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Catalyst Kids

How a childcare center explored new horizons and built trust with its audience through animated videos?


About Catalyst Kids

Continuing Development Inc (CDI) now Catalyst Kids operates over 160 childcare centers serving over 20,000 children, from birth through twelve years of age.


The Challenge

Continuing Development was rebranding to Catalyst Kids.

Through the video, they wanted to put across this message that their name is changing, but not the values and goals they believe in.

Catalyst Kids wanted to show themselves as a safe space for children, one where they can thrive, learn and shine.

They wanted to assure parents that their kids are safe and flourishing in their care, while they go to work.

They wanted to leave the viewer feeling excited about their organization, their new name, and their direction as they were embarking on something exciting and new, building a child care organization that will be second to none.

The Solution

We made a Character Animation video for Catalyst Kids.

The video starts off by explaining how Continuing Development, now Catalyst Kids, has been in the child care business for over 50 years

And how they have been supporting communities across California presenting them as a market leader.

As the video progresses, rather than the usual approach of listing features and services, we opted for a more emotional approach.

The video focuses on how the client has been positively impacting communities and has helped children grow and nurture.

To meet the client’s video objectives, B2W:

  • Built trust with the viewer by presenting the client as a market leader with over 50 years of experience
  • Excited the audience with new possibilities like the freedom to work, travel, access free time, and be worry-free

  • Used bright colors  and graphics to present the client and the place as friendly, warm, and caring

Key Takeaways

  • Bright colors engage the viewer and give a welcoming and friendly look and feel

  • Character Animation helps relate better with the audience

  • Exciting the audience with new possibilities inspires them to take action

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