bucket? Umm...what was that?

Relax, I’m talking about the content bucket. When you select a topic, make sure that it falls in one of these content buckets.

a) Inspirational

Adidas: "Create Your Own Game"


b) Topical

John Lewis "Man on the Moon"


c) Useful

Coolest Travel Hacks - Tricks for a smart traveler


d) Celebrate the viewer’s life

Dove: Choose Beautiful YouTube Campaign

Celebrate User's Life

e) Change the world

"Slap her' : Children's reaction

Change the world

Let me explain what does that mean.

See if your content is Inspirational, whether or not it boosts enthusiasm in people to create some or say to take an action. You can try Topical content that can tap on the current interest and relevance quite well; basically something that is newsworthy. Or rather see if your brand can create some Useful content for it’s audience; tips/ tricks/ hacks anything. You can even Celebrate the viewer’s life by creating content that impacts their emotional quotient in some or the other way. Finally, if your brand could come up with an unconventional idea that has the potential to Change the word, then there’s nothing like it. You’ll be a champion!

If the content your brand is creating falls in these buckets, then gear up and execute otherwise trash it.


Hit emotional chords of your target audience by creating a compelling story. Don’t confuse emotional with something sad; the content has to be uplifting in nature as happy content gets shared more and more. The safest approach is to create a script and let your nears and dears read it. If it generates the right ‘feel’, then go on and shoot the video.

My Dad's Story: Dream for My Child | MetLife is one classic example of storytelling video. With 1,497,418 shares, this video was an instant hit!


Storytelling is everywhere, it’s in the vogue and shall remain there for a long time to come. It’s high time your business leverages on the magical power of storytelling!


The content should be so strong that the viewer must watch it till the end. You don’t have to shout out loud about your brand throughout the video and rather take a subtle approach by keeping your brand’s DNA intact. Remember, the video should not be an effort towards overt promotion of your brand.

Pandora "The Unique Connection"



Sounds weird? How can you plan virality?

It’s true, you ought to plan your viral video marketing really well.

Not all videos happen to get viral automatically. Behind most of the marketing video that go viral

is  a strong base of social follows or sometimes companies tie up with sources that have huge following on web and ask these sources to share the video. This is crucial for giving an initial push to the video.

#Tips to create initial hype

  • Create behind the scenes video
  • Create buzz about upcoming video on social channels
  • Create small teasers and post them across media

Videos are the most consumed content on the internet, so it’s high time that you jump on the video bandwagon right away to create ‘viral’ success stories! Just create share-worthy content, evoke emotions, put a great marketing plan in place and viral video marketing will your biggest growth hacker!

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