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iPhone6? I’ll be so Uncool with my ancient 5!

Sep 9, 2014 7:30:01 AM

So it’s finally here! After all that wait, the new Apple iPhone 6 is set to be unveiled on the 9th of September at the Flint Centre, California - the same place where the original Mac debuted 30 years ago. A lot of rumours have been doing the rounds for some time now and speculations are rife about the improvements the new version would bring out. Here are few things we are expecting from iPhone 6.


Sometimes I see an android phone and wonder if they shall start manufacturing jeans with pockets that could hold them too. It seems Apple was feeling left behind with its normal sizes compared to android and windows phones that resemble my TV remote or the video game my mom got me as a kid. The brand has gone a step ahead and the new iPhone is supposed to have a larger display size at 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches in its two models.
Consumers prefer bigger phones these days and apple is prepared to serve them with the same. But what about the quality of the display screen? Haven’t you heard stories about broken iPhone screens everywhere? To deal with this issue, the company is said to have made use of Sapphire Glass display. Let’s hope there won’t be cracked screens anymore.


There’s no point in buying a phone that expensive if you can’t click amazing quality selfies with it for your instagram handle. The existing version offers one of the best cameras at 8MP and with the advancement in technology, we expect Apple to go a step further and improve the camera quality.
While some say it’s still going to stick to 8MP, there are indications that the new version will offer a 13MP camera sensor with additional features like integrated optical image stabilization for better photos. Some sources even suggest interchangeable camera lenses to be introduced with the new version. And if all that you’re bothered with are your selfies, rest assured! Apple promises a vastly improved front camera.


How do you differentiate between an iPhone 4 and an iPhone 5? They all look the same to me. How would people know that I upgraded it! Design is one aspect that has remain unchanged in the iPhone’s previous models, except for iPhone 5c which came up with a plastic body. However, leaked photos of the device indicate that this time the design has drastically been revamped. The new device is believed to be slimmer with a metal body. Apart from redesigned pill-shaped volume buttons and speaker holes, the power button has been relocated to the right side for easy single handed operation. With its softly rounded corners, iPhone 6 closely resembles the iPad mini and the latest iPod touch in style.


Do you have friends who are always carrying their iPhone chargers everywhere they go? I know such people. For them, a longer battery life is a dream. Everyone is expecting a faster processor, bigger memory and a longer battery life from iPhone 6. As far as the storage options are concerned, the new device might offer up to 128 GB storage space along with a 1-2 GB RAM. So now, you can fill your phone with even more crap than before.
With an improved motion co-processor, iOS 8 shall deliver a much better and enhanced user experience with new software features.
If you don’t have an iPhone, maybe it’s time to jump on to the bandwagon. And if you do, well, it’s no longer the latest version!

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