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How A Low Quality Video Can Hurt Your Business

Aug 10, 2015 4:49:38 AM

We all know that online video is the man of the moment. We frequently hear about the rewards we will reap if we get it right. The other side of the coin has been less explored. What happens when your video isn’t right? What are the consequences of publishing low quality video? If good quality video can make you money, it logically follows that low quality video will lose you money. Explainer videos for websites and online videos are the best way to get your message over quickly and easily. Getting it right can mean a huge uplift in website conversions and sales, but getting it wrong can put people off..

If someone is taking the time to watch your explainer video, it is because they are potentially interested in your product, service, or company. If they find themselves watching a terrible video, they will be internally confused: Is this a real company? I like the product, but I don’t really get it. What should I do next? Those are the thoughts your viewers will have, when faced with a low quality explainer videos . When visitors arrive at your website and see a cheesy, low-resolution video, they will most often be immediately turned off by your company. It’s logical though, isn’t it? As a potential customer, if I think that the quality of video your business is willing to associate itself with is incredibly low, then why would the quality of your product or services be any different? It creates the appearance that you are a business that cuts corners and tries to do things the cheapest way, instead of the right way. Conversely, if I go to your website and am met by an interesting, engaging, high-quality animated video for business, then I am certainly more likely to be impressed with your brand or your company as a whole.

Always remember that a video with high production value is a great video. It’s OK to make silly or comical videos, but the video production must be good! There are a number of ways that we can interpret ‘poor quality’ – this does not just mean the actual quality of the sound and image but other factors that also affect the visitor experience.

Here’s a handy guide to help you avoid the common mistakes with online video production..

1. Poor quality video production

OK, this one is pretty obvious. But you’ll be surprised at how many low quality videos we see that are put online. While most companies would not dream of getting an amateur website quite a few think that an amateur video is acceptable!

If you think that your explainer video is going to be the first impression that someone will have of your business you soon start to realize that ‘first impressions really do count’. So make sure that the video picture is sharp and in focus, the sound is of a good quality and it’s lit well. You can check out our video production guides for specific articles on how to produce a good quality video.

In a nutshell, if there are technical issues with your video production then your audience will notice them and it will detract from your messages.

2. Don’t make your videos too long

One way to lose a viewer is if the video is too long. Research has shown that videos under 90 seconds are most effective, and if someone sees your video is much longer then they’ll probably not watch it.

One of the best ways to make sure that your video is not too long is to firstly plan the key messages you want to get over. For example, a great way to do this is to present a problem, then present a solution (i.e. your product/service), show how it works (this is the explainer bit) and then have a call to action.

Use this format to write a short and concise script. You can then test it out on colleagues and friends. Make sure you time it and if it’s still too long then cut out any bits you don’t need.

3. Make sure you have an obvious call to action

It sounds obvious but we see loads of videos where they just end without a call to action. Studies have shown that viewers actually like being told what to do! This is the same in all sales – people get confused if they are not given clear instructions.

Without this you’ll get reduced conversion rates as viewers will bounce off the site without doing anything. With today’s technology you can incorporate calls-to-action in the video script as well as overlaid on the video itself. Video hosting sites such as ‘Wistia’ allow you to embed ‘clickable’ calls-to-action in the video. This could be a link or an e-mail sign up.

Whatever your call to action make it clear. The results will speak for themselves.

4. Don’t be too pushy for the sale

One of the best things about online and explainer videos is that they get over your message in a memorable and remarkable way. As with point 2 above, the format is tried and tested and really works. This means that you don’t have to be too pushy to get the sale. The video is designed to help the viewer come to a logical conclusion that there is only one thing to do… use your product or service.

This means that you don’t have to be too ‘salesy’ in your pitch – which can put some people off. In addition, because these sort of videos are usually humorous then they are often shared which means increased reach.

5. Incorrect placement of your video

You’ll need to make sure that you have implemented the video in the right place on your website. Often, this is the homepage but it can sometimes be more effective when it’s on a page that’s related directly to the product or service.

By making sure that the video is relevant to the subject matter you’ll decrease bounce rates and up conversions.

6. Not getting yourself a good story

Storytelling is the tool that shall allow your business to put across the message in the best possible way. What is that a story can’t portray? Practically, nothing. Businesses often fail to understand the impact that a powerful story can make. Tap on this magic wand and see your business growing!

Explainer videos and online videos are the ideal way to show viewers your personality. They are great for engagement and building trust in what you do. It’s like having the perfect elevator pitch on your website. If you’d like to discuss any sort of video production then we’d love to help.  Click here for a free video consultation!

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