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How to win your audience's trust with video remarketing?

Jul 2, 2019 5:40:20 AM

Converting visitors into leads is quite a challenging task. You need to be precise about what you’re showing to whom—and that takes quite a lot of brainstorming to figure out. 

Sometimes you need more than just marketing to convert visitors into leads—you need remarketing.

What is Video Remarketing?

To understand video remarketing, we would first need to understand remarketing. As per Dynamic Yield:

“Remarketing (also known as retargeting) is the tactic of serving targeted ads to people who have already visited or taken action on your website.”

When it comes to video remarketing, these ads are in the form of videos which are shown to your audience to take them to the next level of the conversion funnel. This process is also known as video ad retargeting.

Imagine checking out the about us page on McAfee’s website as a potential customer and seeing this animated commercial elsewhere minutes after leaving that page.


You’d be more likely to check it out and act on it since you still have the webpage fresh in your mind. 

You’ll find a lot of companies which don’t use remarketing at all. Even among those companies which use remarketing, you’ll see many which use the same content for remarketing regardless of which page you’ve visited. The number takes a further plunge when it comes to companies using videos for remarketing. The number of conversions on the website decrease too.

Video remarketing can even help you push out a lot of information in an entertaining manner. It packs in so much information while being interesting the whole while. That’s a win-win situation for the audience as well as the company.

According to Tubular Insights, 64 percent of consumers make a buying decision after watching a video advertisement. With the latest advancements in the ad-tech industry, remarketing ads now provide more flexibility than ever. When done right, video remarketing can help in nurturing leads and sales enablement.

How Is Video Remarketing Done?

Using pixels (javascript tags) to place cookies on the user’s web browser, you can show users specific ads based on their recent browsing history. You can then run various types of video ad retargeting campaigns, such as in-stream ads or in-display ads.

You could also show users ads based on the pages your users have visited on your website.

For example, let’s say you come across this article by RTS. You’re probably even thinking of going for RTS the next time you need to take a ride somewhere. Meanwhile, if you see the animated commercial below on your Facebook timeline, the chances are that the probability of you going for RTS for commute has increased significantly. That’s what happens when you use remarketing the right way.


You might be thinking that this holds only in the B2C marketing context. Video remarketing, however, is very relevant in the B2B context as well. It can help companies nurture their leads and skyrocket the efficiency of their sales team.

How Does Video Remarketing Help In Lead Nurturing and Sales Enablement?

Imagine you’re walking down a crowded street and a random person comes in, introduces himself/herself and proposes to you. Not exactly something you’d say yes to or at least the probability of success is low!

But what if the stranger proposed to you after a few dates, giving you plenty of time to get to know them? Better yet, what if the stranger properly develops a rapport over time while giving you hints that they wish to marry you?

Unless you’re in for an adventure, you’re more likely to say yes to the stranger in the latter situation. Something similar happens on websites. When you ask first-time visitors to make a purchase decision, they are less likely to do it. However, if you build a relationship with them over time, popping up in ads with captivating videos, they are quite possible to do it.

Speaking of captivating videos, look at this animated overlay video from Orvis’ remarketing campaign. Something like this is guaranteed to catch the attention of the viewers. From colors to music and animation, this is a prime example of how to use entertaining videos for killer remarketing campaigns.


According to a study by Genius, 66% of buyers say that when a company provides them with relevant information consistently, they are more likely to choose the company. According to Hubspot, 54% percent of consumers want more video content. Connecting the dots, you can see that pushing out videos with relevant information to your website’s visitors would help you convert better.

Moreover, we could guide users down the conversion funnel by showing them relevant ads on different stages of the marketing funnel. We could even incentivize them to move to the next customer lifecycle stage with the help of videos.

If you haven’t thought of video remarketing yet, now is the time to grow fast with storytelling videos. Let us help you tell great visual stories for your business!


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