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15 Mistakes Marketers Make While Marketing

Jun 4, 2015 1:20:01 AM

As someone who is at the helm of the marketing of a company that creates explainer videos - and doing it pretty well if I might add! I have had the pleasure of interacting with marketers from all corners of the globe. I learnt a lot from our clients and every experience has been a great lesson.

The biggest learning experiences undoubtedly, however, were the mistakes we made. When you are in a B2B business, things can go wrong quite quickly. Only by learning from our mistakes can we keep delivering the goods.
What’s even better is learning from someone else’s mistakes!

So here are a few mistakes that your marketing team might be committing, which it shouldn’t be.

#1. Ignoring SEO

As Google rolls out its latest update (May Day, Caffeine, The Farmer Update, the latest Panda tweak, Penguin, the EMD), there have been rumours in the market that, “SEO is dead and only content is the King.”
But McRoberts, CEO of VUDU Marketing recently stated, “SEO is far from dead” but added the caveat that “it’s changed so drastically that people really need to learn to think of it as less of a marketing tactic, and more of a branding play. We understood the need early in the business and believe me, it has helped us a lot in our initial days to spread awareness about our company and sometimes, it helped us even in gaining leads.

If you have been ignoring your Search Engine Optimization strategies for quite a while, your business will most likely suffer the consequences. Your presence and visibility on search engines will not only attract qualified prospects to your business but will also heighten the awareness about your business and brand which would eventually improve conversions, increase sales and skyrocket profits.

#2. When you Don’t Think You Need A Blog

Blogging has emerged as one of the most powerful tools to say what you feel like and let your voice be heard. It's a sacred medium where everyone has the same rights and authorities. If you think your website can do without a blog, you might want to reconsider. Blogs that share trustworthy educative and informative content increase your SEO. Fresh content is always a key to beat out your competitors in the search engine results page. Our company is been into blogging from quite some time and so far it has been helpful in developing great customer relationships and deepening relationships with them.

#3. Thinking that social media is just a waste of time.

In this modern tech savvy world, no one can afford to ignore social media anymore. Everyone is there all the time - tweeting and sharing, liking and commenting. There is no better and more powerful marketing tool than social media today. Social CEOs are better leaders who can strengthen brands, build trust in products and services, demonstrate brand values, and communicate accountability all by simply being on a social network. Social media offers an excellent opportunity to amplify your trade media relations program. Smart sales professionals use social media to begin and extend dialogues, and also to gather valuable information about what's important to their audience.

#4. Failing To Network

There are a lot of trade shows and conferences happening all the time. Even if you can't speak at these conferences, you still have the chance to visit one. It has helped me to build network and I am always quite keen on attending conferences from where I can learn something and establish connections. So, don’t neglect to attend a ton of conferences every year. Get your name out there. You’ll never know what kind of connection you can make, if you don’t get out there.

#5. Never offering discounts and lowering prices

Your company may not be in a position to offer discounts and doing so might cut into your profit margins, but just imagine the kind of exposure it will get you if the offer works and you get tons of new customers. And believe me, this is the opportunity where you can turn these new visitors into loyal and regular customers. We at Broadcast2world recently started an email campaign offering marketing add-ons with every explainer video and trust me, the results were really impressive. So, it is important to give some discounts or such offers to attract customer towards your business.

#6. Not encouraging new ideas and no openness to critiques

Innovation is magical. Yes, it really is. Offering the same content or product without any improvisations over time can prove fatal. Innovation can help your business adapt and evolve in order to survive and grow. Building a culture that supports innovation and freedom of giving ideas can help your business stay relevant, meet challenges, and stay competitive. Innovation is not just about new ideas, but also about new ways of applying ideas. Taking criticism, especially when it comes from your peers or your clients, positively and professionally is a valuable asset.

#7. Not keeping track of Competitors

Keeping track of every aspect of your competitors' marketing, including their packaging, advertising, promotion, social media and website activity is a must. You can also use your knowledge about competitors to understand them and create effective marketing strategies that always keep you one step ahead of your competitors. It helps in improving your own business performance.

