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AspenTech Showcases Digital Solutions With Explainer Videos!


About AspenTech

Our client, AspenTech, is a software and services provider for the process industries. Headquartered in Bedford, Massachusetts, the company's software tackles complex process manufacturing challenges. Its software creates value and improves profitability for its customers.


The Problem

The process industry hasn't seen large-scale digital adoption. So AspenTech had to find a way to educate them about how digital transformation can help. So they turned to explainer videos to educate asset-intensive companies. They wanted to talk about how software can maximize safety, sustainability, and performance.

The Challenge

The challenge for us was to find the right animation style for the message. We had known whiteboard animation to work great for manufacturing businesses as audiences. But we didn't know how well it would work for the process industry. After much thought, we used mixed media for it. We used real-life stock images to build a connection with the target audience. We supported that with infographics to showcase the digital side of the solutions.

The Solution

  • When you're unsure of the animation style to go for, try mixing two styles.
  • Mixed media animation can help connect and showcase solutions both at the same time.
  • Digitization is best shown with the help of infographic animation.

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