Importance Of Character Animation In Advertising Videos

May 7, 2012 5:09:34 AM

Internet videos are getting more popular because of growing use of sophisticated technologies.

To quickly gain the attention of viewers, businesses are increasingly looking to have a cartoon or character based videos for their websites.

The idea behind having a cartoon or character in a video is to give an identity to a business. This also helps the businesses in making people remember them easily, besides letting them associate with the cartoon/character used in the video.


Character animation based videos: In these videos the cartoon animation maker creates an animated cartoon or character such as that of an animal or a person.

An animated character can give a new feel to a video and also make it stand out from other such videos. Such characters are deliberately made to give a larger than life image, to make them immediately grab the attention of viewers. They are made to look, behave and act in a certain manner.

Let’s see the advantages associated with character animation:

Particular traits: The positive aspect of character animation is that they can be given a particular trait, to make them more enjoyable and informative.

For example, a character can be made to get an idea the moment he taps his head with one of his fingers.

Creates an image: Character animation lets a business create an identity in the minds of viewers. As the popularity of a character grows, people start identifying the business more with the character.

This can be further done by associating the character with the product for which the video is made.

For example, to popularize the services of a telephone company, a character can be shown to become happy the moment it uses the services of that company.

Targets specific audience: The animated character can be made to target a specific set of audience.

For example, cartoon characters of pets can be made to target small and younger generation.

Saves money and time: Since making them require the use of specific softwares and not the expensive cameras or the services of an actor etc, their cost of production remains low. And not only this, for the same reason, they can also be produced quickly and conveniently from a single location.

Impressive storyline: These videos can be beautifully knit around an impressive storyline. Character animation enhances the effect and impression of a story. In fact, stories and character compliments each other.

Viral effect: A specialized animation maker can easily create a character which can make people emotionally involve with it.

Characters can be made to generate the feelings of awe, shock or humour. These videos can be uploaded on networking sites to let people share them several times.

A professional, cartoon animation maker is well positioned to understand the specific needs of your business.

Such an animation maker company has all the professionals sitting under one roof, who work hard to give you a video which is professionally complete in every aspect.


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