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How can you effectively raise awareness for your business with brand videos?

Like all good things, videos come in different colors, shapes, and sizes. And as with all good things, choosing what’s best for you can be a nightmare.

Brand videos are just one of the many different types of videos. These videos are created by the brand with the aim of generating awareness.

And to do that, they rely on the company’s values, educational content, or even testimonials.

So, to help you analyze better and prepare the perfect video marketing strategy, we've covered the types of brand videos and how you can use them for your business in 2024. 

Feel free to use this guide while building your brand video marketing strategy.

In this ebook you'll learn:

  • What is a brand video?
  • Why use brand videos?
  • Types of Brand Videos
  • How to make brand videos?
  • DOs and DONTs while creating brand videos
  • Industry Relevant Examples

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