YouTube Demonetization: Guide From Appeal to Recovery

Mar 14, 2024 8:00:00 AM

Are you ready to dive into the whirlwind world of YouTube revenue, where even the mightiest channels can face the dreaded demonetization dilemma?

From Jake Charles to Pewdiepie, no one's immune to the demonetization debacle, but fear not, for we're here to be your trusty guides through this wild ride!

Whether you're a YouTube newbie or a seasoned veteran, we've got the inside scoop on how to dodge YouTube demonetization disasters and keep your revenue ship sailing smoothly.

    1. What is YouTube Demonetization?
    2. Why Does YouTube Demonetize Videos?
    3. What Happens if Your Content is Demonetized?
    4. What To Do When YouTube Demonetizes You?
      1. Review and Reflect
      2. Community Check
      3. Appeal, Appeal, Appeal
      4. Stay Persistent
    5. How to Avoid YouTube Demonetization?
      1. Know The Guidelines
      2. Copyright Caution
      3. Content Creation Mastery
      4. Navigate Sensitive Topics Carefully
      5. Transparent Disclosure
    6. How to Appeal to YouTube Demonetization
      1. Identify The Reason
      2. Review Guidelines
      3. Submit Appeal
      4. Await Manual Review
      5. Make Necessary Changes
      6. Submit Through Official Channels
      7. Be Patient and Persistent
    7. How to Supplement Your YouTube Income
      1. Diversify Your Income Streams
      2. Building a Loyal Subscriber Base
      3. Embrace Alternative Revenue Streams
      4. Think Beyond YouTube
    8. Frequently Asked Question
      1. What Will Happen to My Already-Earned YouTube Money After Demonetization?
      2. Does YouTube Still Make Money Off of Demonetized Videos?

What Is YouTube Demonetization?


YouTube demonetization is like getting a financial slap on the wrist from the digital overlords.

It's when your videos or entire channel lose the golden ticket to ad revenue, due to YouTube's strict guidelines.

Think of it as YouTube's way of saying, "Not cool, bro," when your content doesn't play nice with advertisers' sensibilities. 

You're cruising along, making content, and suddenly your monetization icon turns as gray as a Monday morning.

That's YouTube demonetization in action.

And while it might feel like a digital dagger to the heart, it's not necessarily personal.

YouTube just wants to keep its advertisers happy and its content kosher. 

But fear not, fellow creators, for there's hope on the horizon.

By staying on the right side of YouTube's guidelines and keeping your content advertiser-friendly, you can dodge the demonetization bullet.

And hey, even if one of your videos gets the monetization boot, it doesn't mean it's game over. Your content can still be viewed and shared, just minus the ad moolah.

when it comes to demonetization, it's not the end of the world; so let’s see…

Why Does YouTube Demonetize Videos?

YouTube demonetizes videos for various reasons, all revolving around keeping advertisers happy and content-appropriate.

From sensitive topics like violence to copyright infringement, YouTube's got a laundry list of no-nos.

They want to make sure advertisers aren't paired up with anything unsavory, like a dating app ad popping up next to a video about crime. 

And let's not forget the YouTube Adpocalypse, where advertisers took a stand against their YouTube video ads showing up on questionable content.

It was like a digital standoff between creators and brands.

YouTube had to tighten the reins, which left many creators feeling the sting of demonetization, even those who played by the rules.

But fear not, fellow content creators! While demonetization may feel like a slap in the face, it's all part of YouTube's grand plan to keep the platform a safe and lucrative space for everyone involved.

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What Happens if Your Content is Demonetized?

When YouTube hits you with demonetization, it's like your ad revenue going poof!

Look at Logan Paul, he posted a video "suicide forest" on  December 2017, which appeared to show a dead body and set off a wave of intense condemnation, and his channel got demonetized because he didn’t adhere to the Youtube Guidelines.

Even the big guns aren't safe! For creators living the ad revenue dream, demonetization is a rude awakening.

It's like watching your paycheck vanish into thin air. Whether you're a small fry or a big fish, it hurts.

But hey, silver lining alert! If your video's already made some cash, that dough stays in your pocket. It's only future earnings that take the hit. 

Now, if YouTube's monetization cops catch you breaking the rules, they've got a whole bag of tricks: adjusting earnings, limiting ad revenue, or even kicking you out of the Partner Program.

But fear not, dear creator! There are more ways to stack those coins than just ad revenue.

Think memberships, merch, Super Chat – the cash flow doesn't have to stop.

What To Do When YouTube Demonetizes You?

Facing YouTube demonetization can feel like a gut punch, but fear not, here's your game plan:

1. Review and Reflect

Take a deep dive into why your video got the demonetization boot.

Check for any copyright infringements, sensitive topics, or inappropriate content lurking in your uploads.

Steps- Open YouTube Studio> At the bottom, tap Content> Near the top, tap Monetization.

2. Community Check

Don't go it alone! Get your viewers and fellow creators involved.

They might spot issues you missed and offer valuable insights.

3. Appeal, Appeal, Appeal

Don't hesitate to hit up YouTube for a review.

Head to YouTube Studio, find the demonetized video, and hit "Request Review." Provide any extra info to help your case.

Steps- Sign in to YouTube Studio.> From the left menu, select Content.> Go to the video you want to appeal. > Under the “Restrictions” column, hover your cursor over the restriction type and click Appeal. > Enter your reason for appealing and click Submit.

