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How did IRD explain their offering through animated explainer videos?

About IRD

The Institute of Reading Development (IRD), provides kids with a platform to interact, innovate, and enhance their learning opportunities by improving their reading skills.


The Challenge

Our client, the Institute of Reading and Development (IRD) wanted to solve the concern of young parents who want their kids to be academically successful and develop reading habits.

By giving kids a fun and engaging platform for developing learning skills and giving them fun activities to do.

IRD's target audience was parents who look forward to fostering reading habits among their children by involving them in fun learning activity concepts.

The main challenge was to make the video realistic without overpowering it with animation since that was the kind of video the client wanted.

The Solution

The video began with the parents showing love and affection for their young child and mapping his entire life illustrating the importance of education and skills to be learned.

Clearly demonstrating how important it is to have good reading skills not only for academic success but also for overall growth.

Then, we introduced the IRD platform and how it had been operating efficiently for the past 50 years, incorporating some fun activities in learning class.

With the progress of the video, we tried to connect emotionally with viewers rather than just showcasing platform features or other listings.

As the video concluded, it focuses on how IRD has positively impacted a wide range of young kids with respect to their learning and reading abilities.

To achieve the client's objectives, B2W:-

  • Using Motion graphic animation style for reflecting realistic situations.

  • Character animation helps to tell emotional stories that are more relatable and engaging for the target audience.

  • Built trust among parents showcasing our client as a top pick in the market with 50 years of experience.

Key Takeaways

1. Video animation is an effective way to connect with viewers emotionally

2. By using animation rather than a monotonous approach to portray the features of the platform, it helped the client stand out from the competition.

3. Excited the audience with the opportunities offered by the platform.

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