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10 Best Animated Explainer Videos To Help Increase Conversions

Jul 5, 2019 9:33:56 AM

Animated explainer videos

Animated explainer videos are an absolute hit in B2B—be it startups or established companies. They have the ability to engage audiences in a refreshingly entertaining way. They have good visibility online and significantly improves the conversion rate of landing pages.

Let’s take a look at what I believe are the top 10 animated explainer videos in the industry and get inspired:

  • This is a marvel of a video. Despite being a minute and a half long, as a viewer, you never lose interest in the video. The transitions in the video flow so smoothly that you wouldn’t want you take your eyes off the screen. The voice-over makes it quite engaging. The video does a flawless job in highlighting Adobe’s understanding of its viewers.



  • Using vivid colors might not be the way to go for some videos. But this video looks awesome with its vivid colors. The voice-over and background music along with the sound effects make the video even better.



  • One way to make explainer videos fun is to add humor to them. This animated explainer video by Briiief acts as a great example for how humor can be used to make interesting videos.



  • When I first saw this video by CrazyEgg, I was hooked. It is one of the best explainer videos out there. The energy that the voice-over artist brings to the video, coupled with the upbeat music, makes you want to sit through the whole video. There’s a lot of information that has been put into this video while keeping it engaging throughout.



  • Rock music? Check. Strong voice? Check. Ford? Check. This video checks all the boxes when it comes to giving you that “mustang” feel. And that is just why it is so high up in this list. This video has a very native Ford-like feel to it which makes it an eye candy.



  • Honest confession, for a few seconds I thought that this was a live action video. Animated explainer videos are rarely made to look so realistic but when they are, it’s beautiful. The synchronization between the voice-over and the transitions too are apt and commendable. I really loved how they conveyed their message loud and clear without making it sound boring.



  • Stories connect—even when they’re in explainer videos. This video by TOMS is one the best examples of how storytelling can make animated explainer videos interesting. The video takes the viewer through a journey which deeply touches them, all the while educating them about TOMS. The art style, music, and voice-over all blend in together perfectly to make this video the marvel it is.



  • This video is another great example of how emotional stories connect with viewers and mesmerise them. The motivational music and the calmness in the voice of the voice-over artist blend together to make the video touch your heart. Even if you aren’t from the target audience for the video, you would want to watch it to the end.



  • The reason why this video is so high up in this chart is the beauty with which the transitions take place in the video. It is such a treat to watch how the music and the transitions take you through the journey of Hooks & Patches. Every element in the video is in sync with the style of the brand, which made it quite inspirational video for me.



  • This is hands-down the best animated explainer video I have seen on the internet (if you’ve seen better, do let me know in the comments below). The video looks like an old NES video game and that theme stays constant throughout the video. From animation, to voice-over, to music and transitions, everything follows the theme. The storyline is captivating and keeps you hooked on to the video even if you have nothing to do with the IT industry.



That brings us to the end of my list of top 10 animated explainer videos which have the potential of increasing landing page conversions. But that’s not all. Surprise, surprise! I have three animated explainer videos from Broadcast2World for you to take inspiration from in case these videos weren’t the right ones for you.

In no particular order, here they are:

  • To start with, let’s look at this motion infographic flick (a type of animated explainer video) which we developed for BlueGreen Water Technologies. They had to explain The Lake Guard™ with a video. The product focuses on cleaning water bodies with algaecides trapped in an inert biodegradable coating. There were a lot of technicalities which needed to be included in the video while still remaining interesting. So, we weaved a story explaining the product. Even though the target audience for the video was government bodies, the video was made in such a way that even the general B2C audience gets inspired by it. The video has fluid transitions and elements since the product is for cleaning up water bodies. Every element of the video is in sync with the theme.


  • Next up, we have this motion character video (another type of animated explainer videos) we made for M&M Financial Consulting. Everyone ends up getting into some problems with taxes, and M&M is all about fixing those problems. M&M emotionally helps its customers in a way which closely affects the lives of their customers. This sets them apart from companies which are merely running businesses. With their video, they wanted to convey that they care about their customers. The emotion-based testimonial-themed approach that we’ve used here perfectly fits the need. From the script and music to voice-over, everything revolved around experiences. And there you have it, a great animated explainer video.


  • Finally, let’s talk about this motion infographic video we made for McAfee’s MVISION End Point Platform. Smooth transitions, good music, awesome voice-over, this animated explainer video has it all. The idea behind the video was to re-brand McAfee globally—giving them a modern touch, changing the way people perceive them. The art style was chosen to be minimal to show that the company is updated with the trends. The information heavy voice-over was balanced out with the clean visuals. 


Hope you guys got inspired by these videos. If there’s any video that struck out to you, why not get a free quote for it? Hit the banner below and shoot us your query!


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