7 Mistakes to Avoid While Creating A Whiteboard Explainer Video

Jan 2, 2017 6:28:33 AM

We all love whiteboard explainer videos a.k.a “draw my story” videos.

They’re cute, educational and always fun to watch. It is a powerful tool to convert “potential” customers into “actual” customers. Further into “returning” customers, provided you have leveraged the full potential of your story.

Explainer Videos are everywhere, and companies are using them to explain what their product, service or brand story is all about. But, for best results, your whiteboard explainer video production must be planned and executed with care.

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Thus, to help avoid an awful outcome, I'll talk about the common mistakes that ruin whiteboard explainer videos

Whiteboard Explainer Video without a Hand?

What makes a whiteboard explainer video unique is a hand that draws your story.

So the whole point of hand-drawing is to add a human touch to the whiteboard explainer video. Doing away with it is a huge mistake. In fact, without the hand, your video would be just another animated video and not the whiteboard video. So, don’t lose the charm and potential of having a hand in the whiteboard video.

It makes a great human connection with your viewers.

Why use a background color?

The name “whiteboard explainer video” speaks for itself. A product/service would be explained on a whiteboard. So, going overboard wouldn’t be a safe play.

In most of the cases, B2w has seen clients preferring other background colors (gray). Not that the videos with different background colors look bad. But, the standard style of a whiteboard video is compromised and could harm its success.

You just forgot a CTA!!! Blunder!

Think about it – if your audience is at the end of the video, it means they have watched the entire video and interested in your product or service.

Forgetting to include or ignoring the need for a call to action is like leaving lemmings free to run amok. Your gathering of people isn’t going to do anything all alone. Give your viewers something to catch up after the video.

Ask them to “Sign up for the newsletter”, “Subscribe to Blogs”, “Visit your Website” or a “Thank you” note at the end of the video. You do know it’s one of the best chances to boost conversions, right?

I see a disconnect in your video! Who wrote this?

Yes, it is one of the common mistakes. You make a whiteboard explainer video with a lot of drawings but they’re not connected to each other to do justice to your story.

And that says what? You are not confident, clear and consistent in your communication with customers. Too much hotch-potch...aarrghh!

When was the last time you saw a movie and asked yourself, “Who wrote this?” Whenever the storyline is bad, the entire movie is bad.

The most imperative part of a stunning explainer video is having an extraordinary script. In case you’re imaginative enough to concoct a script then it’s a cheerful day.

Without it, your video would be more like a cartoon film and not an explainer video.

Yet, as much as you believe that you can think of, you might need to look for help from experts. A decent script is connecting, enthralling and basic so that everybody comprehends the message.  

Is that a bad animation?

You want to build trust, but how can you expect your customers to trust you when your own promotional video is compromised (big time) on animation?

Yes, you need to pay attention to the quality of your own activities before you claim your product/service to be of high standards.

Your audience is watching you. Make sure you have the best animation professionals in your team to pull off the message in the form of whiteboard explainer video. And if you face challenges in doing so, our team at B2w is more than happy to be at your rescue.

What was this Video all about?

By default, whiteboard explainer videos are perceived as educational videos. But its benefits are not bought into effective action.

Your whiteboard explainer video must not be salesy but focus on education factor of any of your complex product/service.

Consider your whiteboard explainer video like a classroom. You narrate a story on a whiteboard, educate your audience, grab their attention and bingo! There you build a connection! Just pick one issue, focus on one solution and don't load too many things for a user.

How does it help me?

You know your target audience and their pain points.

And you also have a product/service as a solution to their problems. But is it getting reflected in your whiteboard explainer video? The problem that you solve for your customers will be the bread and butter of your video.

And videos are visual for a reason. Show off how specific features of your product/service fix the problems faced by your customers. Exploit the benefits of a video!

That’s all folks! Follow these steps and you’ll be well on your way towards a whiteboard explainer video that’s clear, concise, and kicks your audience into action. What more can you ask for? Now get ‘splaining!

For more information on effective whiteboard explainer videos, please get in touch with our video consultant or visit the portfolio to get the inspiration for your next whiteboard video.


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