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5 highly effective business videos for growth marketing

Oct 6, 2020 4:51:11 AM

Tired of spending millions of dollars and not getting the required ROI on your marketing effort? Well, you’re not alone.

A lot of companies find themselves facing this challenge as competition increases across different communication channels. And when they see they’re unable to get the attention of their customers, they start investing more aggressively on marketing.

With increased marketing spent the cost of conversions goes through the roof and profitability goes down drastically.

So you need to think smart. You need to think about growth marketing. And when it comes to growth marketing, business videos stand out as engagement monsters. They simplify your complex offerings and make them more understandable for your audience. They inspire rather than impress the audience and evoke the right emotions in them.

And that is what this article is all about.

But before we get into the details, here's everything you'll come across in the article. Feel free to skip to any specific section if you're in a hurry.

  1. What are business videos?
  2. Why use business videos?
  3. When is a good time to use a business video?
  4. 3 mistakes companies make while creating their business videos
  5. Wrapping it up

With that out of the way, let's start with what business videos are all about!

What are business videos?

Videos that are used to overcome any kind of communication challenge across the company are called business videos. They can be effectively used for internal and external marketing communication needs.

In fact, they are used by companies across their marketing funnel to attract, engage, and delight their prospective customers. And these videos, like all good things, come in different shapes and sizes (more on that later).

Now that you know what business videos are, let's talk about why you should use them.

Why use business videos?

Customers at different stages of your sales funnel have different requirements. While some of them would know what they need, some might not. In fact, some might've just started with their research.

It is upon you to nurture your audience and fulfill their requirements at each stage. Now nurturing itself is different for every stage. 

If you’re making content for people at the first stage of your funnel, they’re probably going to be strangers. So you need to reach out to them with educational content to attract them. 

That can be done with the help of educational blogs. But what if you used business videos for it? To know about how car engines work, would you read a blog or watch a video? Unless they’re going for in-depth research, most people would prefer to watch videos to understand it.

With videos, you can get creative and explain things in a way that your audience can understand easily. You can be entertaining while educating them and can keep them hooked with visually appealing transitions. 

Your leads and customers might not need that sort of content. For them, you would want to talk about how your products and services can add value to their lives. 

And you can do that with the help of case studies, whitepapers, and presentations. But let's face it, unless you have an immediate need, you're probably not going to go through them. They're just not engaging enough.

But a video can share the same information in an entertaining manner. So what you get is the best of both worlds. And you get it in a format that you can reuse and repurpose as per your needs. 

Videos have the power to connect with your target audience and make them trust your brand. The connection they’re able to make is strong enough to inspire the audience to take the desired action.

Finally, let's talk about your existing customers. The kind of content you want to show them varies a lot. It could be after sales educational content. It could also be testimonials by other satisfied customers. 

The first thought for educational content would surely be a blog. And that for testimonials would be an image of the customer with their opinion. 

While that isn't bad at all, it would be a lot more fun to watch videos around them. A how-to guide video can make the audience understand how they can use your products/services. And it can do so with better retention. Likewise, testimonials become more engaging when you use videos.

When you recreate the experience of a client and tell their story visually, it is a lot easier to connect with it. Moreover, sharing your client’s experience builds trust and authority that tilts decisions in your favor. It makes the audience choose you over the competition.

When you make the right videos, you move your customers to the next stage of the funnel.

When is it a good time to use a business video?

These videos can be used to overcome any marketing communication challenges across your business. From explaining your products to telling your brand's story, these videos work great.

To give you a better idea as to when you should be using these videos, we'll consider a few scenarios. Here's when it is a good time to use a business video:

1. When you need to explain a product/service/concept

You can use business videos to explain a product or service of yours. You can even use them to educate the audience about concepts related to your business.

These videos are generally called explainer videos since they explain things. They simplify complex concepts and give you a unique universal brand language. This helps you stand out and increase landing page conversions.

Not too long ago, we helped a software company tell their story with mixed media animation. To know more about how we helped them, check out Prime Child Care's success story!

2. When you're trying to increase social media engagement

Your customers spend most of their time on social media. So it makes perfect sense to reach out to them out there. And almost every company is out there to grab the attention of their customers.

That is why most companies are struggling with engagement rates. And the only way to beat the competition and get your audience to engage with your videos is to communicate with them appropriately. Now, by ‘appropriately’, I mean you need to remember the fact that most people are on social media to entertain themselves. So you need to reach out to them in an entertaining manner. You can’t afford to sound like the terms and conditions page on your website.

Luckily for you, a type of business videos, educational videos, is perfect for the job. These videos educate and entertain the audience while putting your message out there. This helps your message blend with the social media platform so people find it natural. 

At the same time, these videos stand out on social media, making it easier for them to grab the attention of your audience. With reach and engagement both sorted out, these videos work great on social media.

We’ve made a series of social media videos for the non-profit organization, FactSpread. To know how that went, check out FactSpread’s success story!

3. When you need to build hype

You've set up the perfect landing page to convert potential customers. All there's left is to get your potential audience to visit the landing page. So how do you do that?

You need to reach out to your target audience and give them an incentive to visit your landing page. You need to build hype on social media or other referral platforms.