#8. Not keeping yourself updated on latest market trends

Every business needs to keep up with the latest marketing trends. Ignoring the latest marketing trends can change the way your current customers respond to you and they might become harder to reach again. Consumers are always looking for something new and fresh and it's your duty as a company to offer them the latest offers and surprises that are in accordance with the latest marketing trends. I know few companies who avoided the newest and latest marketing trends and were soon overtaken by their competitors. I believe you don't want to be in that situation, so please make sure that you keep yourself updated with what's trending and what's not.

#9. Lack of Research, Testing and Analysis –

Testing whether your product or service would work is important and your conclusions should be based on extensive research and analysis. We use tools like Google Analytics, to be able to know how many new visitors our search engine optimization campaign brings to us. Not only this, by using Google Analytics you will also be able to find out what keywords your visitors type in to find your website other than the core set of keywords that you are optimizing. No matter what tool you use, if you can measure it, you can improve it and you should never miss the opportunity to measure your growth and visibility.

#10. Marketing without a USP & Not Using Call to Action

Every product has something unique to it and it's this unique quality that makes it different from the other products out there. If your product has a unique selling point, a quality that people just love about your product, something they'll get nowhere else, no one can stop it from selling like cupcakes. Using effective call to actions and tag lines that would immediately persuade your prospects to buy your product is as important as  your product having a USP. You should not ignore these two little but vital points.

#11. Failing to Care about Repeat Customers

As part of the marketing team of our company, I always make sure that in the quest to find new customers, I don’t end up losing the old ones. A business that stays consistent in serving to its consistent and loyal patrons can never fail. Our company Broadcast2world keeps serving new clients but what has been more important for us it to make sure that we respond to our regular customers with the same energy and deliver the same quality to them so that their trust in us is firm and so that they can return to us in future.

#12. Assuming your work is done when you hit “publish.”

Posting content on your blog or social media page is not sufficient. It's not like that your job is done then and there once you hit the publish or post button. You need to share the posts on every platform, you possibly can and also keep track of the comments and shares you receive. Responding to the comments you receive, connecting with other blogs and commenting with your view points or a link to your website on their posts is a great way to get some eyeballs to your website and business.

#13.  Not understanding your client and their needs and desires.

Like every film maker know his audience before he decides to direct a major motion movie, every business owner and marketer should have an inkling of their target clients and their needs and pain points before they set out to serve them. The needs and desires of our customers have been changing with the changing time and it's not easy to keep up with their demands and requirements but as a company who has been in the business for quite some time now, we have to keep evolving with time.

#14. Terminating marketing campaigns that are still working.

OK, so it was your November Sale that was working for your company and bringing in new leads every next day but since it was supposed to last only till November, you ended the campaign. You might be making a big mistake if you've ever done that or plan to do so. If that offer was working for you in November, why wouldn't it work in December. You can always extend an offer for a month or may be two if it works for you but once, you take the offer down, chances of your customers returning to your website any time sooner turn low.

#15. You Don't Know What You're Doing, But Do it Anyway

And the last thing that I want to share is the importance of being passionate. We all are well acquainted with the fact that nothing is achieved without passion and hard work. If you are really passionate and zealous about something, it will surely pay you the fruits you deserve and if you are not really that passionate about something, it would be better if you leave doing that and start searching for what you are really good at. You know you are going on the wrong track when you are doing something just for the sake of doing it and just because it's your job. If you don't know what you're doing, don't do it, just don't pretend to know everything and still keep doing it. You'll be wasting your time and your customers might forget you in no time.


Our team at Broadcast2world is a group of young and passionate artists who love what they do and trust me, this has been the only reason why we have been successful in satisfying clients from all across the globe. We are human beings and we are bound to make mistakes and these were some common mistakes that marketers make and I have observed them myself and with each step, I have always tried to learn a new and valuable lesson.

I hope that the aforementioned tips would help you and your marketing team in avoiding these mistakes and if they already are, I hope this article would be an eye opener for them and they'll surely improve.

If you have more tips or would like to share more mistakes that marketers make, you can use the comments section to share your knowledge with us and our readers.

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