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8 Steps to Create An Great Animation Video for Marketing Promotions

May 16, 2017 8:41:34 AM

For the time being let’s forget what an explainer video is! Let’s talk about ‘Explanation’. Explaining or making things understand to others has become an important part of daily communication. We explain situations, matters and happenings to the ones around us. So, we are all born ‘Explainers’. It’s just that we don’t always succeed in getting our point across.

However, there are some very different kind of people who have mastered the skill of Explaining and don’t ever go wrong. It comes even more naturally to them and they don’t realize it at all. They are called Explainers in the world of communication and have given birth to altogether a different tool of marketing called “Explainer Videos”. Their explanation is result oriented.

They don’t just explain new and complex ideas in a simple easy to understand manner but also grab a great amount of attention with their unique and interesting methods of Explanation.

Amalgamation of Explainers, Companies, and Video gives birth to an Explainer Video!

1. Client Interaction: Knowing the Client

An awesome explainer video that customers can relate to has got to be made with a feel and when we say that, we truly believe that clients don’t reach us just to get a video made that is delivered to them on time.

NO! We believe they are with us to gain an experience, to understand how much we love their product and the efforts we put in to present it in the best possible manner.

We believe in establishing relationships and we achieve that by going through a questionnaire filled by them which is all about their product. The other one being con-calls! These always help.

script-for-an-amazing-explainer-video2. Script: Let’s begin with Storytelling:

Storytelling is the essence of explainer videos. We try creating a story that the customers can relate themselves with and say: ‘oh yes, this is what they had been looking for!’

So, yeah, we do create stories because storytelling is the key to the hearts of the audiences out there.

Product explanation is easy but that wouldn’t make the customers want to buy it! This is the reason we narrate a story - one that revolves around a character - one that they can connect themselves with - the one that leaves an impression in the minds of the target audiences!

Concept of an amazing explainer video3. Concept and Illustration: From Words to Visualization to Illustration:

We don’t like putting the story in words and leaving it up to the audiences to imagine the rest. We visualize the story and present the concept in a detailed manner or in a shot by shot format - we call it the Storyboard stage. But before we begin the visualization, we got to share some character options. When creating these characters we make sure that it complements the client’s products or service.

At this vital stage, first of all, we only imagine the entire story in our heads - We have got to imagine the entire setting, the expressions of the character, the movements, the gestures of the character and every minute detail that one can think of.

Once it’s done we begin to illustrate those visuals that we imagined.

Graphics of an amazing explainer video4. Graphic Creation: We like our characters having red, yellow, blue hair!

Would you enjoy watching shows on a black and white television? No! That’s because our world is full of colors. Restricting yourself to two colors is so not done.

This is why our animated videos too have colors in them! The illustrated images look lively the moment we drop colors on them.

Not just that, colors are used to depict associations, build identity, convey structure and enhance meanings too. Every color has its emotions and should be in sync with each other when used in a shot! Most importantly, we take due care that the graphics should reflect and be in sync with the client’s branding altogether.

5. Animation: The still images just came to life.

This is the stage when the still or lifeless characters come to life and begin to talk about the product or the service. And in one word, we call it Animation. This is the stage where all the elements are imparted life.

The animated video is the end product and each and every artist works day in and day out to bring it out!

Well, this isn’t the end. Much more to go.

music-for-an-amazing-explainer-video6. Music Syncing: It’s time to shake a leg - “Only animated characters invited”!

How can a perfect story end without music?! Music serves a common purpose in our real lives as well as in animated videos which is adding a feel and preparing our mood!

Above all, choosing music is yet another challenging job. We need to keep the theme of the video in our minds we have to make sure that it complements the product or the service and the concept. Now a complete video packed with awesome background music is all set to receive hits.

6. Client’s Feedback: We love Feedbacks:

We keep them involved at every step. They are the ones who are best aware about how they would want their product or service to be portrayed. We want them to be satisfied and for that we keep taking feedbacks.

As mentioned earlier, we love feedbacks and yes we really do because that helps us get better. We believe, you give us a chance to make perfect piece!

delivering-an-amazing-explainer-video_small7. Video Delivery: The freshly baked video is set to take on the world:

Don’t worry! Our delivery team takes all the precious care in the world to deliver the newly born marketing tool to you! They are the ones who are up all night long to solve each and every query of the clients. The reason they are called ‘the Night Watchers’. One wouldn’t find more patient beings in the world.

On the other hand our creative team is full of impatient people. Impatient because they are always in the search of the NEW - New Ideas!

The video making process is one of it’s kind in which we rediscover our own self. We discover something new everyday, we work towards finding what nobody has ever thought of - something unique, out of box!

It’s a competition with our own self to give the audiences something they would never want to forget about.

We don’t deliver videos. We deliver ideas with an awesome mix of emotions that strike common chords with the audiences!

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