And that is where a type of business videos, commercial videos, stands out. Commercial videos are short and engaging. They hook the customers and pique their interest in the product. At the height of the viewers' interest, these videos inspire them to take action—and they do! 

This commercial by Oscar Health stands testimony to that. It is very entertaining to watch and gets the message across in a short period of time. The visual storytelling in the commercial is on point.

4. When you need to communicate with your team

You're a corporate trying to improve internal communication. You're trying to make it more engaging and efficient. But no matter what you do, you don't sound human.

Sounds familiar?

Let it be a thing of the past with a certain type of business videos - corporate videos. Companies use these videos to communicate effectively with employees, customers, and stakeholders. From recruitment to annual stakeholder updates, these videos help you win everywhere.

They help you get rid of information overload and keep your message lightweight. This way, they ensure you always communicate in an efficient manner.

5. When you want to humanize your brand

For your company to gain the trust of your customers, you need to show its human side. Because let’s face it, humans trust humans.

And that is where brand story videos, a type of business videos, come in. These videos are a great way to use visual storytelling to talk about your brand. When you tell your audience a story about your brand, they connect with it.

These videos help the audience relate to your brand and trust it better. This helps them establish a long-term relationship with your brand. Moreover, with these videos, you don’t have to worry about getting that conversion because they do that for you.

As for how successful these videos are, all you have to do is ask yourself how well you connected with TOMS through this video. Your experience speaks volumes about how good these videos really are.

3 mistakes companies make while creating their business videos

1. Not having a clear objective

Most companies have a marketing objective they want to achieve with videos. So they get the videos made accordingly.

However, a lot of brands are unsure of what they want their videos to do. They don't know if they're looking at increasing brand awareness or demand generation.

As a result of that, their videos have little to no engagement and the whole exercise has a very low ROI. And that is something no board of directors appreciates.

You can easily avoid that with a little bit of research and a lot of questions.

While we can't help you set a marketing objective, our blogs can set you on the right track. Feel free to check them out when you’re doing your research. 

Should you need more help, you can always reach out to us!

With enough research, you get to know the audience you need to target as well as the message you need to communicate with your video.

And that is something this infographic video by StackPath has done very well.

The objective of the video is demand generation. And when the aim is to gain more customers, you need to gain their trust.

Using visual storytelling, the company talks about the problems their target audience is currently facing. And that makes the audience connect with the video. They start to trust the company more because they feel like StackPath understands their problems.

Once the trust is built, conversions follow automatically. And that is how you know if the video you’ve made for demand generation is successful.

2. Telling the wrong story on the wrong platform

Imagine walking into a university and teaching them nursery rhymes. Or walking into a kindergarten and giving the kids a lecture about the space-time continuum.

Besides stares, you really won’t get much out of it.

Similarly, if you use your landing page’s explainer video on your social media channels, it probably won’t be a major success. And that is because the users have different expectations on different platforms. The same user is formal on LinkedIn and casual on Facebook. So they publish and consume accordingly.

You need to reach out to these audiences the way it is intended to. You need to tell your audience the right story for them to engage with it. And for it to get you closer to achieving your marketing goals.

This explainer video shows Hootsuite knows how to tell the right story on the right platform. The video starts with a notion that, for businesses, social media can feel like a party you’re not invited to.

And the video goes on to talk about how the platform can help you get better on social media. That too was done beautifully using vivid images and poppy colors—going with the theme of parties.

The video comes full circle when it ends with a CTA that asks viewers to ‘join the party’ with a free 30-day trial. This way, it gives a callback to the statement it said in the beginning about social media and parties. And with that, it cements the idea in your head. The free 30-day trial inspires viewers to take immediate action.

3. Not marketing your video enough (or at all!)

You may have the most interesting video in the world. But if you post it on YouTube and wait for it to become viral all by itself, you’re in for a surprise.

Without marketing your video across different platforms, you won’t get enough engagement on it. And without engagement, you’re probably not going to meet your marketing goals and the exercise would be a big failure.

As much as it is important for your video to be great, it is also important for you to share it as much as you can. As more and more people watch the video, they engage with it. And if it is good enough, they might share it to an audience you couldn’t reach by yourself.

If everything goes well, you might even end up surpassing your marketing goals!

Look at this video by Medium. It takes you through a journey with the help of its visuals and narration. 

It starts by asking the internet if it remembers the viewers. This intrigues the audience and makes them watch the rest of the video to see where the narrator goes with it.

The idea behind this explainer video was to showcase how Medium was different from other similar platforms. And for you to market your video like them you need to know where you stand on the platform on which you want it to go out.

It makes sense to make a landing page video only when you have enough traffic on your website for it to be optimized by the video. Likewise, you need to have regular engagement on your social media channels for your social media video to optimize on your paid campaigns.

Videos are the most effective optimization tools to increase your marketing ROI. But they are only effective when used the right way.

Wrapping it up

Growth marketing isn’t easy but it doesn’t have to be very difficult either. With the help of visual storytelling, you can reach out to your audience in a way that actually shows results. Business videos can help you win hearts while providing you a great ROI.

Let us know what your next business video would look like in the comments below!

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