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3 Insanely Breakthrough Steps to Write Better Headlines

Feb 19, 2018 9:11:40 AM

Writing bad headlines for your blog posts and videos can put you in a terrible vicious cycle like this one:

Bad Headlines/SEO Titles - Bad CTR - Poor Website Traffic/Conversions

Have you ever found yourself struggling to get out of any vicious cycle? Doesn't it give you gnawing pain hard to get out of feeling - oh somebody please get me out of this situation?

I promise myself everyday that I’m going to wake up at 6 AM in the morning. Besides me promising myself, everything else remains the same. It’s a bad cycle - I sleep late in the night (not before 1 AM ) and I just find it impossible to wake up by 6.

Any vicious cycle is bad for you - it makes you worry constantly about a situation that you are unhappy about.

Many businesses get into a vicious cycle that makes them literally unprofitable in the long run.

Example: Bad Quality Products - Poor Sales - Bad Quality Products

The case bad of headlines may not seem so bad after-all it’s ignored by many businesses.

But is it really not as bad:

80% of the people read your headline while only 20% click on it. - Inc

Google is getting cleverer by the day and it rewards your site for better CTRs while punishes them for bad CTRs. All this to ensure that Google users can find relevant answers to their search queries.

But thankfully, this one is not so hard to come out of. I recently came across this article from the famous Larry Kim (Wordstream) and Brian Dean (Backlinko) on how to get searchers to click on your article links.

They clearly explains how you can write emotionally powerful Headlines and SEO Titles to get better CTRs, more traffic and more conversions - isn’t that a hell of a happy cycle to be in.

You can look for all of your content pieces with a low CTR in your Google Webmaster account. You will realize that the content with the lowest CTR is also that with the lowest rankings and conversions.

Pick these content pieces and start working to improve their headlines. Here are 3 breakthrough steps to improve upon your existing headlines can create a process to produce good headlines consistently:

#1 Add Emotional and Power Words

Make sure your headlines are punchy and attractive to your target audience.  You need to add emotional and power words and numbers to make your headlines interesting:

Take a look at some of these words:

  • Bravery
  • Fantastic
  • Greed
  • Killer
  • Irresistible
  • Breakthrough
  • Remarkable
  • Amazing

One way to write better headlines is to read a lot and you will always have a repository of some very powerful and emotional words to write great headlines. You can also keep recording headlines of your competitors and some high authority blogs in your niche in an excel sheet. You can tweak these and create your own and this might work as well. Besides if you are really short of time then you can use some of these resources to come up with some really cool headlines:

1. Blog post headline templates

2.CoSchedule headline analyzer

3.Power words to write emotional headlines

#2 Create a Headline Template

We recently discussed how the character in a video represents a certain mood and arouses a specific emotion among the audience. The headline of your content piece works like a protagonist displaying and arousing specific emotions, inspiring a specific action. It makes the audience relate to the situation and click.

For example: the headline of this article brings good news and induces positivity, thus triggering a click.

You can similarly use different moods to get the audience clicking on your article. Look at some of these examples:

Creates Fear

10 Reasons Civilization May Collapse Because Of Organic Foods

Adds Hope

Want To Immediately Reverse All Your Health Issues?

Makes You Laugh

Don’t hate me because I’m better than you


Father Goes For Kidney Treatment – Leaves Hospital As A Women


So, all you need to do is shed headlines with keywords stuffed into them and create ones that can actually get the clicks!

‘Research shows that numbers add to the CTR of your content by 36%.’ - Conductor

For SEO purpose all you need to do is ensure that they are relevant to your niche and satisfy user intent in your keywords.

Here is the template I have used to write the headline for this article:

The Format Emotional Hook Content Type Your Subject
Listicle (3 Steps ) Insanely Breakthrough Strategy (To Write) Better Headlines (Adds  to the relevance)


So this way, you can follow a definitive headline template to make sure your team can produce effective headlines consistently

#3 Test Your Headlines

The best way to know the type of headlines that are working best for your business is to test them. You can run a Google Adwords campaign or a Facebook ad campaign using your headline as the ad copy. Look for the option with the highest CTR  and use it for your content piece. You can also test the effectiveness of your headlines by comparing their relative engagement levels on social media platforms.

Over To You

Every blog post and video goes on to tell your brand story to your audience. Every new relationship starts with a first date - make it special.

Promise yourself to come of the bad headline - vicious cycle. Use the steps above to create better headlines and test them so you can optimize the business outcomes.

Hope you enjoyed the tips in this post. If you have any thoughts or suggestions, please feel free to add them in the comments section below.


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