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BlueGreen Water Tech Simplifies Message With Animated Explainer Videos!


About BlueGreen Water Tech

BlueGreen Water Tech, is a global cleantech company. The company specializes in the management of harmful algal blooms.


The Problem

The problem that the client was facing was to explain what it does in a simple way.

Most of us don't know much about algal blooms so we wouldn't understand the company.

With the help of animated explainer videos, the client wanted their audience to know them better.

The Challenge

Since we were dealing with complex concepts, we knew we had to keep the visuals simple.

We went for subtle transitions and pleasing visuals. Giving special care to using the colors, 'green' and 'blue', we established brand identity.

The animated explainer video turned out to be great and the client loved it.

The Solution

  • When you explain complex concepts, it's best to keep the visuals simple.

  • Using the brand's colors establishes brand identity in the video.

  • When the concept is complex and abstract, it is best to use infographic animation.

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