4. Stay Persistent

Don't give up! Keep refining your content and appealing decisions.

With a bit of luck and perseverance, you can turn that demonetization frown upside down!

How to Avoid YouTube Demonetization?

To keep the YouTube demonetization monster at bay, follow these golden rules:

1. Know The Guidelines

Stay within YouTube's content guidelines by avoiding explicit language, harmful acts, and controversial topics.

2. Copyright Caution

Respect copyrights and use only licensed or fair-use content. Trim flagged videos to regain monetization.

3. Content Creation Mastery

Produce high-quality, authentic content that adds value without misleading titles or thumbnails.

4. Navigate Sensitive Topics Carefully

Handle sensitive issues with respect and context, steering clear of excessive violence or shock content.

5. Transparent Disclosure

Disclose sponsorships and paid promotions transparently to build trust and avoid misleading viewers or advertisers.

By mastering these strategies, you'll not only keep the ad revenue flowing but also maintain a positive, monetization-friendly channel.

How to Appeal to YouTube Demonetization?

Here’s your knockout strategy to appeal for YouTube demonetization:


1. Identify the Reason

Find out why your video was demonetized by checking YouTube Studio.

2. Review Guidelines

Carefully go through YouTube's policies to ensure your video aligns with them.

3. Submit Appeal

Use YouTube Studio to submit an appeal, referencing policies and explaining why demonetization is unfair.

4. Await Manual Review

Your appeal triggers a manual review process by YouTube's team.

5. Make Necessary Changes

If needed, edit your content to comply with YouTube's policies before appealing.

6. Submit Through Official Channels

Use YouTube's official appeal process via YouTube Studio to appeal towards your demonetization.

7. Be Patient and Persistent

Appeals may take time, and it's important to persist without being hasty.

Remember, understanding YouTube's policies and making necessary adjustments can increase the chances of a successful appeal and reinstatement of monetization on your channel.

How to Supplement your YouTube income

So, you've encountered the dreaded demonetization on YouTube, but fear not!

There are numerous strategies to keep your income flowing and even enhance it beyond ad revenue.

1. Diversify Your Income Streams

Let's kick things off with a robust strategy - diversification.

While YouTube's ad revenue is crucial, don't let it be your sole source of income. Here's how:

  • Affiliate Partnerships: Promote products and earn commissions. 


  • Sponsorship Deals: Partner with brands for sponsored content. 


  • Merchandise Line: Develop and sell merchandise related to your brand. 
mkbhd merchandise line


  • Channel Memberships: Offer exclusive perks to loyal subscribers. 
an example of youtube channel memberships

  • Donations and Patreon: Connect with your audience on platforms like Patreon for direct support.

2. Building a Loyal Subscriber Base

Now, let's talk about the backbone of your channel - your subscribers.

They're not just numbers; they're your community and potential patrons.

Here's how to nurture them: 

  • Engaging Content: Keep viewers coming back with compelling content. 
  • Subscriber Growth: Focus on growing your subscriber base for long-term support. 
  • Exclusive Content: Offer perks to your most devoted fans to keep them engaged.

3. Embrace Alternative Revenue Streams

YouTube's adpocalypse might have shaken things up, but it's also paved the way for innovative income streams.

Here's what you can explore: 

  • Memberships: Offer personalized membership services for exclusive content. 
  • Merchandise Sales: Customize and sell merchandise through dedicated platforms. 
  • Crowdfunding: Utilize platforms like Patreon, Kickstarter, or Indiegogo for direct support. 
  • Sponsorships and Brand Deals: Partner with brands for sponsored content opportunities.

4. Think Beyond YouTube

Finally, don't limit yourself to YouTube alone.

Explore avenues outside the platform to secure your revenue stream.

Here's how: 

  • Digital Courses and Products: Share your expertise through digital products. 
  • Community Building: Own your community or membership platform for direct engagement.
  • Coaching Programs: Offer personalized coaching to build closer relationships with your audience.

Remember, while YouTube is a fantastic platform, it's just one piece of the puzzle.

By diversifying your income streams and nurturing your community or switching to alternative platforms, you'll not only weather the storm of demonetization but also thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of content creation.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Will Happen to My Already-Earned YouTube Money after Demonetization?

Depending on the violation (like reused content, inappropriate content etc.) of  AdSense policy, the earnings will stay with your YouTube channel until you can remonetize after appealing.

2. Does YouTube Still Make Money Off of Demonetized Videos?

In short, no. When a video is demonetized, AdSense cannot place ads on it, meaning that no one can earn money from the video until the violation is resolved and the demonetization status is lifted.


YouTube demonetization can feel like a digital setback for creators, but it's not the end of the road.

By understanding the platform's guidelines, staying transparent with viewers, and diversifying income streams, creators can navigate demonetization hurdles and continue to thrive.

Remember, while ad revenue is important, it's just one piece of the puzzle.

By building a loyal community, exploring alternative revenue streams, and thinking beyond YouTube, creators can turn demonetization challenges into opportunities for growth and innovation in the ever-evolving landscape of online content creation.

So, keep creating, keep engaging, and keep evolving – because with the right strategies and persistence, success on YouTube is within reach, demonetization notwithstanding.

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