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Are Ms. Video & Mr. Marketing in Harmony at Your Brand?

Mar 28, 2019 7:51:58 AM

Counselor - "Mr. and Mrs… Umm??"

Respondents - "Ms. Video and Mr. Marketing!"

Counselor- "Now the fact that you’ve sought marriage guidance means you want this relationship to work!

So, try to be honest at all times. Remember this is a safe place and I am not here to judge you. Who would like to start first?"

Ms.Video - "I want to go first!"

Mr. Marketing - "Why will you go first? I am the MAN! So, I say that I am going first!"

Ms. Video - "It is my fate that makes you the successful man you are! I’ll go first!"

High-Pitched jibber jabber gets started and the couple is unable to decide who goes first.

Ms. Video suddenly shouts out: "He is needy! Everyday! He’d ask what did you do? How many people did you reach out to? How many people are hitting on you? And, most importantly, he’d leave his responsibilities on me, without even having clarity on what am I supposed to do for him."

Mr. Counselor - "And Mr. Marketing?"

Mr. Marketing - "Doctor, this is a partnership! I can’t operate with my 360-degree flexibility if she doesn’t provide her daily activity and if she doesn’t blindly do as I say!"

Ms. Video - "Doctor, you need to hear this out! The other day, he got me this too jazzy and flashy party gown! It was only after I went to the party did I realize that it was a pool party and everyone else was in their most goofy and easy attire! Everyone laughed at me and I felt like such a social misfit! Who tries to make a ‘salesy’ style statement in a casual gathering like that, when everyone is in the mood to chill?"

Mr. Marketing - "Of course, I want you to always make a statement, especially in front of my business rivals! I want them to feel jealous of me! I want to show everyone my grandeur! You know doctor, what did she do at my company’s business conclave forum? While others’ wives talked highly about their husbands’ successful product launches and new innovations, my wife rather chose to talk about how to train a parrot to talk! I would have been the butt of jokes that evening!

Mr. Counselor tries to say something, but Ms. Video abruptly cuts him and says:

"Doc, I can save this marriage only if Marketing promises to tidy-up his mess! I can’t live with unclear expectations and try to bake a cake from a toothpaste batter!"

Mr. Counselor - "Guys! Guys! I want both of you to relax! I see a huge communication gap between you two! If you both really need this partnership to work, set the right expectations! Stop doing things in isolation! Do things together, with the same aim and see how magic can transpire!"

Now, here is the non-theatrical and real-life gist of the conversation that you just read:

Have you ever tried playing darts in the dark? You may try aiming at the bull’s eye but there’s a 1 in a 1000 chance that you will actually hit it. That’s what it looks like when you put the right video on the wrong Marketing platform! And, this is what it looks like when you and your brand are trying to ‘make things work’ between your brand’s videos and Marketing. Moreover, since a lot of brands are unable to solve the Content-Platform puzzle, they end up blaming everyone else and probably even fate for it! Demystifying the Content-Platform puzzle and making things work, are not games of fate, but games of wits and brains!

And, here is some good news: You need not fret! We won't leave you at the mercy of fate to figure out solutions to this mind-freaking puzzle! We’ll help you decode this puzzle and find answers to all that bothers you with your brand’s video marketing!

Yeah, you read that right! The words: VIDEO and MARKETING can go together, and really well at that!

Let’s find a blueprint that makes VIDEO-MARKETING an unforgettable couple!

All you need to follow is a VERY SIMPLE PRINCIPLE: VSP!


Well, hey, the true full form of VSP = Video Success Plan (VSP). And, in the meantime, if you don't want to miss out on any single detail about what this Video Success Plan is, let's watch the video given below:



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